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John Q ( 15) 0... (Nick Cassavettes. CS. 2002) Denzel Washington. James Woods. Anne Heche. 117 min. This dramatic thriller with a message is a sort of Dog Day Afternoon meets I;‘.R.. Washington's John Q. Archibald is a decent family man driven to extreme measures w hen his son is refused all emergency heart transplant because he doesn't have adequate medical insurance. In desperation he takes the emergency room of the hospital hostage. including the surgeon (Woods) and a suitably eclectic group of patients. It’s superbly cast. although initially a little heavy on the message aitd manipulation. General release.

Kids (18) .0. (Larry Clark. 1995) Leo Fitzpatrick. Justin Pierce. Chloe Sevigny. 93 min. Photographer Clark brings a gritty yet hip approach to his portrait of urban youth overdosed on sex and drugs. \‘erbally. btit not visually. explicit. the film is as bleak as it gets. as HIV positive Jennie spends a day tracking down arrogant ‘virgin stirgeon‘ Telly. Serious issues are touched on in an unadorned fashion. but it's up to its to discuss a way to find the solutions. Cameo. Edinburgh. K-PaX(12)ee (lain Softley. CS. 2002) Kevin Spacey. Jeff Bridges. Mary McCormack. 121 min. Prot is a gentle. unassuming alien from the planet K-PAX. who visits Earth and ends up in a mental institution where he genially allows psychiatrist Bridges to try to ‘cure' him. while at the same time managing to cure his fellow patients and sort out Bridges‘ life too. Or is Prot merely a nut'.’ Theoretically. this is a role made for Spacey: However. Spacey plays Prot as a cross between his character in The L'iiail Suspects and Robin Williams in any of his vomit-inducing roles. There are some nice aesthetic touches. but they don‘t succeed in diverting your attention from the fact that this is a bland and uninspiring waste of a good story. Selected release.

La banda degli onesti (The Gang of Honest Men) (the) (Camillo Mastrocinqtie. italy. I956) Toto. Giulia Rubini. Giacomo Furio. 90 min. Scathing portrait of an Italy where the pursuit of money is more important than anything else. When an engraver bequeaths equipment for counterfeiting lira notes to his doorman. Antonio. he and his two friends proceed to set up a new business. They soon realise that their products are aroUsing sUspicion. and discover that the police are in hot pursuit of a gang of counterfeiters. Filmhotise. Edinburgh.

The Last Documentary Film (Der Ietzte Documentariilm) 8; Vagabonding Images (15) (Daniel Sponsel/Jan Sebening 5; Nicolas Humbert/Simon Furbringer. Germany. 1998) 65/48 min. Light-hearted ironic prediction of what form filmmaking might take in the age of digitalisation. knitting together two components: a hazy history of documentary filmmaking and an alternative fabricated private history of the filmmakers. Employs split screen. image layers. webcam shots and the Internet to great sardonic effect. I'aealmnrl Images is a hotchpotch of super-X footage shot over 5 years. images and visual symbols which appear like sequences in a dream. yet

still manages to remain within the boundaries of the documentary genre. (il’l'. (ilasgow. Loners ( l5) (David ()ndikek. Czechoslovakia. 2000) 95 min. ()ffbeat tragic comedy about seven characters looking for love. Fresh. spontaneous and full of dreamlike absurdity. shrouded iii a ha/e of marijuana. Zelenka's witty script is supported by highly stylistic inusic and distinctive

v isual style. Contemporary cinema. Definitively a winner. (ii-'1‘. (ilasgow: i'iiiiiiiUth. Edinburgh.

The Lord Of The Rings (PG) .0... (Peter Jackson. New '/.ealand/I'S. 2001 l Ian McKellen. Iilijah Wood. Liv Tyler. Cate Blanchett. \‘iggo Mortensen. 178 min. .»\t long last. a sword and sorcery adventure that really delivers the goods. J.R.R. 'l‘olkien's great achievement was to create an Iinglislt mythology. located in a fantastical yet believable world. Jackson's great achievement is to bring the author's 1000 page tome to life. not merely realising the fantastic elements with special effects spectacle (thotigh they are very spectacular). but through storytelling flare and marvellous performances from his cast. Visceral and breathtakingiy dramatic. 'l‘he I'i'l/mt ship ()t The Ring is an inspired labour of love and a monumental achievement. Selected release.

Lovers Of The Arctic Circle i 15) O... (Jtilio Mcdeni. Spain. 1999) I’ele Mai'tinel. Najw a Nintri. Nanclto Novo. 104 min. When eight-year-old ()tto spots .-\na outside the school gates. it's love at first sight. btit life's tragedies intervene. however. aitd the pair are set apart ~ until years later when both are drawn. irrepressibly. to a i‘ilililsll cottage just inside the Arctic Circle. Medem. whose expressive style was honed iit 12mm. The Red Squirrel altd 'I'I'erra. has crafted a begtiiling love story as strange and original as it is romantic »» which stirer places Medettt in the top rank of Iiuropean directors. Cameo, Edinburgh.

The Magnificent Seven (PG) 0000. (John Sturges. IS. 1960) Ytil Brynner. Steve

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Digital experimentation in Hotel

McQueen. James Coburn. Eli Wallach. 126 min. Ever-popular Hollywood remake of Kurosawa‘s Seven Samurai has Brynner and Co. hired to save a Mexican village from the unwelcome attentions of Wallach's bandits. The plot became an archetypal movie narrative with a host of sequels and copies both offical and unofficial. Trivia time: hands tip who cart name all seven of the desperados. Gmsvenor. Glasgow.

Malena (15) O. (GiUseppe Tornatore. Italy. 2001) Monica Bellucci. GiUseppe Stilfaro. Luciano Federico. 92 min. An outsider in a small Sicilian town during World War Two. Malena (Bellucci) is regarded by the locals with a mix of IUst. envy and suspicion. We see her through 12-year-old narrator. Renato's devoted eyes. as he spies voyeuristically on her and turns her into the co-star of his masturbatory fantasies. There‘s something offensive about the way Tornatore Uses Malena‘s fate to provide his young protagonist with a lesson in the realities of the adult world. Btit the film's mix of whimsical coming-of—age comedy and finger-wagging moral fable leaves the viewer feeling queasy. Wy :td Theatre. Melrose.

The Man Who Wasn’t There ( 15) 0.... (Joel Coen. LS. 2001 1 Billy Bob Thornton. Frances McDormand. James (iandolfini. l 16 min. Set in the Californian backwater town of Santa Rosa circa the I9-i0s. The Man Who Wash '1 There takes its cue from the cynical world of pulp crime writers like James M. Cain. The tale turns on a regular fella. Thornton's mild-mannered barber Ed Crane. who is unwittingly the catalyst fora spiralling series of events beginning with infidelity and extortion and ending with. well. maybe you cart guess. The Coen brothers‘ latest reinvention of a classic Hollywood film genre is their most audacious to date. mixing hard-boiled. small town film noir with existentialism and metaphysics. It's a wry-humoured. retro-styled. wickedly- plotted. moody gem. L'GC Renfrew Street. Glasgow: L’CvC. Edinburgh.

Marriages ( 18) (Catherine Martin. Canada. 2001) Marie-Eve Bertrand. Guylaine Tremblay. Mirianne Bru'le. 95 min. A mesmerisiiig debut feature set in late 19th century rural Quebec. about passionate romantic love in Victorian Times. The anguished central character. Yvonne is trapped in a stifling family by her sister. who wants her to beconte a nun. The unsettling disinterment of their mother's body 20 years after her death adds to their conflict. Btit Yvonne is too enamoured with the pleasures of botlt the physical environment and a handsome man to simply capitulate. I‘ilitthouse. Edinburgh.

Master Game (Das Meisterspiel)

( 15) (Lut/ Dammbeck. Germany. 1998) 105 min. A humorous investigation into the still unsolved crime concerning someone breaking into the Vienna Academy of Art aitd painting over the work of Austrian painter. Amqu Rainer. In the form of a game. Dammbeck entreats us to consider a list of possibilities of what happened: was it an attack on modern art or a publicity stunt by the artist himself“? (iFl'. (ilasgow.

Means Of Production (tbc) (Various. VariOUs. 2002) min the. Compilation of underground filmmaking froin California circa 1989—2001. CCA. Glasgow. Memento (15)”... (Christopher Nolan. CS. 2000) Guy Pearce. Carrie-Ann Moss. Joe Pantoliano. 116 min. Beginning where most other films would end with an act of vengeance. writer-director Nolan tells his story by gradually working backwards in time. Leonard Shelby (Pearce) is obsessed with avenging his wife‘s rape and murder. Trouble is Leonard suffers from a condition of short-term memory loss. and so he relies on an elaborate system of mementoes maps. polaroids. body tattoos - to piece together the clues in his investigation. A compelling. elliptical reconstruction of the revenge thriller. which skilfully examines the connections between memory. identity and perception. Pavilion. Galashiels.

Mon Oncle Antione (PG) (Claude Jutra. Canada. 1971) Jacques Gagnon. Lyne Champagne. Jean Duceppe. 1 10 min. Funny. lyrical. generous film revered by most Canadians as their nation‘s greatest. This bittersweet coming-of-age tale. set in rural Quebec at Christmas. describes in detail. the life of young Benoit (Gagnon). whose family owns the town‘s store and undertaking bUsiness. Jutra's affection for the town shows the reasons people choose to stay on. rather than move on. GFT. Glasgow.

Monsoon Wedding ( 15) «cos (Mira Nair. India/L'K. 2001 ) Naseeruddin Shah. Lillete Dubey. Vijay Raaz. I 13 min. ()n the eve of the longed-for. cooling monsoon season. the far-flung members of an upper- middle class Indian family gather in Delhi for a typical Punjabi wedding. But as the big day dawns. the wedding contractor's promises become more evasive. while the bride's hard- pressed father worries how he is going to pay for everything. Nair‘s sprawling. carnivalesque drama combines the colour and vibrancy of Bollywood with an earthy realism. And while she can be sharply satiric. Nair treats her characters. high and low. without condescension. Odeon. Edinburgh. Monsters, Inc. (L') 0000 (Pete Docter. CS. 2001 1 John Goodman. Billy Crystal. Steve BUscemi 92 min. The latest CGI animation from Toy Story makers Pixar is set largely in Monstropolis. a city inhabited by the foulest of beasts. The monsters power their city by sending ‘scarers' through doors which teleport them into children's rooms. Once there. they pull faces at the kids. producing shrieks of terror. which are bottled back in Monstropolis and Used as a source of energy. It's a neat idea. but what really lifts the film is the sense of fun that pervades the whole movie. Monsters. Inc runs as smoothly as a fairground slide. that no one is too big to enjoy. Glasgow Film Theatre & Showcase Cinema. Coatbridge.

Mrs Caldicot’s Cabbage War (tbcl (Ian Sharp. CK. 2001) Pauline Collins. Peter Capaldi. John Alderton. 106 min. Preview screening of a warm-hearted comedy about a woman who decides to stand up for herself after 40 years of marriage to an insensitive husband. when she ends up in an old people‘s home where the residents are force fed a diet of cabbage. Pavilion. Galashiels. Muhammad All: The Greatest (PG) .0. (William Klein. L'S. 197-1) 115 min. Klein‘s documentary is less about boxing than the social phenomena that surround it. The film focuses upon three fights iii the career of Ali: the two Liston fights in 196-1 and 65 (plus the cancellation of the originally scheduled rematch of November 64) and the Rumble in the Jungle. Fascinating for its moments of insight into the lives of these men. as well as its documentation of attitudes to them from folk of the day. btit there‘s a lot of padding and virtually no footage of the fights themselves. Grosvenor. Glasgow. Mulholiand Drive ( 15) 0000 (David Lynch. LS. 2001) Naomi Watts. Laura Elena Harring. JUstin Theroux. 146 min. Given the troubled production history of Lynch's latest slice of nightmare noir it was originally a pilot fora L'S television series which was cancelled it‘s nothing short of miraculous that Mulholiand [)ri've shines with the filmmaker‘s idiosyncratic brilliance. Although set in the present day (albeit with retro