Adamson who formed half of the famous photographic partnership with Dayid ()ctay'ius Hill. this exhibition features original prints from a collection of albums ptit together by John Adamson.

Adorn, Equip l.'iitil Stiii 14 Jul. A national touring exhibition examining issues around the design of equipment and accessories used by disabled people. With consultation between artists/makers. designers and disabled people have inspired the production of functional objects that are fashionable. challenging and provocative.


Blackford Hill. (368 8405. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm: Sun noon—5pm. £3.50 (£2.50).

World In A Spin t‘niil Mon 30 Sep. Exhibition and activities looking at how the spinning earth creates night. day and the changing seasons.


Lady Stair's llouse. Lady Stair's (lose. 529 4901. Mon—Sat l0am—-5pm. Free. Men And Beasts l'niil Sat 27 Jul. A collaboration between poet Valerie (iillies and photographer Rebeeca Marr comprising black and white photographs and poetry documenting man's relationship to beasts and the land at the turn of the century.


Visual Research ('entre. Dundee Contemporary Arts. l52 Nethergatc. 01382 348060. Tue— Sun ll.30am--7.30pm.

How Do You Feel I‘Tl l0-\\'ed 32 May. (‘liristiane Dellbrugge and Ralf de Moll present new work as part of a two- month residency in the Visual Research (‘entre. NEW SHOW.


l'niyersity of Dundee. 1.3 Perth Road. 0l3b’2 345330.

Portraits And Presentations t‘niil Fri l7 May (Lamb (ialleryi. Portraits drawn from the l'niyersity of Dundee Museum collections featuring works by Sir (ieorge Reid. Alberto Morrocco and Mclntosli Patrick. LAST CHANCE TO SEE.

DUNDEE CONTEMPORARY ARTS 152 Nethergate. 01382 909900. Tue Wed. Sat 8; Sun l0.30am-5.30pm; 'l‘hu ck l-‘ri l0.30am--8pm.

0 Fiona Banner: Your Plinth Is My Lap [7110] Stiii 9 Jtiii. Best known for her text works deriy'ed from classic films. liiona Banner presents a selection of new and recent prints. drawings and sculptures which continue her ongoing fascination with language. Born in Merseyside in 1966. the exhibition at the [)(‘A is her tnost substantial solo show to date in the L'K. See reyiew and Hitlist.

Fiona Banner: Artist’s Talk Tue I4 May. b.30pm. Artist l‘iona Banner talks about the deyelopment of her work. Moira Jeffrey On Controversy And Legality Wed l5 May. b.30pm. £3.50 (£2). Art critic Moria Jeffrey examines the legal. personal and political issues that artists. audiences and galleries face with controyersial subject matter. Claire Fox On The Right To Be Offensive Wed 22 May. b.30pm. £3.50 (£2). ('laii'e Pox. of the Institute of Ideas and regular contributor to Radio 4‘s .lluml Mme talks about the impact of political correctness and the freedom of expression in the arts.

Ann Lislegaard l'ntil Sun 9 Jun. .-\n installation combining sound. light and photographs by Danish artists Ann l.islegaard which places the \ iew et‘ at the centre of the work. See rey iew.

Michael Rothenstein l'ntil Sun 2 Jtiii tPrint Studio). A selection of prints.

Tania Ufer and Laura Murray l'ntil Sun 26 May t()ne l’iye 'l'wo). Jewellery in organic forms made from sily‘er. gold. precious stones. pearls and enamel by 'l‘ania l'fer and eyening purses in sll\'L‘l'. line silks and precious stones by Laura Murray.

Love & Hate: Poetry Prints l'niil Sat 8 Jtiii. (mated by poet Don Paterson. and in response to l-‘iona Banner's current exhibition. a selection of boetry prints will be posted tip around the building.


Albert Square. 01382 432084. Mon Sat l0.30ain» 5pm; Sun 12.30 4pin1'l'hu l0.3()ani 7pm.

Life At Liff: The Mental Health Of Dundee l'ntil Stiii lb Jtiii. .-\n exhibition marking the beginning of the closure of the Dundee Royal l.iff Hospital. exploring the changes in mental health proyision oy'er the last 200 years.


Local galleries. D('.~\ (‘inema and non-art spaces around Dundee. l‘or more information w ww.btirningbushcom Burning Bush 2: Doing Time l-‘ri 10 -Sun l2 May. .-\ three-day city -w ide ey'ent of bye and experimental art. films and seminars exploring the future of work. leisure and time. Highlights include new work by fifteen Us and international :tt‘lisls including New York‘s ('oco littsco. Patil Rooney and the l":\.\'(‘l.l ’B collectiy‘e. NEV‘.’ SHO‘H.


West llenderson \\'y mi. 0|32s’2 225282. Mon Sat l0am 4pni1Suii llani 4pm. Unknown Treasures: An Introduction To The University Of Dundee Museum Collections l'ntil 14 Jul. .-\n exhibition of stunning artworks show ii alongside examples from the uniyersity is collections of science. natural history. medicine and ethnography.

VISUAL RESEARCH CENTRE Dundee (’ontemporary .'\l'[\. I52 Nethergate. (H332 348060. \Vcd l'hl‘i l0.30am 5.30pm: Sat ck Sun I230 5.30pm. Bank l'ntil Sat 8 Jun t('entre for .-\i‘tist Books). Printed works including back issues of'l'he Bank. press releases. priyate y iew cards and fliers by artists group BANK.

Outside the Cities

St Andrews


93 North Street. 0l334 474(il0. Mon Sat 10am 5pm: Sun 2 5pm.

Dougi McMillan - Narcissus: Narcosis l-‘ri It) May Sun 30 Jun. The l‘ife-based artist explores ideas of reflection and self-absorptiiin. inspired by the Burt Lancaster film. The .Sll‘flllllll’l‘. Jewellery Exhibition iii to

May Sun 30 Jun. .-\ yai‘y ing selection of jewellery created by .lulia Parkes. Dorothy Sim and Kim-lin Yip. Philomena Pretsell - Reaching Beneath The Surface Hi to

May Stiii 30 Jtiii. (‘ci‘aniic installation infused w ith a range of emotions.



lilmbank :\yenue. 0l5(y_§ 554343.

Mon Tue (k 'l‘liti l~'ri 10am Spin: \Ved A; Sat l0am 5pm.

My World - Charles Craig Sat ls May Sat l3 .lul. Seascapes in oils and watercolours by .’\y rshii'e-based artist (‘hai'les (‘raig

In Our Image t'iiiil Sat l.s' May. Portraits from the last 300 years from Ramsey to Raebtirn to contemporary portraiture. lASl (ll lAN(Zl it) St E Exhibition 2002 l'iitil Sat l I May. .'\n exhibition of work by local school pupils including work from the aiiiittal summer school featuring paintings and textiles.

THEATRE PETER RABBIT AND HIS FRIENDS Theatre Royal, Glasgow, Wed 15—Sat 18 May

raw} -""'i..

. am...

You wouldn’t think it to look at him, but Peter Rabbit is 100 years old. The blue-suited, mischievous little bunny who has enthralled kids for a century is still going strong and boy, does he look good for his age. It’s testament to the writing skill and classic illustrations of Beatrix Potter that her naughty rabbit has stood the test of time. Even now his cheeky exploits in Hill Top Farm, from incurring the wrath of his arch-rival Mr McGregor to his dressing down for a spoiled Sunday-best, are embraced by little devils of all ages.

To celebrate his centenary, Unicorn Theatre Company have adapted the much-loved story of Peter Rabbit for the stage. This will be the third time the company have adapted Beatrix Potter’s tales, and in keeping with previous shows, faithfulness to the original text coupled with a sprinkling of theatrical imagination remains the priority.

Adhering to the original text doesn’t necessarily mean decking out the cast in furry costumes, and Unicorn’s artistic director Tony Graham explains why traditionalists might be perturbed by Unicorn’s production: ‘This is not a show about a series of creatures in a zoo,’ states the eight-year veteran of TAG. ‘I mean Beatrix Potter wrote about human relationships and human perceptions. She used animals as her vehicle for doing that because kids love animals so much, and indeed she loved animals so much.’

Peter Rabbit’s ‘friends’, who star in the other three stories in the production, are fellow farm residents Mrs Tittlemouse, Mrs Tiggy—winkle and Benjamin Bunny. Each of the stories have been adapted by Adrian Mitchell, but don’t be fooled by their cutesy-wootsie names. Beatrix Potter had a dark side to her writing - how else can you account for Peter’s father expiring in one of Mr McGregor’s pies? as Graham knows only too well. ‘Potter has a very dark irony and there is an adult voice which I think you get in all great storytellers,’ he says. ‘That ironic voice is an interesting thing because on the whole kids don’t get irony, yet they sense that there is something important going on in these stories and they actually respect being spoken to like adult human beings.’ (Maureen Ellis)

We welcome submissions for this section, but cannot guarantee inclusion. Please send details to our offices at least ten days before publication. Kids listings compiled by Maureen Ellis.

Activities And Fun

Harry Potter Fun Day Sat 1 May. Saiii (ipni. liree. \V. ll. Smith. 53 55

"ME-'2 Ik‘ Sll‘c't‘l. 20.1 “hilt. (‘tllllk' tll'c‘ssc‘tl as your layotii'ite character and join III a day ol magical lllll. games and CUIIIPCIIIIUII\ ltt c'c‘lt‘l‘l’dlc‘ lllt‘ lt'lt‘dst‘ Hi the \ ltIL‘U.

The Art Corner Sal ll ck Sal lb .\la_\. lllaiii noon ck l 3pm. US for ten weeks. lltintei‘ian .-\i't (iallet'y. l’niy ersin of (iIil\}_'tl\\. H: IIllIllt‘atl Sll't‘c‘l. .55“ .543 l. .-\d\aiice booking i'etitiii'cd. ;\ges .\' ll. Budding artists can hone their skills in a iiiaiiiiiiollt ten week course offering a wide \ai'iety of arts and cralts. D