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I 2 Garden boules 5314.95"). www.rwantoneofthosecom. A shrny new ver5ron of a very old game. Sip a glass of red. inhale on your Gaulorse and take it all very serrously.

I 3 Mini trick cycle $79.99. www.iwantoneofthosecom. Just remember: keep this within the privacy of your own home. As soon as you venture onto the pavement you'll most likely by mugged by a curfew-defying crowd of young ruffians.

I 4 Walkie-talkie watches $334.50. www.iwantoneoftllosecom. You've got a mobile phone: so what? These are much more fun even If they do only have a 250ft range. The cherce of secret agents . . . five-year-old ones, that rs.

I 5 FSpycam 3OOXS $99.99. www.Innovationscom.We don't think this one's illegal. but it does enable you to spy on people. Small enough to hide Ill your hand It takes digital images and video footage. Use It for honourable purposes only, folks.

I 6 Widescreen Frame $29.99. www.iwantoneofthosecom. Perfect for showing off your panoramic pics.

I 7 Mini mobile charger £7.99. Free yourself from your reliance on the household plugpoint. Surtable for Nokra phones. it runs on a 9V battery.

I 8 L’Espion digital camera £740.www.gadget shopcouk. Matchbox sr/ed. an operating system that consists of

three buttons and

webcam abrlity.



the vintage clothing obsessive

Name: Joanna Mawdsley

Profession: tofu maker

‘When I have a free day to go shopping I work out some sort of plan the night before. I’ll go to several vintage clothing shops, a few high street shops like Whistles just to accessorise and some charity shops on the way home if I have time. I am looking for anything that is a little bit unusual from the 503 to the 705 and I’m usually guided by colour. I’ll think that today I want something green, so if I see something green I’ll automatically try it on even if it is the oddest thing in the shop.

‘The most I’ve ever spent on a vintage dress is $225, which isn’t a lot. I don’t think I would pay more, unless perhaps if it was an original 503 ballgown or a 705 trouser suit. I’m very small so a lot of the time things are too big for me, but if I like something I have to have it and will alter it on my sewing machine. ‘I share a flat with a girl who works for Edinburgh vintage clothing store Armstrongs, so she keeps me informed if something interesting comes in. I also go to the Rusty Zip, Godiva, and I absolutely love Herman Brown. I also like Kojak’s in Glasgow and, of course, visit lots of charity shops. I’m actually a bit of a charity shop whore, although I do go through stages with it. If you do it all the time you stop finding things, whereas if you leave it for a while you can go back and it's like a Pandora’s Box. The best bargain I ever got from a charity shop was an off-white Elvis Cape with turning brass buttons for 24.

‘At the moment I love the late 60$ Biba look, anything by Ozzy Clarke and I really love the 503 housewife look, but my goal would be to find an original Balenciaga. With vintage, though, it all comes down to serendipity. I suppose the ultimate aim, albeit subconsciously, is to be at a party and someone says: “Oh God, where did you get that from?” followed by that feeling of: “I’ll tell you where, but you can’t get it because there is only one.” It’s strangely satisfying.’ (Interviewed by Paul Dale)

24 1’“! LIST 9—23 May 2002