'cCLFCllCA IMPOTENT FURY The Venue, Edinburgh, Sat 11 May

Fred Deakin, the maverick mastermind behind some of Edinburgh’s more colourful club nights, is back in town. And this time, it’s personal. Having decided that his current club night is frankly too good for the London audiences it’s previously played to, he’s decided to bring lmpotent Fury north of the border for one night of musical mayhem that’s not be missed.

Held over the three floors of a newly renovated Venue, lmpotent Fury involves Soft Ill, the frankly unnecessary mix of mellow hardness formerly resident at Club Java, Keep Fit Karaoke, a concept Deakin describes as ‘the perfect marriage of aerobics and singing’ and last but quite possibly least, the main floor attraction: Fred’s

‘Wheel of Destiny’.

It’s here that Deakin and his glamorous assistant Saucy Sal (aka Edinburgh’s own Sally Finlay) devastate the dancefloor on a half hourly basis, spinning the wheel to see which musical category of a possible twelve will be randomly chosen. Categories include drum & bass, techno and country & western and wherever the needle falls, we the audience, like Fred the DJ, are at its perilous mercy. ‘If a category comes up, it gets played,’ says Deakin. ‘That’s the law - the law of the wheel. The wheel

is the master, I’m merely its servant.’

This rather novel means of selecting the music policy was briefly enjoyed by London clubbers, when Deakin moved from Edinburgh back to London to set up the Airside design company collective and enjoy a rather promising career in music with his easy beats project, Lemon Jelly. However, when lmpotent Fury moved from Shoreditch’s 333 to Brick Lane’s 93 Feet East, Deakin snatched away the Wheel of Destiny as it was ‘deemed simply too good’ for London arse bags.

‘It’s not that they don’t have a sense of humour, it’s just the wrong sense of humour,’ he explains diplomatically. ‘l’m a Londoner born and bred, but there’s always this sense that people are doing their homework when they go out. They’re always taking notes and that’s not really conducive to having a good time.’

Edinburgh clubbers on the other hand are well-versed in Deakin’s distinctive approach to staging a disco. Misery and Going Places, co-promoted by soft rock god Murray McKean (editor of Shavers Weekly and pub landlord at the Pond), both demanded that punters leave

their egos and inhibitions at the door. Indeed the former M“

of these club nights, the appropriately titled Misery, has gone down in history. For what, nobody’s quite sure.

...and it's never even been here before!

This was the club you had to pay to get out of. The

club that once staged a Vietnam theme night, which,

This time it’s personal . . .

according to Fred, ‘involved a smoke machine, loads of

tires and Murray running around shouting “The Horror! The Horror!” at anyone who would let him.’ And so it’s very much in the spirit of Misery that Fred


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Deakin thankfully arrives back on Scottish shores. Show your appreciation and make him welcome. (Catherine Bromley)

Domenic (Sub Club) spinning for a good cause

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Word Up

The latest c/ub news

TRIPTYCH WAS FUN WASN’T it? Well if you fancy more of the same super eclectic electric line-ups check out the Sonar festival in Barcelona (13-15 June). Featuring Lamb, Yo La Tengo, Pet Shop Boys (pictured), Radioboy, Carl Cox, John Digweed and loads more, check out for more info (and Surface Noise to see if you’re a winner with tripTych’s Sonar comp). TURN l'ABll; l lELl S I, IS ()Ul l0 prove that {.ou (:an nla‘, "lore than records; on the unheels o‘ st 3el. Under the ‘.'.'at(:hiul eye of Canadian artist Martin 'letr‘eaalt. various; DJS and (NUS :3 (llS"l<’illll(3 decks. play household objects; and generall; tinker about

lolhoolh lhealre. SIII'WKJ. ..1 May». You'll neuer' look at a 1211)

the same agar.

Pet Shop Boys play Sonar

TACKNO ARE PLANNING A Jubilee party with a difference, not so much reverence as irreverence, as they plan a Tackno Rules Britannia special down Ocean Terminal, Leith

(2 June). So dust down your best tiara and prepare to boogie to Trendy Wendy’s trademark selection of kitsch classics.

GIG ON THE GREEN “xi-1 6% 25 August has; ti""t)\£'7(2~:?(l :ts :nta‘ 'me up. so ‘ar the or}, act to interest as heats freaks; vs; fine 'nlgnt, Prodigy. but Colours assure us the; y'all he host Pg; '.".(‘: :lame ten: ',-it-'. again.

TALKING OF COLOURS DON’T forget Coloursfest (Braehead Arena, Glasgow, 2 June). Anticipation is growing as Dannii Minogue will be unveiling her new dance direction (she’s been working with Roger Sanchez!) as well as X-Press 2, Dirty Vegas (live), Erik Morillo, Tall Paul and much, much more.

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