Gigs are listed by date, then by city. Performances will be listed, provided that details reach our offices at least eight days before publication. Rock and pop listings compiled by Fiona Shepherd (Glasgow) and Mark Robertson/ Henry Northmore (Edinburgh).


Ticket information

Tickets for most medium/large concerts can be bought from the following:


Virgin, Buchanan Galleries. 1382 4400

Credit card bookings from: Ticket Link: 287 551 1.

Way Ahead: 3139 8383.


Virgin Princes Street. 220 32841. Ripping Records South Bridge. 226 7010.

Assembly Rooms George Street. 220 4349

Way Ahead 01/11 33‘.) 83813


I Westlife Sli(‘(‘. l-‘inniexton Qua). ()87() ()4() 4000. SOLD ()l'l. The hand for \\ hom no hallad can he haiial enouin continue to llog their groomed \\;ll‘e\ to little girls and their mums.

I Del Amitri and Cousteau Barron land. 344 (iallougate. 553 4(illl. 7.30pm. S()l.l) ()l'l. .lllSllll et al are hack in their old stomping ground to promote their perk) nen alhuin (‘uii ii!!! Do Me (iumli’ lnex itahl). the} time had to add a second date to their Barron land tall). later lltlx fortnight.

I Mansun and Athlete k‘iiig 'I‘ui'x \Vali \Vah Hut. 37321 St Vincent Street. 33l 537‘). 8.30pm. S()[.l) ()t”l'. the might} Mansun lime poxxihl} surrendered some of their ardent fans to hai'oque'n'roll t) kex Muse. hut this intimate date to prex ie\\ next material should he a treat for those luck} enough to nah tickets.

I Hundred Reasons and Cave In Queen Margaret l'nion. 33 l'nixerxit} (iardenx. 33‘) 9784. 7.30pm. £8 plux booking fee. ()\er— l4\ Slltm. The emotaxtic Hundred Rettxtllh promote their next single ‘Siher' hefore heading do“ n to perform on the Kermne' stage at ()/./.fe\t. Watch out for ll} ing hair.

I Mr Scruff 'l‘he .-\l'clte\. 253 Arg) le Street. ()‘)()| ()33 ()3t)(). llpm. £8 it‘m. Freak} electronic heats from the Ninja Tunes" recording artiste \\ hose alhiim Trouser .lur: felt?) is forthcoming.

I All About Eve The l‘err}. ('|}de Place. 43‘) Hill). 8pm. £15. l-oi'iiiei' fringe goth act who alu'a} \ had a non-doom). fragrant folk) approach to c) eliner rock. I The Complete Stone Roses The (iarage. 4‘)” .Sttllc‘ltielittll Street. 3.33 ll3(). 7pm. L'll). ()\er- l4\ \ltim. Mani- apprm ed trihute to the hand recentl} \oted the .\'.lllz'\ third most important hand of the rock'n'roll era. Yes. the) heat All About the.

I The Cash Brothers Victorian liar. 'l'ron ’l‘lieatre. o3 ‘l‘rongate. 553 43(17. 8pm. £7.50 l£5.5(ll. ('oiintr} tinged rock from these ('anadian hi'otherx. l’urr iil'li’i'e li’ig (‘oiuiI/jt.

I Kiness, Foley and Marciano .\'ic‘c"ii'S|c'zi/}. 43| Sauchiehall Street. 333 (M37. 9pm.

I Canon and Dixon l3llt .\‘uie (are. 5() (if) King Street. 553 lo38. 0pm. £3.

I Finlay McDonald .\tc(‘liuill\. 4t) High Street. 553 3135. 9.30pm. Free.

I Boomhauer \lttc‘Sul‘le}\. 42 Jamaica Street. 348 858 l. 0pm. l‘ree. Plus [no other local handx.

I The Magic Blues Surfers Siutlio ()ne. (irooenor Hotel. (il'n\\ellttl‘ Terrace. 341 o5 lo. 0pm. Free. Bluex co\er\ and originals.

I A Bit Of 80b .l-llltlk‘l'hUM liS‘) H} rex Rtttttl. 55‘) 3lllh'. 9PM]. Free. :\L‘Utl\lie \ulu set.

I The Vagabonds 'l'lie Scotia.

l l: l l4 Stock“ ell Street. .553 XfiiSl. 9pm. Free. l’opiilar co\er\.

I Jam Session Samuel l)o\\ \. (i? at Nithxdale Road. 433 lllll7. 8.30pm. l’ree. I Open Mic 'l'chai ()\ na. 43 ()tago lane. 357 4534. 8pm. Free.


I James Taylor Quartet and Dr Jones l.;l Belle .-\ngele. llaxlie\ (‘lo\e. 335 753o. 8pm. L'Il) L43. Hammond- lilled acid iii/x from the llltt\lL‘l'\ of the genre.

I Live Sciences meets Incoupereal The Beat .la// Baxement. l ('hamhei'x Street. ()78l I 375374. 8pm. £3 9.3 (free hefore L' lllpinl. Hip hop \\ ith a _ia// influence from this I'K act \\ ith \ocalx from Rouena \Vellx and the lncoupereal .\l(\.

I Tinrokit, Enki and Felix Lighter The Venue. l7 3l (‘alton Road. 557 3073. 8pm. £3 £4. lidiiihui'gh reggae/rtick/funk trio 'l‘inrokit promote their dehut release The (’ainouflage lil’. \\ ith a little help from altiockerx liiiki and the Inc dehut of pm! rock I} pe\ l'eli\ Lighter.

I Invisible Sun lleriui-\\'aii l'ni\er\it} l nion. Riccarton. 45l 5333. 9pm. Free. Studentx and their giie\t oiil).


I Westlife Sli('(‘. l‘iiiniexton Qua}. 0870 H40 4000. S( )l .l) ()l ll. See llllll‘x U. I Jim White The left}. ('l)de Place. 43‘) llllll. 8pm. filll£8r li\-cata|ogtie model \\ ith mangled liiigerx uho litts

Juniper presents COLIN VEARNCOMBE (the artist formerly known as Black)

Cafe Royal Bistro Bar W. Register Street, Edinburgh

Friday 24 May (doors 8pm) Tickets (£7 adv/£8 door) at 0131 623 0168 or by email (

Credit/debit purchases available from Edinburgh Virgin (Princes Street) and Ripping Records (South Bridge)

52 THE LIST ;. i, _

carved a career as a hlackl} llllltttil‘tillx cotmlr} rocker. I’url (ll/fig lire (bruit/ft. I Mostly Autumn The (‘ailioima IS l'nion Street. 348 hobo. 8pm.

I Macrocosmica, Soulfinger and Ultimo Dragon .\'ice‘ii‘Slea/}. 421 Sauchiehall Street. 333 9037. ()pm. £3. Quiet/loud dynamics from rockin' \lttc‘l'oeoxlttictt.

I The Purple Ohms, Spantash and The Saltashes l’ur} .\ltiri'_\ \. Uh Maui ell Street. 33l (i5l l. 9pm. £4. including entr) to poxt—gig cltih. l.ocal hand line-up.

I Down Miner and Somnus Strauherr} l'iieldx. 5o ()\\\;Iltl Street. 33l 7871. 7.30pm. £4. including entr} to post-gig cltih.

I Panhandlers (iraiid ()le (lpl'). l’aixle} Road lull. 43‘) 53W). 7.30pm. £3 tL‘3 Illellllk‘l'Sl. (‘ountr_\.

I Elton John Tribute Bourhon Street. 108 (‘ieorge Street. 553 (H41. 7pm. £5 l£l(i.5l) \\ ith dinner).

I Captain Howdy .\te(‘liuillx. 40 High Street. 553 3 I 35. 9.30pm. l-‘ree.

I Word Of Mouth 'l‘chai ()\ na. 43 ()tago lane. 357 4534. 8pm. Free. l’oetr} night \\ ith |i\'e music accompaniinent. I Bon’s Balls \laeSiil'le}\. 42 Jamaica Street. 348 858 1. 9pm. l-"ree. 'l'i'ihute to the might} .'\('/l)('.

I Bad Influence Samuel l)im\.

()7 ‘)l \ithxdalc Road. 433 lllll7. 8.30pm. l‘ree.


I Lift To Experience, Javelin and Severin l.2l Belle :\ngcle. ll;t\lie\ (low. 335 753(i. 7pm. £7 [8. Doom— laden post-rock \UlllttlSL'ilPeS from llllx hirsute 'l‘e\an trio \tipported h} xenxitnc. \ken ed rock geniuxex .la\elin.

I Mansun and Athlete The liquid Room. ‘)c Victoria Street. 335 35(14. 7.3tlpm. f l 3. See lllll ‘).

I Dean Friedman Queen‘s Hall. ('lerk Street. 003 30“). 7.45))”1. US turn. The cult pop icon. knimn for hits like Luck} Stars and Ariel. performs classic hitx and material from his ne\\ album. The fit'e/IHHH’ .luurmr/x.

I Kovac The Beat Ja/I Basement. 1 ('haniherx Street. ()781 I 375374. 8pm. £3 £4 lfree hefore lflpm l. Kmac air\ a li\ e set of most intelligent and danceahle electronica music influenced lit/l recorded especiall} for 'l‘roiihle .-\t the [flue Note.

I Lush Rollers and the Sunshine Delay The Village. l() South l'tit'l Street. - 78 78H). 8pm. £5. Renonned for their four-part \ocal llill‘ltlttltlL‘S. and \otilful highland countr} sounds. l.eit|i pou er ptipxleh the Stllhltllle l)ela_\ it” the support \lol.

I Kabuki Behixhi'x. 0 Market Street. 33o l44o. 9pm. l‘ree. .'\rt rock caharet l‘t‘utll lltix litiltil'lttlIS local act.


I Runrig Alhert lltlllx. l)umharton Road. ()l78o 473544. 7.30pm. U850. Veteran folk rock megaxtarx.


I Westlife Sli(‘(‘. l-‘iniiiexton Qua). (LS-ll) H40 4000. 3pltt/(i.3()pltl. S( )l .l)

()l "f. See 'I'hurx 0.

0 Lambchop, Vic Chesnutt and St Thomas ()ld l-‘ruitmai'kct. Alhion Street. 387 551 l. 8pm. £15 tL‘l3). l)()lt)l'0ll\ countrilied magic from the lt'lll} fantastic l.amhchop. Support from maudlin trouhadour \‘ic ('hexnutt and those crax} iiidie-orientated \ornegianx St 'l‘homax. l’url ol’li’ig Big ('niuilrr.

OWilco aiitl Preston School Of Industry Queen Margaret l'nion. 33 l'nixerxit) (itll'tlelh. 33‘) 0784. 7.30pm. L'lll plll\ hooking fee. l'iifortiinate clash \cenario for thix alt.counti'} act \xho pi'ohahl} share fanx ax much a\ musical \l} le \\lllt l.anihchop. Support from e\ l’mement hodx l’t'exlon School Of llltlll\ll‘_\.

Big Big Country This festival of country and all its derivatives comes into its own with the sonorous genius of Lambchop lpicturedi among the highlights. If they aren't enough how's about Natalie Merchant or .Jim White or the Cash Brothers or Steve Young? Go on. Old F/‘ui'fniarket. Glasgow Sat 1 I May.

Wilco An unfortunate clash for fans of altcountry as the most excellent Wilco show up on the same night as Lambchop. Oueen i'i/largaret Union. Glasgow. Sat 7 I May.

Rap Revolution A selection of Brit hip hop's finest acts converge to debate the guality of beats. rhymes and life with Skit/ heading the cast and including. Mickle. Skeme. Big P. the Extremists. 1? Stone Productions. DJ tixcalibah and the tremendous Rodney P. Venue. Lclinbi/rgli. Sun 12 May

Kylie Getting so popular she no longer reguires a surname. the preening pop plunderer (just ask New Orderi puts on a si_)ectacular evening's entertainment part Mon/in Rouge. part Carry On film but all fun. SlCC. Glasgow. Fri l)”- Sun 13) May.

Manitoba and Four Tet Fans of electronica can get their teeth into this healthy double bill of cunning bleeps. bloops and thumps. Ouirky. and surprisingly accessible. it isn't all nerdy boys with record bags y'know. this is smart music with out being smart -- arsed. Bongo C/lll). Edinburgh. l‘lii/ 2? May

Bad Religion Old punks of guality never go away they just keep on stomping away at the system. As politically prickly and punchy as ever. this US Sextet play for the first time in . . . oh. ages. Barrow/and. Glasgow. Sun 72 May.

Dot Allison Breathy chanteuse Allison returns to home territory to premiere tracks from a new album. l/‘i/e Are Science. a record crammed \‘.-'llll bottom heavy electro pop delights. (Duality. King li/t's. (I/asgoitc In .75) Mat: