Monster’s Ball

The Sum Of All Fears


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ETA July

Claire Denis gives the vampire myth some seri0us arthOuse treatment in this tale of modern day bloodsuckers. Actually. and strictly-speaking. Beatrice Dalle and Vincent Gallo are canni als. but let's not quibble over a DOund or so of flesh. Dalle and Gallo are ex- lovers who meet in Paris years after they've parted and resume their carnivorous and quite carnal nocturnal activities. There's more than one scene that” shock yOu. and in particular a moment which gives a whole new meaning to the notion of gOing down upon and eating someone Out. Tindersticks prowde an appropriately moody SOundtrack.


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ETA 7 June

The film that won Halle Berry a Best Acting Oscar. making her the first African-American woman to receive one of the golden statuettes. No one has a bad thing to say abOut the film. although on paper it sounds awful wOrthy and really oune daft. Co-star Billy Bob Thornton plays a sOuthern States most who falls in love with a black woman (Berry). Thing is. he's also the death row prison guard who threw the switch on Berry's husband. Despite their differences the unlikely lovers” romance blossoms. Hmm’? Still. they do say

7 SCI-Fl THRILLER opposnes attract.

ETA 5 July

I? h E $ U m film, W?" L Having made AJ. and Vanilla Sky " respectively, Steven Spielberg

ETA 20 September

I and Tom Cruise team up for Ben Affleck takes over from HarrisOn Ford iwno took over from Alec more cerebral sci_fi with this Baldy/Int in this the fourth adventure featuring Tom Clancy s CIA age". adaptation at the novel by genre éackiR‘fin. Heret. RfyCim lg’JhO s beilng tgroomefcfl as the American Elaines hero Philip K. Dick (Blade

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Superbowl. Arab terrorists Sciiufefa: ISTEIOLHCOGOCITHSOSQ;(allClC Rayner). That sa'd’-ne',ther should they be Successful in their m.ssion the US goixemmpm's e '0 Sp'elberg s "or cm'se s IaSt I . . * T "’ efforts were much cop. That or an eye retaiiation ‘.'Jl“ certainly lead to World War III. ihe

, said, the boys might well benefit CORtefllDOl‘ar‘,’ resonai‘rce is a son'tewhat staggering cause fer COIIC(ETI‘,. "om screenwriter Scott Frank

whose previous films include the likewise hot properties Out Of The 30mm"; gdfimfiiy Sightand GetShorfy.Minority Report also has an intriguing, ETA 28 June typically Dick-like paranoid plot: in the future, criminals are convicted of their crimes before they commit them, which is the situation Cruise’s cop finds himself in after he is framed (or perhaps not) for murder.



Director DOug Liman has already scored hits with Silvingers and Go. Here. he leaves behind slacker comedy to try his hand at espionage action with this adaptation of Robert Ludlum's bestselling thriller. Matt Damon plays an amnesrac who finds himself thrashed ashore. bullet-riddled but not dead. He then spends the rest of the film trying to elude various assassins while attempting to recover his memory. Interesting idea. and if anyone can breathe life into this old genre. it's Liinan.

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