headlines the gay-I'riendly cabaret. aided and abetted by Stti & Paul. ‘(‘ampest Link' host Jill Peacock and ubiquitous host ('raig Hill.


A Kick Up The Tabloids The Stand. 5 York Place. 558 7272. 9pm. £5 (£4). Breaking nevvs from around the vvorld is treated vvith cheek. irreverence and blatant contempt in some side-splitting topical satire I'rom acting political polemicists Patil Sneddon. Susan Morrison. John Flint and l-‘rankie Boyle.


Jongleurs Comedy Club Jongleurs. l'(i(‘ Building. Renl‘t'evv Street. 0870 787 0707. 7.30pm. £6. (‘omedy Store regular Simon (‘layton introduces the almighty Reverend ()badiah Steppenvvolle Ill. the I'uriously paced (‘olin (‘ole atid acclaimed streetvvise Irishman Michael Smiley. The Live Floor Show The Arches. 253 Argyle Street. 090] 022 0300. 8pm. £l() (£6 £8). BB(‘ Scotland‘s Lil‘t’ l-‘lrmr Slum- comedy stars come to the Arches featuring the Rev ()badiah Steppenvvolle lll. (‘raig llill. l‘rankie Boyle. Miles Jttpp and Bob Doolally'. See previevv.

The Stand The Stand. 33.3 Woodlands Road. 08706006055. 8.30pm. £5 (£3). Master of ceremonies l’rankie Boyle introduces quiek-vvitted liddie Bannon. slovv burner David Kay and Teddy.


Big Word Performance Poetry (iilded Saloon. 233 Cosy-gate. 226 6550. 9pm. £4 (£3). Leicester's verbal dynamo Rob (lee. Peter Alexander. 50-vvord poet Stephen Barnaby and Anita (lovan purvey their vvell-versed patter.

Reg Anderson’s Comedy Cellar l’in Mac(‘ool's. l6] I.othian Road. 622

7 I09. 9pm. £2. Sunderland's Iinest are otit in force. John lilint. Neil Mc(iee and John ('ooper join t'elIovv Reg Anderson. The Stand The Stand. 5 York Place. 558 7272. 9pm. £5 (£3). Straight-talking. sassy Sheila Sarah Kendall proves she's the thinking man's comedian of choice. Support comes Irom Martin l'tirby. John Ross. Allen ('halmcrs and compere Jill Peacock.


Jongleurs Comedy Club Jotigleurs. l,'(i(‘ Building. Renl'revv Street. 0870787 0707. 7.30pm. £l2. See Thu l6.

The Live Floor Show The Arches. 253 Argyle Street. 0‘)0l 0220300. 8pm. £l0 (£6 £8). Sec Thu I6.

The Stand The Stand. 333 \Yootllantls Road. ()870 600 6055. 9pm. £6 (£5). The

Chris Addison hosts the Sottish finalof the Open Mic Award, Tue 14 May

Barry White of the comedy vvorld Reginald 1). Hunter indulges in his sonorous philosophising. Australian straight-talker Sarah Kendall and John Ross stand-tip in support of the big man. Jane Mackay comperes.


The Stand The Stand. 5 York Place. 558 7272. 9pm. £6 (£5). Irish laughter master liddie Bannon indulges iii a little character contortion. ably supported by David Kay. Tommy Nicholson and compere Susan Morrison.

Phil Kay Traverse Theatre. (‘ambridge Street. 228 I404. I0.30pm. £l() (£7.50). See Sat I I.

Saturday 18


The Live Floor Show The Arches. 253 Argyle Street. ()*)()I ()22 0300. 7.I5pm. £l() (£6—£8). See Thu 16.

Jongleurs Comedy Club Jongleurs. l'(i(‘ Building. Renl’revv Street. ()870 787 0707. 7.30pm. £l2. See Thu I6. Independent Comedy @ The Brunswick The Brunsvvick llotel. I06 8 Brunsvvick Street. 556 5626. 9pm. £5. lixpect a vitriolic tirade Irom headliner Raymond Mearns. Darren Ilenvvood and Scott Agnevv attempt to ease the blovv. Madcap Comedy Club State Bar. (48 Holland Street. 883 2334. 9.30pm. £5 (£4). ('atistic and bitter rankings I'rom Stti Who'.’ vvho plays an extended set vvith support from (lraham Phillips.

The Stand The Stand. 33.3 Woodlands Road. 0870600 6055. 9pm. £7 (£4). See l-‘ri l7. btit compere is Susan Morrison. Madcap Comedy Club State Bar. 148 Holland Street. 883 2334. 9.30pm. £5 (£4). See Sat l I.


The Stand The Stand. 5 York Place. 558 7272. 9pm. £7 (£4). See l-‘ri l7 btit compere is Jane Mackay.


Bruce Morton ('timbernauld Theatre. Kildrum. 01236 732887. 7.45pm. £9 (£6). Alter tvvelve years in the business. stand-tip Morton is still going strong.

East Kilbride

Richard Morton liast Kilbride Arts (‘entre. ()ld (‘oach Road. 0I355 261000. 8pm. £7 (£5 ). A Time ()lll comedy avvard vvinner vvlio blends musical and observational humour. See previevv.


The Sunday Sermon (‘ul de Sac Sotllltsitle/Altie. l l7‘) l’olloksltavvs Road. 64‘) I8l‘)/64‘) 4717. 8pm. £4. He's been a

long time gone. btit the good old Reverend ()badiah Steppenvvoltc lll returns to the delight of his I‘aitlil’ul I'ollovving. lixpcct special guests. audience healing and blasphemous antics in his vvhoIIy irreverent homily.

Michael Redmond’s Sunday Service The Stand. 333 Woodlands Road. 08706006055. 8.30pm. £4 (£2). The one- time I‘tll/It'l' 'Ii'rl star invites the laconic David Kay. Steven Dick and three Velvet Virgins tojoin him in his comedy vvorship.


Whose Lunch Is It Anyway? The Stand. 5 York Place. 558 7272. lpm. l‘TL‘L‘. See Stiii l2.

Six On Sunday The Stand. 5 York Place. 558 7272. 8.30pm. £3 (£2). Last year's So You Think You're l-‘unny vv inner. Miles Jttpp oversees the proceedings. llis esteemed guests tor the evening are Sarah Kendall. Teddy and Allen ('halmers.

Beg Anderson’s Big Fun Quiz Night The Meadovvs Bar. Moo Bar. 42- 44 Buccletich Street. 667 6907. 9pm. l-‘ree. See Sun 12.

Monday 20


Red Raw The Stand. 5 York Place. 558 7272. 8.30pm. £l. liight nevvcomers take their Iirst tentative steps on the comedy road under the vvatchl'ul eyes of Ben Darcy atid Teddy.

Reg Anderson’s Big Fun Quiz Night liin Mac(‘ool's. I61 I.othian Road. 622 710‘). 9pm. £l to play. See Stiii I2.


Caledonia McBrains BBC Main Reception. Queen Margaret Drive. 305 6602. 7pm. l’rce. See Tue l4.

Gala Benefit The Stand. 333 Woodlands Road. 08706006055. 8.30pm. £8 (£4 ). The Stand and its comedy heroes roll ottt the red carpet in aid oilAntnesty International.


Cruikshank 8: McCabe The Stand. 5 York Place. 558 7272. 9pm. £4 (£3). 200I Perrier .\'evvcoiner vvinners (iat'th (‘ruikshank and liddie Mc(’abc (aka llarry Ainsvvorth and Dave Strong) present their tnonthly shovv chock lull oI' surreal mischiel and camp nonsense.

Wednesday 22


The Fred MacAulay Show The Stand. 33.3 Woodlands Road. 0870600 6055. 8.30pm. £7 (£6). lired MacAuIay aitd his guests prove that there is fun to be Iiad on a school night vvith tvvo hours of cheeky antics.


Gala Benefit Night The Stand. 5 York Place. 558 7272. 9pm. £6 (£4). Prepare your laughing gear (or a full-on comedy extravaganza in aid of the I.otliiati branch of the Red (Toss.


Jongleurs Comedy Club Jonglettt's. l'(i(' Building. RenI'revv Street. 0870 787 0707. 7.30pm. £6. Imposing comedy giant Miles (‘rava'ord introduces our very ovv n (icrry (irant. ('anada's Ronnie lidvvards and the divine Duracell httnny Adam Bloom.


Reg Anderson’s Comedy Cellar l‘in .\lac(‘ool's. l6l I.otltian Road. 622 7l0‘). 9pm. £2. London-based Scot Dougie Dunlop and Saj join maverick magician Reg Anderson.

The Stand The Stand. 5 York Place. 558 7272. 9pm. £5 (£3). Wickcdly vicious compere Bruce Devlin paves the vvay I'or headliner ‘Magic' Mandy Mudcn. Beat |06 breakfast presenter l)es ('lat‘kc and comedy couple Stti & Paul.

listings Comedy

Joking aside

Where the laughter matters

TALK ABOUT EARLY BIRDS. The month of May is but a newly hatched chick and those super- organised bods at the Stand have already published their Festival programme. Their August Festival programme. Ticket sales weren't what they might have been last year. so here's hoping three months of advanced ticket sales Will right the wrongs of 2001. In a minor coup. the programme has Simon Munnery sans sword and script pontificating on whatever he damn well chooses in Un,')/ugged. and other highlights include solo shows from Sandy Nelson (Bedroom Popstar.’i. Bruce Devlin (One Fat Lady: Diva to [)osser) and that auld fitba hanger on Bob Doolally (The World Cup ls Not Enough). We look forward to the seeing 2003 Glasgow Comedy Festival programme in the coming v'reeks. SPEAKING OF GLASGOW’S ‘non-rivalrous’ comedy festivals, the programme for the June Glasgow Comedy Festival is now online. Go to www.jamescampbell.info/fest iva|.htm| to see it in all its Technicolor glory. Festival director James Campbell and the management of Blackfriars aren’t quite seeing eye to eye, so count out the cosy basement as a comedy venue for the time being.

STAYING ON THE FESTIVAL track. Ross Noble has been doing rather well down under. The improv genius beat off competition from good mate Daniel Kitson to Will the Barry t07's Perrier (EQUIVOTGYTU and The Age newspaper critics' chOice. Well done. our kid. Noble has pulled out of his festival date at the Tron in June due to the lure of the Hong Kong dollar. but fear not. he will be in Glasgow to host the BBC New Comedy Award Scottish heat at the BrunsWick Hotel on Wednesday 12 June.

THAT CAN MEAN ONLY ONE thing: the annual glut of comedy competitions is upon us again. In addition to the BBC award and the Daily Telegraph’s Open Mic Scottish final (see photo caption), the last of the ‘big three’, So You Think You’re Funny, is snaking its way round the country this very minute. Channel 4’s comedy sweep stops off in Glasgow on Friday 28 and Saturday 29 June. The venue is the State Bar, your host is Gordon Brunton, and your task, should you choose to accept it, is to go to www.channel4 .com/sofunny to enter, or just for a giggle.

t) Mi. 330." THE LIST 73