I Victory Kenny Ireland's magnificent production of Howard Barker’s history play. See review. Royal Lyceum Theatre. Edinburgh, until Sat 78 May.

I Four Dogs And A Bone and Lord Byron’s Love Letter Hilarious double bill of John Patrick Shanley's satire of the film industry and Tennessee Williams‘ shOrt play. See review. The Arches, Glasgow, until Sat 77 May.

I Scottish Dance Theatre Combining Janet Smith's earlier High Land with Jan De Schynkel‘s new piece Daddy l'm Not Well, SDT presents an evening of innovative contemporary dance. See preview. Festival Theatre, Edinburgh, Tue 74 May, then touring.

I Love Freaks Iain Heggie's comedy brings Marivaux's Double lnconstancy into the No Logo era with hilariously rude results. See feature. Tron Theatre, Glasgow, Thu 76 May—Sat 7 Jun.

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This grid includes theatre and dance performances at Glasgow and Edinburgh’s main theatres. More information, including events at smaller venues, can be found in the listings above and over the page. Performances shown in brackets are free or reduced price previews.

Thursday 16 Friday 17 ' Saturday 18 Sunday 19 Monday 20 ' mesday 21 Wednesday 22‘ Thursday 23 . Death And 'IIv: Miudcn . [huh And 'Ihc Maidcn . . l i . Al' Inch And Izwi} Inch-huh And Iiwr} Inch I Inch And Iiwi} Inch - Sec ('ii} I.ilc Soc (it) 1 Nu . rim-nu Citizens Main 1 -‘\'“ “4“”L'” ' '\”' ““"“”‘ ' “" “‘"“‘”‘ Citizens Night School Night School Night School Citizens Stalls ()nt’c A (xiiimiit- (int-t- .-\ (xiiiuilit- “rink . “wk I “""I Cottier 0 Starting Point Zero . I \>""" ; ir’ut- ( in» Ntinicd Mix. i-m- ( in,“ Numt-ti Moo. i-‘m- (my Named Mix" Bonnet-rt iridium-it immtt-h Iii-um m King’s g Pavilion O Sxmllcn 'l‘onxucx Swillcn 'I‘uni'uw *\ M"'“”“”‘*" -" V'J‘W‘m“ \ M""“”““"' Ramshorn E

RSAMD sacc Theatre Royal

SCL’ Rtk'k «k PUP

The Woman In “Lick 'I’hc \Vonitiii In Black '1 hr \\tiiii.iii Iii Hlm'k

pig}: in hull/Stripith . pig): in ht‘II/Sliipiwd . pig): in hull/Stiip'x'd ' :\ l'in} \Ii-iiit-iil \ Illl_\ \IUIIM‘IH - [.mc I’rcuks I Luv: I:ICIII\\ . [.mc I‘icath ' Sec I‘nlk [.mv l‘icnks I.U\(' l-imkx l.n\c I-it~.ik\ I .iznti Sum 42nd sin-c1 .iziui Sliccl 'I lit- inimium Sm Brunton 'IIx'(1m|iixiixIclcys. , . Sec Rock 61' Pop Sec ("lussictil Soc ('l.i~\ic.i| Th I I Rm;- Ruund iiit- \imn' Rini' ittumti Ihc\11wii' Gateway M Jim." Jim” Jix'c' Jiw' Ji\'c' Jnc' Jive? Jive? Jiwl . I’iwIiltrILuiullalnx. l'iwIiltrIl.uiull;iilx\ I~i\i'Illtx‘Il.iuul l .IIK\ I 2 quillcn 'l'iiiiyiiu‘x Iflini IIUI\('IHCH I I 3 Thu Kl"): & I The King at I The King & l g VlLlUl} \IIL'IUI} Victor) 1 mic Mm». l iitlc \..n_\.i l niit— \.iu\.. Rayal Lyceum g

_ St Bride’s . Traverse 1 Traverse 2