Factory records. the Hacienda and all things Madchester is retold by writer Frank (lottrell Boyce who has done something quite extraordinary turned Tony Wilson's dysfunctional adventure from 1976 to now into a post-modern romp that never takes itself too seriously. Boyce's regular collaborator. Winterbottom. directs like a man

Films are listed by city, then alphabetically by cinema. Film Listings compiled by Henry Northmore

possessed by the conjoined spirits of Jean- Luc Godard and Lindsay Anderson. and is more than up to the task using a variety of scratchy. quirky. punky devices to tell tales from a cantankerous city. Double top. UGC Renfrew Street. Glasgow.

Va Savoir (PG) .0” (Jacques Rivette. France. 2001) Jeanne Balibar. Sergio Castellitto. Jacques Bonnaffe. 154 min. A graceful and charming comedy of manners from veteran French New Wave director Rivette. Va Savoir‘s backstage theatre setting and the parallels between art and life might seem predictable. yet the filmmaker ' magically guides the viewer through the French capital. always alert to the romantic possibilities that connect his characters. And the casual mastery of Rivette‘s direction. which effortlessly weaves together the various plot strands. is matched by some sparkling i ensemble performances. Adam Smith. Kirkcaldy.

The Vampire Lovers (18) (Roy Ward Baker. UK. 1970) Ingrid Pitt. Pippa Steele. Madeleine Smith. 91 min. You want lesbian vampires. you got ‘em. The action isn't at its best in this adaptation of ('armilla. but the erotic atmosphere is as good as Hammer ever achieved. OFT. Glasgow.

0 Waking Lite (15 ) «no (Richard Linklater. US. 2002) Wiley Wigins. Ethan Hawke. Julie Delpy. 100 min. This animated picture looks stunning. Linklater has used a ‘rotoscoping' technique which involves film- ing actors and then tracing over the images to make the movie look like a cinematic graphic novel. The animation is pivotal to the ques- tion posed by the central character. Mitch Kramer: what exactly is life'.’ Kramer cannot wake from a recurring dream in which he meets characters ranging from philosophy professors to "'11 drivers who tell him exactly what life is about. Wonderfully innovative. UGC Renfrew Street. Glasgow; Cameo. Edinburgh.

The Warrior ( 12) mo (Asif Kapadia. L’K/lndia. 2002) lrfan Khan. 86 min. While leading an attack on a Northem India village. l.afcadia (Khan). the loyal lieutenant of a brutal feudal lord. pauses. sickened by the blood that stains him and renounces violence. But the lord visits a terrible revenge on his family. Rather than rebuckling his sword and further tainting his already compromised moral standing. Lafcadia flees into the mountains. The Warrior's simplicity makes it seem like an archetypal yarn. but it has a personality that fielies its lack of dialogue. And. in an age ‘oftt'ongue-in-cheek jaunts. it's refreshingly uncompromising in its seriousness and beauty. Selected release.

Y Tu Mama Tambien (And Your Mother T00) ( I8) 0.” (Alfonso Cuaron. Mexico. 2001 ) Gael Garcia Bernal. Diego Luna. Maribel Verdti. 105 min. In this upbeat. raunchy road movie Julio (Bernal) and childhood friend Tenoeh (Luna) convince gorgeous older Spanish woman Luisa (Verdu) tojoin them on the road to an unspoilt beach known as ‘Heaven's Month'. The horny boys‘ plan is to get into Luisa's pants. which. as it turns out. she is quite happy with. Of course. when Luisa sleeps first with Diego and then Julio. the emotionally immature boys fall out. and it‘s left to their more experienced partner to teach them something about love. The cast give (‘uaron flawless performances. while the director and his co-writer brother Carlos ensure the drama is at once tender and boisterous. feelgood and full of pathos. and wholly free of cliche. Selected release. Yojimbo (15) “O. (Akira Kurosawa. Japan. 1‘)61)Toshiro Mifune. Iiijiro Tono. Kamatari Fujiwara. l 10 min. Mifune‘s unheroic and lazy samurai sells his services to [W0 rival factions in a small town and then

sits back to watch them destroy each other. Darkly comic exercise in Japanese violence which later served as a blueprint for Sergio Leone's For/1 Few Dollars More. Filmhouse. Fxlinburgh.

Bombay Cinema: Glasgow

5 Lorne Street. Ibrox. ()141 41‘) 0722. £5 (£3).


For this week's programme times. please contact the cinema on ()141 41‘) 0722 for details.

CCA: Glasgow

350 Sauchiehall Street. ()141 352 4‘)()(). £4 (£2.50).


Means 0i Production (tbc) 0.30. Experiments lnTerrornhe) 8.30.


Means 0! Production (tbc) 0.30. Experiments In Terror (tbc) 8.30.

Glasgow Film Theatre -

12 Rose Street. ()141 332 8128. (‘afe/bar. All performances bookable. |1)]. llil. livenings: £4.75 (£3.50). Matinees: £3.75 (£2.50). Wed (before 5pm): £3.75 (£2). Double bill £5 (£3.50). (il’l‘ savers: £l‘) (£14) live tickets for the price of 4 (valid for three months).


1.ltalianForBeginnerS(15) 2.00. 8.30. TheWan'iortl2) 4.30. 0.30. 2.The0flicers’ Ward (la Chambre des Officiers)(15) 3.00.

StellaScreenIn Productionnbe) 0.00. HansWams:My20thCenhiry(15)8.15.


1.SexAnd Lucla(l8) 2.45. 5.30. 8.15. 2.1'heWarriortl2) 3.00. 5.00, 7.00. 9.00.


1.Monsters,lnc.(tl) 12.30. SexAndLuctatlx) 2.45. 5.30. 8.15. 2.TheWarrior(I2) 2.00. 4.00. 9.00. Buenos Aires, My History (Buenos Aires, Meine Geschichte)&\lacancy(l5) 0.15.


1.Monsters,lnc.(U) 1.00.

The Grey Fox (PG) 3.00. SexAndLuciatl8) 5.30. 8.15. 2.TheWarrior(I2) 2.00. 4.00. 9.00. The Last Documentary Film (Der letzte Doscumentarfllm) 8. Vagabonding Images (1. l 6.15.

MONDAY 13 MAY 1.8exAndLucia(18) 2.45. 5.30. 8.15. 2. The Warriortl2) 3.00. 9.00. MonDncIeAntione(P(}) 5.45.

TUESDAY 14 MAY i.SexAndLucia(18) 2.45. 5.30. 8.15. 2.TheWarrior(I2) 2.00. 4.00. 9.00. Housewiie’s Flower (Die Blume der Hausirau) 8. Divina Obsession ( 15) 0.15.

WEDNESDAY 15 MAY 1.SexAndLucla(l8) 2.45. 5.30. 8.15. 2.TheWarrior(l2) 2.00. 4.00. 000. Master Game (Das Meisterspiel)(15) ().I5.


1.8exAndLuciatl8) 2.45. 5.30. 8.15. 2.TheWanior(12) 3.00. 5.00. 7.00. 9.00.


1.Ho Man’s Land(15) 1.30. 4.00, 0.30. 8.45.

2.SexAndLucla(18) 2.45. 8.15. Buttoners(KnoflIk-rl)(l8) 0.00.


1. Princes and Princesses (1') 10.30am. Ho Man’s Land(15) 1.30. 4.00. 0.30. 8.45.

2. Sede Lucta(l8) 2.45. 5.30. 8.15.


1.Ho Man’s Land(15) 2.30. 0.30. 8.45. Bhopal ExpresstlS) 4.30. 2.LDIIOTS(15) 3.00.

SexAndLuciat18) 5.30. 8.15.


1.Ho Man’s Land(15) 1.30. 4.00. 8.45. Bhopal Expresstl5) 0.45. 2.SexAndLucia(I8) 2.45. 8.15. Beresina(15) 0.00.


1.BhopaIExpress(15) 1.30. Ho Man’s Land (15) 3.30. 8.45. Funny GirilU) 5.45. 2.Beresina(l5) 1.15. SexAnd Lucia(18) 3.45. 8.15. The Vampire Loversu8) 0.15.


1.Funny Girltt’) 1.00.

No Man’s Land(15) 4.15. 0.30. AboutABoytI2) 8.45.

2. SexAnd Luciatl8) 2.45. 8.15. Alpine Fire (Hohenieuer)(15) 5.45.


1.AboutABoy(12) 1.30. 0.30. No Man’s Land ( 15) 3.30. 8.45. 2. Alpine Fire (Hohenieuer) ( 15) 3.00. SexAndLuciatl8) 5.30. 8.15.

Grosuenor: Glasgow

Ashton Lane. IIillhead. ()141 33‘) 42‘)8. (‘(‘ booking: 0141 33‘) 42‘)8. £4 (£2 all day Mon). Students: £2: I'1340/1)isabled/Young Scot: £3: (‘hild £2.50: ()AI’: £2.80. Seats can be booked in advance for all screenings. Box office open I lam 7pm (Sun: 1- 7pm).


AboutABoytI2) 2.25. 8.05.

The Magnificent Seven (PG) 5.30. Panic Boom(15) 2.45. 5.35. 8.15.

FBIDAY _L0_-_T_I:I_UBS_D_ X26 AboutABoy(12)

liri Wed: 3.25. 5.45. 8.25.

Thu: 0.40.

Muhade All: The Greatest (PU) Matinee Thu: 4.00. Panic BoomH5)

Fri Wed: 2.45. 5.35. Thu: 1.25. 8.45. The Royal Tenenbaumsd51

Late I-‘ri & Sat: 10.40.

Star Wars Episode 11: Attack oi the CIDnBSH’Gl

Thu: 2.15. 5.15. 8.20.

Stuart Uttieil')

Matinee Sat: 1 1.00am.

FRIDAY 17—THURSDAY 23 Programme liker to be similar to the previous week. Phone 0141 33‘) 4298 for details and times. New film due to open on Fri 17 May:

Star Wars Episode II: Attack Of The Clones (PG)

ImaxTheatre: Glasgow

(ilasgow Science Centre. 50 Pacific Quay. ()141 420 5000. £5 (£3.50). Double feature tickets £‘) (£0.50).



Dolphins (t') noon. 4.30.

Grand Canyontt') 3.30. 8.00. Human Bodytt') 1.00. 5.30. lntoThe Deeptt') 2.30. 7.00.


Fri. Sat & Thu: noon. 4.30. Sun Wed: noon. 6.00. Grand Canyon (ll)

l)ail_v: 3.30.

l‘ri. Sat & Thu: 8.00.

listings Film

Star Wars: Episode II - Attack Of The Clones Not " having been press screened, the quality of George Lucas' fifth sci-fi adventure is yet to be determined. Nevertheless. it‘s the movie event of the summer. and apparently an improvement on the disappointing Phantom Menace. See feature and preview. General release.

No Man’s Land Smart political satire about the media distortions and international power games at the centre of the West's E intervention in Yugoslavia. See review. GFT, Glasgow; Edinburgh, Cameo.

Dog Soldiers Suspenseful and blackly humorous British werewolf movie which pits a troop of soldiers against a pack of flesh- eating lycanthropes in the Scottish Highlands. See review. General release. Panic Room David Fincher locks Jodie Foster and her daughter in a steel vault and sets a gang of thieves on them in this dark thriller. General release.

“ii: About A Boy Hugh Grant reinvented as a womanising laddy Londoner in this enjoyable adaptation of Nick Hornby's novel. General release.

Waking Life Richard Linklater pushes the envelope on animation with this innovative meditation on life and art and stuff. Selected release.

Roadkill Thoroughly entertaining road movie thriller in which a car load of college kids are menaced on the open highway by a psychotic trucker. General release.

Human Body ( t ')

Fri. Sat 8; Thu: 1.00. 5.30, Matinee Stilt Wed: 2.30. Into The Deep (1')

Hi. Sat & Thu: 2.30. 7.00. Sun Wed: 1.30. 5.00.

FRIDAY t7—THURSDAY 23 Blue Planet (1‘)

Matinee Tue: 2.30. Dolphins (1')

Fri. Sat & Thu: noon. 4.30. Sun- Wed: noon. 0.00. Grand Canyon (1')

Daily: 3.30.

Fri. Sat & Thu: 8.00. Human Body (1')

Fri. Sat & Thu: 1.00. 5.30. Sun. Mon & Wed: 2.30. Into The Deep (1')

Fri. Sat & Thu: 2.30. 7.00. Sun Wed: 1.30, 5.00. )

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