Former 10,0005 Maniacs

vocalist Natalie Mercha


nt peddles her wares at

the Old Fruitmarket, Glasgow, Thu 16 May


OKylie Sli('(’. l‘innieston Quay. 0870 0-10 4000. SOLD ()l'l. The comeback queen who has pt‘oy‘ed that shaking your arse about can get yott to the top of the charts but a great. insidious pop song cart be your meal ticket for the next few years. Last year's tour was one of the best pop .shoyy s e\ er concciyed. .\'o need to tear that this won’t be just as great.

I Otis Grand, Stan Webb’s Chicken Shack, the Nimmo Brothers, Danny Bryant’s Redeye Band and Paul Gibbard 'I‘he l‘erry'. ('lyde Place. 42‘) 1010. 7.30pm. £14. Big Value line-up of trad blues and blttes rock liot‘ this one-day (ilasgoyy Blues l'iestiyal.

I Ian Hunter & The Rant Band and Mick Ralphs The (iarage. 490 Saucltiehall Street. 332 1 I20. 7pm. £12 plus booking lice. ()yer- l4s shoyy. lix- Mott the lloople singer Hunter returns

u ith Rum. his lirst new album in oyer three years.

I The Alarm, the Mighty Wah! and Spear Of Destiny King Tut‘s \Vab Wah lltlt. 272a St Vincent Street. 221 527‘). 7.30pm. £14 plus booking lee. ()ld muckcrs Mike Peters. l’ete Wylie and Kirk Brandon. collectiyely knoyy n as Dead Men Walking. reyert to their original bands in tltis poor man’s 80s nostalgia lest.

I Him The (‘athouse. l5 l’nion Street. 248 6606. 8pm. £6 plus hooking lee. ()y'er- l-ls shots. Rock/metal.

I Sharon Jones 8. The Dap Kings The l’unk Room. the Arches. 253 Argyle Street. ()‘)()I 022 0300. 10.30pm. £10. l‘unk diva Jones and her sharp- dressed band. comprising members of the Soul l’rm iders and The Mighty lmperials play the monthly club.

I Steve Young ('astletnilk (‘ommunity ('entre. l2l (‘astlemilk Drive. 353 8000. 8pm. £8 t£6l. Intimate shoyy encompassing l‘olk. country. rock and gospel styles from the singer/ songwriter \y'ho lirst emerged as part of the [S country rock boom of the late ()0s. I’ur! nfliie lire (’uunlry‘.

I Torqamada Nice'n'Slea/y. 421 Sauchiehall Street. 333 ‘)637. ‘)pm. 80s teen metal lunacy.

I Little City, the Sorrows and No Middle Ground l‘ury .‘yltrrrys. ‘)6 .\la.\\ycll Street. 22| 65l l. ‘)ptn. £4. including entry to post-gig club.

I Kamblu, Underwood and Bob Cuba Strays berry liields. 56 ()syyald Street. 22] 7871. 7.30pm. £4. including entry to post-gig club.

I Texas Express (it'dllti ()le ()pry‘. l’aisley Road To”. 42‘) 53‘)6. 7.30pm. £3 (£2 members). ('ountry.

I Rod Stewart/Tina Turner Tribute Bourbon Street. I08 (ieorge

Street. 55201-11. 7pm. £5 l£l6.50\\ith dinner).

I Roost MacSorley's. 42 Jamaica Street. 248 85“. ‘)pm. l‘ree. Blues rock. I ISiS Samuel Do“ is. 67 ‘)l Nithstlttle Road. 423 0|07. 8.30pm. l-‘ree.


I Joseph Arthur and Pena La Belle Angelc. llaslie’s (lose. 225 7536. 7pm. £6. Word of mouth is really spreading about this psychedelic bluegrass perl'ormer.

I Chuck Prophet and The Sunshine Delay'l‘he Venue. 17 2| ('alton Road. 557 3073. 7pm. £8. l’op meets country as l’rophct tours to promote his next album .\'u ()t/u'r Low. lidinburgh roots-popstet‘s The Sunshine Delay till the support slot.

I Petula Clark l'iestiyal 'I‘heatre.

l3 2‘) Nicolson Street. 52‘) 6000. 7.30pm. £lb’.50 £22.50t£l(i.50 £20.50). The pop diya of her day yyho stuck to the songs rather than sex appeal approach. .\'otc the searing social commentary of ‘Doysntoyyn~ and ‘l)on't Sleep In The Subuay" a clear inlluence on Paul Weller fifteen years later.

I Splendid Belllshlis. ‘) Market Street. 226 I446. ‘)pm. l‘ree. Splendid mi\ of classic pop melody. harmony and guitar.

Saturday 18


6 Kylie Sli(‘(‘. l'iinnieston Quay, 0870 0-10—1000. S()l.l) ()luli. See l‘ri 17.

I Petula Clark (ilasgoyy Royal ('oncert Hall. 2 Sauchiehall Street. 353 8000. 7.30pm. £18.50 £22.50. See l‘ri I The Sound Of Simon & Garfunkel King 'l'ut’s Walt \Vah Hut. 27.2 St Vincent Street. 22l 527‘). 8.30pm. £7.50 plus booking fee. 'l‘ribute.

I The Wolfetones Barroyyland. 244 (ialloyygate. 552 4601. 7.30pm. £l2 plus booking lee. (‘eltie rock.

I Rab Noakes 8. The Varaflames and Linda Thomson (‘astlemilk ('oinmunity' ('entre. l2l ('astlemilk Driye. 353 8000. 8pm. £8 (£6). (‘ountry - llayourcd rock

from the Veteran Scottish performer. who is joined for his date by Linda 'l'hompson. cx-yyilc ol' liairport ('onyention's Richard. I’url u/‘li’ic' lire ('uunlry‘.

I The Beatles Beat and Big Ted’s Party The licrry. (‘lydc Place. 42‘)

l()l0. ‘)pni. £6. ('oyers e.\tra\'agan/a.

I Bleachy \ice'n'Slea/y. 421 Sauchiehall Street. 333 ‘)637. ‘)pm. Blondie tribute l'eaturing members of Belle & Sebastian. Bis and The .-\mplictatneanies.

I Dead Fly Buchowski, Severin and Pupkin 1.1m .‘\'o1e('ale. So (in King Street. 553 I638. ‘)pm. £3. See 'l‘lturs l6.


Nu Z-track 7" & 3-tracl on single

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