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No Slim Shady this year but Gig on the Green still promises to rock. \.'.r:rrrf;; Brian Donaldson

lléEOFQIH‘lSOlS).)7(,ir{}’r' t"t,‘(l.'t;‘_f. ' .rt, l/-:i\,.‘.::~.-.:. ., 5.: . f :1. '72::_r::l-_7... z. .1. chance of a controx'ersta: /\;.‘§;..i;’. .'.":‘.r'\"_:"’l '_" i: :2: [2'3" ' " r 2o()2s |rne~.rr, s a l..'<,-.-.:' ..,,rt;'. : .; ... a: \J;i~, .- -_.- 4:: -.

Odd subtleroguesneakrngi '1, -_,- 7-.,-"', " 1' r' ' . : Last year. church leaders {l'lfl :;t".r;" ::‘.-::" , wards»: 1.; -;.-:~ z', .-,- '3, «.1 3.; _;.,-_ m

foaming at the mouth '.'.'1l" tr‘e f"<>:.;;"t that l :l,l;-' '\ l -- ~ " v " ' " Mansop V~JOuld he star"pirtg; ar::i.r‘:: (l y; ' ' <r : Y “' ' ' ' ' ' " :- ' the pair \J/ere on such r'ripeixtape l)(:7‘£i.lil,l' f".‘:1 La: -;::. " 'f r“:::,' " ; : -~ 2'1: ' , more danger of being kss-oo o" if‘é': ‘tirtfl‘eair '."a" ::,;':';r ":-:~: ;:'_ '.-- 55': : -:~:‘ ; ' Satan's demonic altar. .»\ r: "t A. l 2' .: . This year. there is lr'rirkel‘, to l)(;' The :;i‘:"‘.-:.- :;'.: :;..'_ ‘£::~7. .4: ‘g‘:":» 2 ' ;.;,-:-:. .lgl". _. r. L’ :' won't he any less e<:s.alr<: a! Ive: $23.2?" st<:'-’,-_ llzar " ~:; tr-x z “'2; 0r : ' "g; '.' -' : l" . z' : ~ :1: :r;-- : l'

stage on Saturday will he those (171;; "2a. ‘ir-irsta'f-x'n. f"-:; l":, :g;. "..-:; '.’ f"-:: -:,-.-;"‘., return to GK) on the Green ‘o" ‘.“e "st 1'”; sr" -',- 33..”lel. headline S are the Stream; .'.'o..':f: "aux,- fo'..:;;;-::': Ti, .;-';'. :z

West life returning in June

From AS YOU Like It to Carry On. Words: Jane Hamilton

lasgow's \fy’est i no i estrua hack for its segerztn ’.<;a' 1‘: more (livers-:2 pr'f,§;r;l""":-:;- '.'*a" ever. Runnrng 1:"; It: Jane. 1‘. .s becoming one of the best Kr‘r1'.'."‘<;'.‘ events of the summer. /\(:(:()l"l."§} director Michael Dale. rt :5; '2'1r;f;".'.' general arts festival In (l:asg;o.afl ‘35:." Over 2/1") events lléll)l)(}il.l‘§l

The whole world wanted to get its hands on the Linn Classik Movie System that we offered as a prize in conjunction with Linn and tripTych in issue 437. Worth £3000, the system combines DVD clarity with Linn‘s famed sound reproduction quality. 80 who won it?

’:_." Hi; '."€,- festival. rt rs nardl‘, sirrpr 5; “la.

Names involved ,ncllrdr: Wasr; any, l’“r Cunnrngnam and An, Ha r‘. Kare".

Mathescn and l a Sone'a (Alanna-ram "

arr: _, . Why, none other than Keith Docherty

comedians i-‘red MilCALliil‘), l\/l.’;"a(,~ 'r‘;l.""'r-':' ;:"‘ ..: .‘ < .J from we$t camel? piCtUVEd here (“3”)

Redmond and Bob [)oclar|.. 1%,- '_"-':!rr,- 'll l" : ~' receiVing his prize from Linn‘s Derek As last year, there will LeS"ai«esim:a~: '=f;;/‘r 'x, 'r;:;'-,-.:'.-.- it '- ' /- Jr Cranord in the Princes Square!

Glasgow shop.

Our equally popular prize of a luxury weekend in Copenhagen, courtesy of bmi British Midland, the Danish Tourist Board and the Arp Hansen Hotel Group was won by Edinburgh‘s Ruth Coates. Well done, Ruth, and be sure to send us a postcard.

In the Gardens ‘.‘.’|ill a l)(;'li().'"‘£l"(it3 0‘" [is "‘K- 51"" l' -'- 1:: YOU like I! and dance events inc lrfl 'v.

stunning flamenco from Arriizil :irrlr;".f;;‘:. t"v:"1":r l." , H. . . The GM svenor ()rnerna is siroxsrr‘x; a .as'. H :l' i'w'v-a’ ' ' -~ r: selection of lrlrns from Ira/rrs;/x:ttrrig; to :.'.a:'r-~ Gone Wrth The Wind and from

OLh’Id/‘Ophen/a to (Jar/v ()Ir (Ia/riprrrr;~

www.westendfestival.co.uk 4 THE LIST 0‘ m .‘Aa. "

Michael Jackson has given fans the chance to write a song for him. The Michael Jackson Songwriting Contest is producing a song that the mad one wrll record and release wrth all proceeds going to kiddies charities all over this harsh. unfair .".'orld. So why does he have no trrne to write songs? Perhaps hecairse he's set to drrect his debut movie. entitled Their Cage The A. I m .‘a/s A! Night based or! the true story of a Little orphan boy who moves from one foster nerve to another. Aaaw inn-o Kate stories.

Winslet rs in talks to on Johnny Depp in the forthcoming lel. Barrie hroprc Never/and '.'/lllli": Beckinsdale may soon he playing a \amprre who lalls in love Jill?! a .'.'ere\.\./o|f in ilr‘rlearner/(l . . . Britney's world don'rnatron gameplan continues \'.'rth the :li‘ll‘lllm‘i UK release of [3.”r'!/lt}‘-,"f§ Dance Beat. Players audition for the ultrn‘ate prr/e of dancing with a drgrtalrsed Spears l." a s:mirlated show . . . the Coen brothers are in talks to direct a li"l‘£li\(? of classic Eating «l in». ?( ix [he /_ ady/«r/ler's. rev; lrlrn Will he

l"{)ili}l\, hased on the :irrgirrral \.'\./hr(:h starred Alec (thinness and Peter Sellers and rs set in America's Deep South

. Harry Hill l‘ill‘rlitlllOS hrs dehul itovci rr‘. meernher. a tale oi ‘iantastrc Jokes in

:7“. nothing; happens'. pi Milt-nth.