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STUART WRIGLEY, owner of Terry’s Tattoo Studio in Glasgow chooses the five crazy things ’4 5* you must to before it’s too late.

1 Parachute/Skydive Jumping out of a perfectly good plane at 15,000 feet. A total adrenaline rush.

2 Scuba diving with sharks I did this at the Great Barrier Reef and it was amazing.

3 Climb a mountain None of your easy hills . . . it has to be over 16.000 feet to be worth the effort.

4 Ride on an ostrich Evil little bastards, but definitely worth the risk.

5 Paraglide I did this off a cliff top in Queenstown, New Zealand. What a buzz.


The pop pixie’s influence goes deeper that mere pop preening. Don’t believe us? Scorn no more as we illustrate how Ms Minogue relates to famous figures in world history.

Kylie was on PWL Records

Written by Sir Arthur. Conan Doyle

Which was the fictional home of Sherlock Holmes

As were Undercover who had a hit with “Baker Street’


IAN CROOK, Tom Baker’s surname is executive also the famous street producer of 4 h

Minute i

wonden’ the h ' j A h h d 'th N J innovative name e s are WI orma ean music video Baker AKA Marilyn Monroe production

company, lists the top five power tools that send him into a DIY frenzy.

Who allegedly had an affair with

Hosted by Frank John F. Kennedy

Skinner _ ,Kylle shoWed her’

pants at the

1 The sum rsaoo 12in Cut Brit Awards t. ,

Off Saw The daddy tool for the real hombre. Not much use but looks like you mean it.

. Who was president of the USA ,Dannii Minogue IS

Who is no relation to former . , . Kylie s wee Sister .

Radio 1 DJ Richard Skinner 2 The DeVlalt DWOO'IK cordless 24V circular saw The camper van of the saw wodd. Very portable and perfect for those ‘Texas nights'.

Leed’s goth heros the Sisters Of Mercy are not actually sisters

just like

George Washington Who hosted Round

Table on Radio 1 Their name was inspired by a

3 The Maklta 9404 varl speed Leonard Cohen song belt sander Not only rips your floorboards clean but introduced as part of a chat up always gets them

hot, 750 Watts of pure friction, Whose surname is very nearly that

of the Coen Brothers, makers

4 11.. "who “.1, 1059'". of The Hudsucker Proxy

variable speed Jigsaw For a bit of jiggy jiggy in those awkward corners you can't beat it. A snip at £149+VAT. _ Much like the round 5 The Bosch Blue 900W vari table-King Arthur speed router When it comes to might have Used, we eating my cream eggs I always plum can presume for this. Routes like a bad boy. ' ' " '

Starring Paul Newman, star of Sweet Bird Of Youth

Written by Tennessee Williams


,‘ 1......9. N‘de Claire v Lewis Sarah " Student Speech ' ' Student Student Another great therapist '7 1' Great twist at I did enjoy it but it Fincher film. A bit too much the end which was too slow at ; though the blood and QOre I didn't expect the start and not .t end'ng Was a but I but the first nearly as good as disappomtment. appreciated the 40 minutes his other films. Jodie Foster very Un- were too - :53? W35 Superb. Hollywood slow. ending.

6 THE LIST 9—23 May 2002