LFCTURF CHUCK D tripTych, George Square Theatre, Edinburgh, Sun 28 Apr 0000

He could have talked about anything and they would have lapped it up. In a university lecture hall usually the preserve of white middle class kids listening rather grudgingly to white middle class lecturers, white middle class kids listened to a black man from Long Island with rapt attention.

What would Chuck D, the most vocal and best known black commentator on race issues, do with their adoration? Would he use their fascination with him to probe liberal hypocrisy as Malcolm X did? Or would the man once known as Carleton Ridenhour just rant at them, like Fear OfA Black Planet without all the hip hop.

In the end there was a bit of everything in this wide-ranging and hugely entertaining two-hour talk. His impersonations of Dr Dre and basketball player Shaquille O’Neal as the embodiment of US foreign policy were as slick and clever as the best stand-up. His analysis of the music industry was not only sharp but ultimately convincing. Yet as one questioner from the floor so perceptiver pointed out, even amongst the broad range of his scatter-fire delivery, his previous preoccupation with race issues was entirely absent. He may feel the political climate in the US makes it inappropriate. He may even have mellowed a touch but, in not dealing with the topic, and then denying he is no longer dealing with the topic, he spiked his guns somewhat.

While even his most ardent fan would have to admit there are times Chuck D is plain wrong, his harshest critics must agree that his character is as contradictory as his hero Ali’s and almost as fascinating. This was still a tremendous insight into the mercurial spirit of one of the most important artists of the late-20th century. (Tim Abrahams)



tripTych, 13th Note Club, Glasgow, Sat 27 Apr .0000

Someone starts heckling Bill Callahan about halfway through the gig. Something about him sounding like Crosby. Stills and Nash. CCl'lEllllh,’ Smog's lyrical laments induce a similar dreai 1 state to those created by the good ol' boys. And Bill's ‘.‘.’(}£lr|llg a checked shirt. sleeves rolled up around his biceps. too.

But tonight Callahan sounds like Crosby. Stills and Nash l‘)ecause. although he's playing solo ljtlSl him and his electric guitar). it sounds like there's at least three musicians on stage. Callahan's deer). resonant vocals and con‘plex finger l)l(ll\ili§l S3ll'llll‘ll‘llitl guitar playing make a sound that fills the club. And when he sings the hushed ‘River Guard. the audience hushes with him

Because it's Callahan Without the admittedh tine n‘usrcians he brought to Scotland last year, his lyrics are heard in all their glorious melanchoh beauty. I look around the venue as Callahan sings about 'the kind of memories that turn your bones to glass' from ‘Cold Blooded Old Times" ithe song everyone was ‘.'.'£t|llllt} to beam and | see laces enraptured.

At this l)()llll I realise I'n‘ VJOEll'lllt) a grin from ear to ear iand all the way around the back of my headi because Callahan's playing all of nu, faxourite songs: 'l .et's Move To The Country' from the album Knock Knock. 'l lold ()n' from Dongs ()f Sevot/o/i and "Blood Red Bud from Rot/Apple /-a//s among then‘.

It's like Bill came to Scotland gust to sing for me. But then. everyone at the lilth Note probably tell that. ilvliles l‘ieldeii

Smog turns bones to glass

I Delerious? Bai‘i‘ou land. (ilaxgtm. l Jun.

I Jimmy Eat World 7

Barron land. (ilaxgim. 35 .\la\.

I Live & LOUd Bellallolhloll

l’ai‘k. (ilaxgim. lo .lllll.

lll‘ClllONlCA OPTIMO tripTych, Barrowland, Glasgow, Fri

26 Apr

Matt Herbert isn't one for no laced E§lll(2(}l'll‘,fl If the idea of a critique of the l_\.'ils Of Capitalism sounds $3()ll‘(}".'.’llétl. '~.'./e||. liectoring \.'~.V'hen you‘ve come t< just have a dance. then l-lerbert's alter ego. Radioboy toooo nought to (ll‘.'(235l you of the idea. On each track. he takes a rei)i'esentative bit of (Z()llf3llll‘()l' culture a box of Nestle cereal. a Cat) shiit. a Starbucks coffee- cup and destroys it. all the ‘.'.'llll(3 :‘ainbling and mutating the sounds to create (E‘.‘(?l",llllllt; fioni thundenng l)l'()l() gabba to stuttering, gitch', house and lugubiious alii‘ost dab.

laking til) the be ss baton lf'()l‘t Radioboy. Pole l... . does his big echoing l‘iing. n‘eandemig

Radio Boy destroys corporations

through dad's subterranean (taxes: '.'.aste to Elf“, ideas of '.'..'ia°. you

allei tins. Richie Hawtin i.. thought ‘a'ik '.'.as not 'su After l‘.'.<:

and his all-out z ssaull. with decks. l X decades of iilaurig lxe. the, "e as tight and the obligatory Roland 003) is as ,jari‘es l-Ero.'."‘.. and as fresh as the; ii‘o'iotoneus: sure he's trying to take a;‘.'.'a~,'s .'.-::r-i,-. this :; gi:>i':o;:sl‘.

techno further, but frankly. ,t's gov-:1- neaonzstic {il‘Il ai‘;i"::ri:r: 'l‘ fine 3:?

about as far as it can go. ccssble ll‘t: lit:i:7llu".§”

And then. as Ha‘.'.'t:ri ‘.’.'!l‘.(lf§ t’iiogs

up. ESG 00...: take the stage.

each of then‘ l)(‘:£lll‘|lltl like cheshn't:

flil“l)llll§l hassle-f; of “ill .0. fh">'.'. oft sharks: 'lvlooa‘. '. despte bong; one: twenty years old. f3<>l.":(lf§ .fix'e ll‘e

cats. lot the next hour these the future. Here‘s to the next

‘.'.'omen front the South Bronx a"; decades. ‘1 eoi‘ l‘\.4(3l)(3'fl‘()°.l'


HUCKLEBERRY/ DEGRASSI/AUGUST81 Liquid Room, Edinburgh, Wed 1 A May 0000 "I":

Three local bands. lll.(l‘.'.’(}t}'i\ g.g tLl". ax‘xayl l-leef Well. no don't actuail.. because this :s a brilliant line at? of ll‘t} best that Scottish gtutai loci-x Has to offer. Augusfé-‘s‘ aie fl:l)l)(‘:t‘; '.'."7.." attitoed. t'irasliing and sr‘eenng in a glorious. glainmy f;ll£tllll)l(;f; El‘at. given time. should (l(?‘.“l()l? El‘fi) an air/esome loice.

Utftll'élfSSI lltl‘.’(3ll.’1(lll\,".'.r"!f?(}lt some skysci'aiiing tunes to go ‘.‘.!'_ll their assaulting host rock r'aclxet. and their Huckleberry keep the faith three vocal attack adds much needed

catclnness to what is an ewe-v :iniiro‘.ii‘;, aw: "ti‘. “lint arfer'iatx-s 'rxtlxxtg caper.

/\i‘.d cane-ring is somethi‘g l‘.'i\l-Z3l‘i-i".'l“, (in; ;: aim: "‘;i:;t<~'<il;i:;:;-:2s 1‘. All about good time. >!<l school, 'ot‘vx'n'tfl f.i".' .lf;i*.<‘: been 'itini'ig that fashionable garage rocx sea!“ to ‘.(E£ll:1. and they. Atrtlli getting itt»?'.t:-' at .l.

light harmonies. tongue I". clzeelx ltlt‘l\ a'tt'cs it"tl an. a'.'.~::s'>:n-::- :l-L‘:(l':1gt‘.:(‘l‘. to ll(}l(1(3l'llltttltk(Zt)llll)llt(3(EXl)<>f32‘.'t?I‘.. ‘.'.U'll‘t;' llaiiiniond $:\.'.'.'!f: {Mil t .;- '

to proceedings. A (tualitt, nzght out. it’itlliiil“.t1'.;i‘r\(:. [Doug .Johnstww

Ticket information: Tickets for most medium/large concerts can be bought from the following:

Glasgow: Virgin Buchanan Gazettes. :-:;-‘~.” .1: - Credit card bookings from: l "'\-.:'. 1 ' ' Edinburgh: Virgin l)l[-"f:t:f; Sheet. 2):”, six-3.2 o Ripping Records Seat" er. iota; ;‘."v4

.'\../:H :X” f. .h:. ,\'i...‘:::‘.. 7 ' °Way Ahead .x

I Suicidal Tendencies (llll';l:_'t‘. (ilaxgou. 3| .liil.

I David Byrne Barron land.

(ilaxgun. ZN .lllll.

801.!) ()l "l'.

I The Proclaimers (‘ix lL‘ ('cntrc. Motlicmcll. 36 .\la_\. I The Breeders (.).\ll '. (llasgtm, 2931a}.

I Stuart Adamson

Tribute Barron land. (ilaxgim,

3| Ha}.

I Warp Magic Bus Tour All School. (llasgou. 3| Ha). I Soil (iai'agc. (ilaxgim. l Jun.

I Bryan Ferry RU\\ liuiitl

Stand. lidinhurgh. l Jun.

50 THE LIST ‘3 1‘7”. Ma. 77,.”

I Deconstruction 2002 Sli(‘(', (ilasgim. .l .luii.

I Love King Tut‘s, (llasgou. 4

Jun. S()l.l) ()l'l;

liquid Room. lidinhiirgli. iliin.

I Gabrielle SH ‘( '. (llll\:_'t)\\. 5 Jun.

I Ocean Colour Scene l’|.i} litill\L‘. lidinhurgli. ‘) .lllll. I Brian Wilson l’la} lltill\L‘. lidinhui‘gli. I; .lllll.

I Looper ( 'ollit‘l'x. (ilaxgim. l3 .lllll.

I The Look l‘cui Glen Matlock lllltl Kevin Rowland (iai‘agc. (ilaxgim, lo .lllll.

I The Music and The

Coral (‘).\ll ', (ilaxgim, lo .lllll.

I Television liquid Room. l‘.tlllll‘lll'f_‘ll. l7 Jim.

I Pulp Row l\lt‘ l‘ol‘t‘xt. Itcal' Iilgiii. 3| .lllll.

I Rod Stewart Sl-1(‘(‘. (ilaxguu. 33 tk 23 Jun; 5 .llll. M ,l. S()l.l) ()l “l' (i .liil. l'.tlllll\lll':.1ll ('axllc. Ill N 2| .liil.

I 8.8. King ('htlt- .'\lltllllll‘llllll. (ilaxgtm. 30 Jun. I Aimee Mann liquid Room. Iidinburgli. 3 Jul.

I Roger McGuinn (‘uiiit-ix.

(ilaxgim. N .llll.

I My Vitriol liquid Room. lidiiihui‘gli. lllliil.

I T in the Park Halado. l i & Ill hi].

I Pet Shop Boys l’l;i}litiii\t‘. lidinliurpli. 15 .lul. I Iggy Pop llai'i'im laiid.

(ilaxgmyl‘ .Iul.

I Paul Simon l‘.tlllll‘lll'}!ll ('axllc. :5 .llll.

I Burt Bacharach l’l;i}|itiii\t‘. lidiiihiii‘gh. 3‘) Jul. I Nickleback Slzt't'. (ilaxgon. 3e _\ii_«_'.

I David Gray Slit ‘( '. (ll;l\_‘_‘tl\\. I & ilh‘g.

I Jools Holland (‘hdc .\iiditoi'iuiii. (ilaxgou. o I)“. I Elton John Slzt't‘. (il;l\f_‘ti\\, H t\' t\ “LT.

I The Almighty ( l;ll';lf_‘\‘.

(ilaxuuu. _‘l Hm: