I Saw You

V I saw you in .\Ic(‘ools on 30th March. Raven Red head with Dragon tattoo above ur Red Hot Assl Box No [7440/5‘).

V I saw you ((1 Walkabout on Fri 5th April. I wooed you with tny diamond chat - you succumbed! I lost your number. (‘all me: I need some gootl loy'inl Box No [7440/60.

V I saw you looking loyely in Bret on Sunday. with your big brown eyes and long dark hair. He heart you. Box .\'o [7440/61.

V I saw you behind the bar in the (ilendarroch. You light tip my life. love 'l‘opl. Box No [7440/62.

V I saw you Bairds Bar. not a very nice place. but a very nice guy I did meet on tny 37th birthday. love at first sight‘.’ But I saw him and I'm sure he saw me. Box No [7440/63.

V I saw you fuelled by hate and still trying to saye the world. from (iripper. Box No [7440/64.

V I saw you 'l'ait. in the ladies hair dressers getting a trim. I am gonna tiail you. l.oye lilaine xxx. Box .\'o [7440/65. V I saw you in filling station (0 ('haring (‘ross with your cycling shoes on. Wottld love you to ride me!!! Box No [7440/60.

V I saw you in the 15.x department the Yic. l Burnbank terrace. Thanks for a really good titnc. .‘ytaartje. Box No [7440/67.

V I saw you l)an. playing with your brand new organ! It's good but it's not right loye llilda xxx. Box .\'o [7/440/68.

V I saw you on the cool green has. your eyes dazzled in the sun. your hair short and brown. Sitting with your fiddle on your knee. dreaming of being near the sea. Box .\'o [7440/6‘).

V I saw you (‘ollusion ladce/ - the best of the black bull! ('at: u make my mornings! [.ynn with your funky hair no I ladeeecel I)iane: partners in crime 4 eyalll 3 week to golll (‘ xx. Box .\'o [7440/70.

V I saw you sexy \‘iking fox in 'l‘inderbox. slurping a moccacino. You’re mine. l.uy from goi'geous. Box No [7440/7 I.


V I saw you tall dark haired basketball playing girl l spoke to you in ()pium a few weeks ago - lost your phone number! Please get in touch. Red Head. Box No [7440/2.

V I saw you Joel in lispionage (27/4l. You smiled - I said hello. You took my breath away. You can keep it if l can have a date. Box .\'o [7440/3. V I saw you Dildo queen - I know we've drifted apart and gone to different uni's now, but I just wanted to ask: Will you tnarry tne'.’ Luv and a rioti— biscuit. Mike x. Box No [7440/4.

V I saw you Sara. back at Kaffe Politik. It's been too long. Don't go changing. Box .\'o [7440/5.

VI saw you awaiting .\'o 5 bus 35 Mar. 9.45am. You: beautiful woman. long dark

hair. brown jacket. sandals. Me:

glasses. black coat. boarded same bus. lladn't appreciated value of this section until then. Box No [7440/6.

VI saw you Brighton to lidingurgh train. 24th April. A scene in the quiet carriage. You work in publishing atid are scared of flying. I'm the psychologist who couldn't hpr you. Box No [7/440/8.

VI saw you in Po .\'a .\'a on Sat 20 April. You: Nurse/therapist. dragged away by friends. .\Ie: miffed at not getting your number. Box .\'o ['/44()/I().

V I saw you Scruffy Murphy's. St l’addys day. you were the B&S T—shirt man. I was in the Ireland Rugby top. You had to leave - fancy a discreet mect'.’ Box .\'o [7440/12.

VI saw you Natalie - in the bongo. I thought I had met you someplace before - would love to meet you someplace again'.’ - Keep smiling - l’raser. Box .\'o [7440/l 3.

V I saw you tall. gorgeous brunette on the no ZS bus. I gaye you my seat. you gave me a beautiful smile? l‘ancy getting in touch‘.".".’ Let me entertain you? Box .\'o [7440/l4.

VI saw you in the Peppermint Lounge. 14 April. You were lovely S and l was cute R btit you said you had a boy friend :- maybe we can be pals‘.’ Box No ['/44()/l().

VI saw you at lialkirk l’olmont station on Sat 20/4 at 7.30pm. laughed at guy who had had a good day. wanted to ask you for a drink sometime. Wotild like to tneet you again. Box No [7440/1‘).

VI saw you Ilaymarket Station. April l6, I3:5()ish. You: inside. yellow legs. black trayel case. notebook, mox'etl closer. .\lc: outside. on bench. black jacket. green rucky. We exchanged eyes. Want to meet again'.’ Box No [7440/30.

VI saw you I tguyi. keep seeing u tguyi. at the (‘ommonwealth gym every day. I'm a non-linglish native speaker and l'tn ttsually running. More than once. we'ye stared at each other. It'd be great to have a drink together? Box No ['/44()/3l.

VI saw you l6 Apr ‘02. Morningside charity shop. (‘ool looking man wearing shades. head tattoo. I was the one looking like shit. black hair with grey stress streaks. l was tring to impress you by waving a pair of si/.e 6 trousers around. Was my mission accomplished '.’ Box No [7440/22.

V I saw you or rather I didn't w hen you stepped out in front of my car - hope you are healing well! Box .\'o [7440/23.

VI saw you in Boots. North Bridge l7 April (5:35ish). ()ur eyes met briefly. You: blonde/brow n haired. tatmed. denitn shirt. Me: petite.

dark haired. Box No [7440/24.

VI saw you big rampant Morris dancer taking the piss in The Tunnel . . . I know you saw tne too because l was the one drinking Budyar in Budda with my blond buddy xx. Box .\'o [7440/25.

V I saw you and enjoyed the sight. You - lovely example of a man. putting out the rubbish from ('afe Mediterraneo. Sunday 14th (how glam? ). .‘y'lc - well. it looked like you saw me tool What happens now'.’ Box No [7440/28.

V I saw you after you split with a hacksaw, and became part of your merry bandsaw. Please don't fretsaw. and let tne know how you are coping saw. Box No [7440/2‘).

V I saw you dancing with me in the [930s Hope you tind love real soon. Lets be friends again. your redheaded Marilyn. Box No [7440/30.

V I saw you attentive bartnan in lilll with the heard. I need your services. Box .\'o [7440/72.

V I saw you gin and tonic demonic. wee [leather you are my layourite chick and I'm your dude! [7440/73.

V I saw you orange shop refugee. Your friend had an unfortunate rash and one of your gamby eyes looked at me! Box No [7440/74.

V I saw you big beast looking like a seven foot hunk. l want forgiveness, smooches. Box No [7440/75.

V I saw you my beautiful chicken. You have beautiful blue eyes and I think I loye yott. [7440/76.

V I saw you two chickens drtmk in the afternoon. You are a bad influence on an innocent Northern Irish girl! Box .\'o [7440/77.

V I saw you on crutches with a checked shirt in Iguana [6/4. Let me grease your rubber stamp and I’ll leave a mark on your plaster? Box .\'o [7440/78. V I saw you .‘ylatty boy and I lay you honey. Keep that under wraps. big boy. Ambrosia xxx. Box No [7440/7‘).

V I saw you wearing your cheap llennes top and wanna be rude girl. Well. l didn't fall for it. Ha ha ha. Box No [7440/80. V I saw you birthday girl. with plait and rather strange (‘anadian/Scottish accent. I lose your big bum. lil xx. Box .\'o [7440/81.

V I saw you Mark A. I love your deckchair and the fact you have a bad faux moustache. Smelcanor. Box .\'o [7440/82. V I saw you girl who has the rotting punter. l love your hair. Kiss kiss. (ieorge. xx. Box No [7440/83.

V I saw you wearing your denim jacket in (‘ity (are. Would you like to play with my finger puppet. Box No [7440/84.

V I saw you Ittorbid. In da back of yo' Ina/.da! Proper stylesl Box .\'o [7440/85.

V I saw you wearing l"('['K. You seemed rational and I think you've lost weight. Are you from Buckie'.’ Meet me! Box No [7440/80.

V I saw you Betty in your plaid pleated skirt. Are you going to the senior citizens bash in the legion'.’ Bring your zitninerframe! Box No [7440/87.

V I saw you lidna with a floral top. I have seen you before in a wheelchair and at Mecca! (‘all me. Betty. Box No [7440/88.

V I saw you Maria. you big horny beast. I want your sw eel loy‘in'. Box No [7440/8‘).

V I saw you Miss ltalia 2002. I think I love you. so what am I so afraid of'.’ l Baciol liranccsca xx. Box .\'o ['/-l4()/‘)().

V I saw you the three lovely guy s who looked after me on 'l‘ollcross when l collapsed early the other morning. Thanks for calling the ambulance and

all. ..l'm grand now. but cheers. Xxx. Box .\'o [7440/91.

V I saw you the Beltane processional drummers - you guy s fucking rock. We are gonna be fantastic. can‘t bloody wait. Heaps of guarana-fuelled madness and love. Ilannahwa/damian. Box .\'o [7440/92.

V I saw you Jen. ski babe. You really got me now. You got me so I don’t know what I'm doin'. Uh yeah... Box No [7440/93.

V I saw you Will l-‘ falling over a few times. bttmping into lamp posts and shop walls other times - but I like it cos ur a babe. Box No [7440/94.

V I saw you at the Tray but you w eren't wearing fishnets! Yery disappointed but I had no pigtails so can't complain. Box .\'o [7440/95.

V I saw you eotill boy. You work in the 'l‘t‘ayet'sc. Would like to tickle your cow. xxx. Box No [7440/96.

V I saw you the loveliest bird of them all. Will miss you too much. You're just to good to be true. The Traverse will miss you. Box No [7440/97.

V I saw you sideshow Bob strutting your stttff in a green granddad cardigan. l was the short one at the corner of ('.('.’s checking you out all night. Love Midget Boy. Box No [7440/98

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