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the shoe-aholic

Name: Fiona Best Profession: owner of Catwalk Productions Shoes in cupboards, shoes in wardrobes, shoes in boxes, in fact . . . shoes everywhere. Fiona Best, ex- model, Tennent's girl and owner of Catwalk Productions has a grand total of 55 pairs of shoes and 22 pairs of boots. It’s not surprising that the various cupboards and wardrobes in her office and bedroom are full of a wide and varied selection of footwear. Sparkly sandals, black stilettos, pink cowboy boots and red court shoes are a very small part of this collection. Many are designer shoes but in true shopaholic style, Best buys her shoes at knock down prices in the sales. ‘I won’t pay more than £100 for a pair of shoes,‘ she says. ‘That would just be ridiculous.’

22 ms LIST 9—23 May 2002

When you look in any of Best’s shoe cupboards you are amazed to see that they are all either in boxes with their description written on the outside or lined up with shoe trees keeping them in shape. She admits she looks after her shoes, a habit carried on from her modelling days when a selection of shoes were needed to suit every kind of outfit.

One particular aspect of her modelling required an unusual selection of footwear when she was the leg model for Couture and Dior tights. Despite this amazing number of choices, Best still suffers from the curse of the modern woman when nothing she has matches her new outfit: time for a new pair of shoes.

Nowadays, she keeps the high heels for special occasions and wears the flat comfortable shoes for work: being on your feet all day organising catwalk shows doesn’t suit a slingback with a four inch spike heel. Whatever shoes Best isn’t wearing, her five-year- old daughter Jade is. A shoe fetishist at five? You can never start too young. (Jane Hamilton)

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1 Becca creme blush, 5315. Space NK. The new kid on the block. care of make-“up artist Rebecca Morrice Williams.

2 Nails Inc oils, Frasers. Glasgow. Get serious with these nail oils for that of course I have regular manicures' look.

3 Barbara Daly Face Lift cream. 3‘6. Tesco. A godsend for anyone who's had a rough night. Velvety textured and as light-reflecting as you could wish for. no one‘ll know you've got a hangover.

4 Bobbi Brown Shimmer Tint All Over Glow. 5220. call 01730 232566 for stockists. Get that ‘l've spent all day on the beach' look. minus the pink nose.

5 Mars liquid eye liner. 922. call ()20 7299 4999 for stockists. Cream based liner you apply with a brush for that Sophie Ellis Bextor look: and they'll last all night.

6 Becca cheek tint. Sit/t, Space NK. Sheer tint for a natural glow.

7 Sunny Citrus Soap. 531.50 per lOOg. Lush. Get ready for summer with a huge chunk of Lush‘s latest sunny soap.

8 T’eo Deodorant. $73. Lush. All natural ingredients and essential oils combine to keep you smelling sweet.

9 Barbara Daly nail polish, $113.50. Tesco. Colours for summer. which'll work best with a tan (which you‘re allowed to take).

10 Enhance Moisture Creme lipstick, €5.50, Marks & Spencer. Keeping your lips kissably soft.

1 1 Enhance Full Volume mascara. 5:625. Marks & Spencer. Flutter those lashes and the boys'll ceme running. 12 Bobbi Brown Oil-free Even Finish compact foundation. call

01 730 232566 for stockists. Defy shine and stay glam all day long.

13 Becca luminous skin colour. E26. Space NK. A real pick-me—up for tired skin.

14 Enhance powder bronzer. 537.50. Marks & Spencer. Get a healthy all over glow care of this new product. With light reflective particles.