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Theatre listings

Glasgow Drama continued

ST ANDREW’S IN THE SQUARE ()l'l' Saltmai'ket. St Andrew's Street. 548 6020.

STARTING POINT: ZERO Sun 10 May. 3pm. £7 (£3 £5). See (iillttot'cliill(il2.


282 Hope Street. 332 0000. Ill. W('. WA] Peter Rabbit And His Friends \Ved l5 Sal IS May. See Kids listings. The Woman In Black Tue 2) Sui 25 May. 7.15pm (Thu niat 1.30pm; Sat mat 2.15pm). £5 £18.50. All tickets hall price on opening night. Stage adaptation of" Susaii Hill‘s best-selling thriller. in which a lawyer becomes conyinced a curse has been placed oy er his family.


25 Albert l)riye. 287 3000. ll’. TT. W(”. WA]

Festus Sat l l .& Stiii l2 May. 7.30pm. £8 (£4). An interesting new collaboiation l'rom lidinburgh's (ii‘indlay' (’oui't (’entre and (ilasgow ‘s Project Ability both centres for adults w ith learning disabilities and the Scottish (’haiiiber ()rchestra. Described as a ‘('ommunity ()pera’. l'i'.\ll(.\‘ follow s a group (it trayelliiig chels w ho lind theiiisclyes in a land where nothing grow s and there’s nobody to cook l'or.

pigg in hell Thu l6 Sat 18 May. 8pm. £8 (£4 ). Solo perloi‘iiiance li‘om Stockholni's Remote (‘ontrol Productions.

A Tiny Moment Of Pleasure Wed 22 Hi 24 May. 8pm. £6 (£4). Known 161' its cross-platl'orm work with theatre. installation and film. Third Angel collaborates with students from the RSAMD's ('onteinporary Theatre Practice course to create an unusual new piece.

_. .99“? 9.3.)!

Sunday 1201 May iOom : 109m

May ((0 833111. <93 4’» Off the Cuff Theatre Company

Swollen Tongues

by Kathleen Oliver

directed by Jacqw Somervrlle Lips hips and rhyming quipsl Thomas and his Sister Catherine. aspiring poets are both in love With SonJa. This modern Restoration comedy embrOils Shakespearean gender-bending Molieresque rapier thrusts of comic verse and a Cyrano style faith in poetic panache in the powers of woomg by proxy In a flurry oi disguises. tricks and revelations and a VISIi to a Sapphic Forest of Arden the characters discover that no-one IS Without secrets Tickets 28/5 from Collins Gallery tel = 0141 548 2558

May ((0 7:30pm-

Reid Kerr College HNC Acting & Performance students

A. Midsummer Night’s Dream by illiam Shakespeare directed by Evelyn Wallace

Reid Kerr specmlise in unusual and vital Shakespeare This punk rockers Dream is no exception A raw and unreal energy blasts through the urban landscape With scary clever lairies Spoiled and not very bright y0urig levers. and grunge metal l'nUSIC You can only

approach the Moon llllOtlglt barbed wire

Tickets 526/3 from Collins Gallery tel: 0141 548 9558

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70 THE LIST ': i/iu.


63 'l‘roiigate. 552 4267.

Love Freaks Thu )6 May Sat l Jun (not Sun/Mon). 8pm. £3.50 £11. Iain lleggie's risque new satire about loye. coffee and global domination. See leature.

Glasgow Dance


0 l'niyersity Ayeiiite. 330 5522.

Verve Thu 23 May. 7.30pm. £6 (£4). l-iiial year students from the Northern School oi (‘oiiteniporary l)aiice perl'oriii works by three highly regarded choreographers: l)arshan Siiigli Bhullei'. Jamie Walton and Janice (iarrett.


300 (ireat Western Road. Ticket ('entre. ll’. 11. W('. WA]

Gaya Wed l5 May. 7.30pm. £5 (£3 ). A collaboratiy e piece l'rom chiireographer lirick Valentine. mime artist lilspeth Dickie and three musicians. inspired by the architecture oi the Cathedral. l’ai't oi l'k'uyl.


25 Albert l)ri\ e. 287 3000. ll’. TT. W('. WA] Stripped Thu 16 Sat l8 May. 8.15pm. £6 (£3 ). (ilasgow -based dancer Anna

Kr/y stek. last seen wow ing its in S/rui'n/ Spam at the 2001 [Edinburgh Fringe. Uses a cinematic split screen technique to look at the cl‘l‘ect of time on memory.


36 (ilenlai'g Street.

The Power Of Compassion in H) May. 8pm. £6.50 (£5) l'i'om 08700 600100. The Tashi Monastery of southern India presents an eyening ol'l‘ibetan music and dance.

Edinburgh Drama


3 ('haiiiber's Street. 650 8058.

Caught On The Hop/Possession Thu 0 Sat 11 May. 8pm. £7 (£5). Double- bill li‘0lll lidinbui'gh (iraduate Theatre Group. leaturing 1)a\ id l-‘osion's comedy (tilts/II ()n 7714' "Up and Laurence llouseiiian’s supernatural drama I’nysr’ssirm.


54 (ieorge Street. 220 4340. |W('. WA] A Good Night Out Sun 10 May. 7.30pm. £10 ( £5). ('lose l‘riettds and colleagues of the late play w right. Joliii Mc(iralh gather to celebrate his lil‘e through a packed iiiglii of readings. poetry. lilm and song. See preyiew.


l.adyw ell Way. Mtisselbui'gh. 665 2240. ll’. ll.'1"T. W(‘. WA]

The Lifeboat ('niil Sui l l May. See Kitls lislillgs.

42nd Street Wed 15 Sat 18 May. 7.30pm. £6 (£4). A chorus girl gets to play leading lady and saye the show in this popular musical. performed by Iiiicore.

Mil|\.-rorkshop 2002 Collusion Theatre Company

Collusion Refuge!

Why are people prepared to risk death in search of a better life?


tickets 0141 644 0163/577 4970

The Fabulous 505 And Swinging 605 Show Tue 21 May. 7.30pm. £10.50 (£7). A host of singers and musicians recreate the sounds of the 50s and 60s with tributes to Johnny Ray. Jerry Lee Lewis. Buddy Holly and (‘oiinie l‘TilllL‘lS.


l3 2‘) Nic‘tilsim Street. 52‘) (illlll). Ill. \\'(i. \VA]

The EEG l'ntil Sat 11 May. See Kids



45 Market Street. 225 2383. |W(’. WA] STARTING POINT: ZERO Fri 17 May. 7pm. £7 (£3 £5) l'i‘oiii. See (ilasgow. (iilmorehill(i12.


lilni Row. 1.eith Walk. 3 l 7 3030. [l’. W(‘. WA]

Bondagers l'ntil Sat 1 1 May. 7.30pm (Sat mat 2.30pm). £6 (£4). Queen Margaret l'niyersity (’ollege presents Sue (ilou‘r's (Modern Classic. lioctlssing ()ll l'einale workers on l860s Borders (arms. Ring Round The Moon Wed

22 Sat 25 May. 7.30pm (Sat mat 2.30pm ). £6 (£4 ). The Third Year Acting ('ompany of Queen Margaret l'niyersity' ('ollege lL‘lls the tale ()l- identical twins competing for (he layoui‘s ol‘ an elegant liL‘ii'L‘ss.


2 l.e\'en Street. 520 6000. ]ll. TT. W(‘. w'..\|

Who Killed Agatha Christie? l'ntil Sat 1 I May. 7.30pm (Wed «8; Sat mats 2.30pm). £8 £16. (ieorge Sew-ell and Lionel Blair star in this thriller about a paranoid play w right and his most scathing critic.

Jive! Jive! Jive! Wed )5 Sat 18 May. 7.30pm. £8 £l4 (£5 £11). See (ilasgow. ('iti/eiis' 'I’heatre.

Five Blue Haired Ladies Sitting On A Green Park Bench 'l‘ue

2| Sat 25 May. 7 30pm (Wed ck Sat mats 2.30pm). £8 £l6. lik-A'r’ig/i/murs star Anne ('harleston and l‘oi'iiiei' Hi I)(' III gal Ruth Madoc are just two ol the ladies chewing the lat iii John l’en/otti’s w itty and poignant play.


43 45 High Street. 556 0570. |W('. WA] The Emerald City Thu 0 Sat l 1 May. 7.30pm (Sat mat 2.30pm). £6 (£4). Napier Drama Society adapts l'rank Battiii's 'l‘lii’ ll'imrr/ rift): and The .lluri'r'I/uiis [xi/H] ri/'():.

Swollen Tongues Wed )5 is Tim l() May. 7.30pm. £6 (£4). See (ilasgow. Ranishorn Theatre.

The Four Horsemen l-‘ri )7 May. 7.30pm. £6 (£4 ). The Rowan Tree (’ompany presents Judy Steel‘s new play about the plight laced by Borders people during the loot and Mouth crisis.

PATRIOTHALL GALLERY WASPS. l’atriothall Studios. ol‘l‘48 Hamilton Place. 225 1280. [W(‘. WA] Findhorn Playback Theatre Sat 1 1 May. 3.l5piii. l’ree. l’erl'oi'miiig as Part of Arte (it'tls 2002.


lb 22 (it'L‘CllsitlL‘ Place. 0370 0003424. Ill. W(’. WA]

The King And I l'iitil Sat 18 May (not Sun). 7.30pm (Wed tk Sat mat 2.30pm). £7 £30. Lay isli production (it the Rodgers is Hammerstein musical. with none other than ex—l/urr In Him star Stefanie l’owers taking on the role of goy'erness Anna l.eoiiow ens.

ROYAL LYCEUM THEATRE (irindlay Street. 248 4848. Il’. ll. T'T. W('. WA]

Victory l'iitil Sat 18 May (not Sun/Mon). 7.45pm (Sat & Wed mats 2.30pm). £7 £l7.50 ( £l £13). Howard Barker's pi'oyocaliyc atid w ilty play set in 17111 century post-reyolulioii linglaiid. SL‘L‘ I‘L‘\ iL‘\\.

Uncle Vanya Tue 2) Sun 26 May. 7.45pm. £11 (£5.50 -£8.50). theatre babel's new production of one of ('hckhoy’s best known plays. adapted by Tom Leonard. See preyiew.


2 (’hey ne Street ll’. W(‘. WA]

Rags Thu 0 Sat l 1 May. 8pm. £7.50 (£6.50) from 343 6817. (’oncert yersion ol the Strouse and Schwartz musical (the guy's behind xlllllli' and (int/spell). which follows a group of Rtissian Jews as they attempt to build a new life in .\'ew York. l’erl'ormed by Strictly Songtime. the music runs the gamut oljau. blues and ragtime to traditional Yiddish tunes.


('ambridge Street. 228 1404. ll’. 11. TI’. W('. WA]

Green Field t'niil Sui )8 May (not Mon). 8pm. £0 (£4.50). Riccardo (ialgaiii‘s new comedy about a couple

w ho nioye to a luxurious new housing estate but fail to lind happiness there. See reyiew.

Death Variations Thu 23 May. 8pm. £3 l .50). A rehearsed reading oi Norwegian playwright Jon l5osse's play. lt)ll()\\ ed by ll discussion on translating his work into linglish.

Festus Thu 23 & Fri 24 May. 7.30pm. £8 (£4 ). See (ilasgow'. 'l‘ramway.

Edinburgh Dance


13 20 .\'icolson Street. 520 6000. [11. W(‘. WA]

Scottish Dance Theatre Tue )4 May. 7.30pm. £8 £12 (£6 £10). Scotland‘s foremost contemporary dance company presents Janet Smith's witty take on Scottish life. Hie/i Land and a new work by critically acclaimed clioreographer. Jan de Schy nkel. Dru/(1y I'm Not lie/I. See prey'iew'.

The Cholmondeleys and The Featherstonehaughs Thu 16 May. 7.30pm. £8 £12 (£6 £10). Lea Anderson's all-male and all-lieniale dance companies join l‘or'ces to present three distinct dance works. See preyiew.


l0 ()rwell ’I‘errace. 346 1405. |W('. WA] The Power Of Compassion Mon 13 May. 8pm. £6.50 (£5). See (ilasgow. Woodside llalls.

Central Drama & Dance



(‘arrick Street. ()1202 61 1222. Ill. W('. w'.-\|

Balletto Di Milano - La Traviata l-‘ri 10 May. 7.30pm. £16 (£l4). The Italian ballet company mark the 100th anniyersary ol' Verdi's death with this reworking of his classic opera.


CUMBERNAULD THEATRE Kildruni. ()1236 732887. ll’. H. Ti. W('. WA]

TWelve Angry Men iii 1() & Sui I I May. 7.45pm. £8 (£5 ). One man struggles to com iiice his fellow jurors that (he acciised is innocent until proyen guilty. The Song From The Sea Tue 2) May. See Kids listings.

The Fabulous 505 And Swinging 608 Show Wed 22 May. 7.45pm. £10 (£7). See lidinburgh. Brunton Theatre. Private Angelo Thu 23 May. 7.45pm. £8 (£5 ). Stage adaptation of liric l.inklater's (toyel set in l040s ltaly. inl'uscd with storytelling and music by Mike Maran and company.



Tay Square. ()1382 223530. 11’. ll. W(‘. WA]

Nightflights Mon 13 Sat 25 May (not Sim). 7.30pm (Sat mat 2.30pm).

£5.05 £12.05 (£4.05 £6.05). Marcella