Austin Powers In Goldmember

K-1 9: The Widowmaker

Robert Stucco

SPYSPOOF Austin Powers ln Goldmember

ETA 26 July

The producers of the James Bond franchise threatened cheeky Mike Myers with litigation for taking the piss out of their beioved 007 with this filth-titled second spy spoof sequel: so why did they allow The Spy Who Shagged Me? Myers reprises his role as the kitsch 60s spy plus villains Dr Evil and Fat Bastard. as well as a new enemy. the aforementioned Goidnob. I mean Member. Heather Graham returns as the crumpet and Michael Caine makes an appearance as Austin's father. Myers says this will be the final Powers move but maybe he'll be keeping one eye on box office receipts.


Wl d owm d ke r

ETA 16 August

Whatever happened to Kathryn Bigelow. you might ask? She who made the kick ass thrillers Near Dark and Point Break and then vanished after 1995's cyberpunk actioner Strange Days. Bigelow did made the existential thriller The Weight Of Water. but it's yet to surface. No SUCh problem for this Cold War adventure. Harrison Ford plays the captain of Russia's first nuclear ballistic submarine. which Sunk on its maiden voyage threatening a catastrophe of Chernobyl prOpOrtiOhs.


ETA 13 September

Having hit the big time with The Sixth Sense and made a respectable follow-up in Unbreakable. the presswe is on for yOung Hollywood hot-shot M. Knight Shyamalan to deliver another clever clever paranormal mystery. The signs in question are crop Circles. which appear mysteriously. of c0urse on the Philadelphia farm of Mel Gibson and family. Mel takes his cue from Bruce Willis. who won kudos for his appearances in the director's earlier movies. But can Shyamalan. whose next film will be Indiana Jones 4. score a hat-trick with Signs?


Robert Succo

ETA 7 June

Gruesome one. this. Based on the book by Pascale Froment. it's the real life story of French serial killer Robert Succo. Expect at: he did controversy whores to hawk their wares in June: 'Too violent. blah. blah.‘ ‘Lacking in metals. blah. blah.’ Ah. shut it. It's violent because it's supposed to shock (Succo was a ‘.’IC|OUS S‘.‘.’:fl81 and it avoids the moral high ground by felting the killers stow Without Judging him. Cedric Kahn. who previously made the veiv fine L'Erriiiii. handles the script and direction Wltil a master's touch. while his lead. Stefano Cassetti. astounds. and he's never acted before.

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