Not only is summer on the way with all the pop pap that entails. but we've got the Jubilee and a World Cup to contend with. So brace yourselves and let's have an upbeat start With Crackout's ‘I Am The One' (Pomona COO. ). it's no surprise to find this jump up and down skate punk riffery has been used in an ad campaign for snowboarding.

I know they're NME darlings. but Jimmy Eat World’s ‘Sweetness' (Dreamworks'Polydor O. ) is yet another skate punk effort. with tragic Euro-choruses and constant muttering of ‘sing it back woo-oo-oo'. Wouldn't be out of place on an episode of Buffy, mind. Taking us way back on the road to California Circa 1969 is Trip Fontaine & The Electric Soup's ‘Freeway' (Brownacid Records .000 l. Shamelessly retro with sunny slide guitar, this'd be perfect stuff when yOu're lying stoned in a cornfield.

‘Tonight Matthew. I'm going to be Shania Twain‘. That's all yOLi need to know about Dublin's Carly Hennessy. Her debut 'l'm Gonna Blow Your Mind' (MCAiUniversal COO ) reveals a good voice but a shameless country posturing. You won't see a trace of fringing on Fallacy & Fusion. Their debut ‘The Groundbreaker‘ (Wordplay Records 0000 ) shows rap doesn't have to be all about guns and booty. But wait, isn‘t that a sample of Channel 4 news in the background?

True to form Billy Bragg seiinds miserable as sin on ‘Take Down The Union Jack' lCooking Vinyl 0. ). his Jubilee effort. Socialist pub folk singers will love it. the rest of us will want to send Billy into therapy. Then we're back to naughty rockers with The Candys' 'Queen of Perfection’ (Boss Music .0. 'i. li'iiaginii'ig tour bus high jinks. this is the song in a John Hughes movie when the good girl finally goes bad. Bad is the only word for Rider feat Terry Venables' ‘England Crazy' lEastWest O ). Terry comes on like a schi‘xopl'irenic Robbie Williams With a swing toon for the world cup.

Thank heavens for Eminem. whose 'Without Me' (Interscope Recor< s 00.0.) is Single Of The Fortnight. Yeti'll have seen the video already. and c0uld it be that Mr Shady has finally worked Out those anger issues? With a backing strangely reminiscent of old Scooby 000 and Batman episodes. the best while rapper since Vanilla Ice is confirmed as our current superhero.

The Sex Pistols' re-relr—aased 'God Save The Queen' (Virgin Records 0... i. still smells as fresh as the day it was baked. it not quite so revolutionary. it's the perfect Jubilee tune. A word of warning though : if you value your memories and yOur mental health. don't forward to the dance rei'nix. (Lonisa i9’earsonl

100 THE LIST Ma, '3 In

teeranee for such iiuii‘oui‘less. plaintive posturing is low. This is mus :: to feel serious to. Hey guys. lighten up. :lvlark Fisheri

E 0th

JAMES YORKSTON AND THE ATHLETES Moving Up Country ‘DO'llillOi 0000

Honestly. this is the best debut record of the year so far and sets a benchmark for young Scottish artists. Pi'cduced by Fife-born Yorkst >n and thl‘l)i0(3l‘. taiei‘ted 'iiates. Movrrig Up Cozi/rtr'y :lefies

n georxitoling and is a 'l‘()‘.' rig and sumptuously "vi.'-i}".7.".€}t31."()i§ cf a record. Based on

Trad ticiiai folk sounds. it i)uf§l‘.(?i§ these sounds to

the that. as}fSi£iiO(f

53t)l‘{;.'.'l'il:":} ccriibine to Zoiitbine f'ia'. tl‘ '.."e kee'i. edgy "feiiide'tce of Yorkston an: yamse got

.‘xf'ncii sits ease. D’ffll nos

‘ir‘est iJ ll‘ O'Rourke. ES i‘.’(}-" Jen'rs. Smog etci

(hi. “as a distinctiy

"t;ri‘-<2gir<)".'.'i‘. character all

0"!“ :‘f‘nth- .:\,"i{,t \ll

[tut \JU ‘- ‘:)L\/, .(,

JV}. ATOMIC Feet Music Jaz/la'id O...

Ja/x'a'vl is the home of far,- so caheo New Oslo Uzi:iev‘ground. but divides ts roster between the electronic ,‘ét// -:neets- beats rl-rectiori of Bugge '.v'.'esseitoft the iabel's “it/idem or Audun Klewe. tt'ttl the indie directly ,-;://-i:,=;'.t;-<i acoustic Tl‘dflifl heard on albums :ke this new dis : from Atoii‘ c. a Quintet led by l}:t5;f;if;i indetirigtit l'iaten. ui :i‘e l lako'i Kornstad trio's eriaally l€:tl()'lill‘.()ll(f(}(f Space

fl v'(il/t’1f)/’(} ill ie ‘}£1X()l)i‘.()lllf3ilfSélfOlllKBT 'llf:.'l‘l)(?l of /\toiiiici. /\'.()llllfj made a very fgi‘.'<;ti";i'iii(.- .iiipact when T7;t:. l):£tyf;(t in tdinbiiigh. .‘t.’"t tit i; all .un; coni'riits trial good .iitpiessioii.

['lizsl f:dl‘t i;.it liberated

interaction has roots lf‘. frec- ia//. but with a d'stinctly Europe; a right as well.

iKenny Mathieson:

TfCl-tNO SUPER_ COLLIDER Raw Digits (Rise Robot Rise? .0.

it's time for a second

album of digita: freakery as Jamie Lidetl and (lesion Voger "curt: Super Gander. Wt“

beats sire". £lf3f$(}'l§l):(}fi

it} as;

I/\}’ V\)’\~\/ iii(I-I\Ii(I\/t\1.'\. t) (1H0 'uu xto Vi k) I/(I\)\)|\,\I

ti‘eir se‘vby itate .l:::: cones across as the ritutar‘t ()ffiéli"."§j :;" li’rrice arid Klitff‘.'.’(’:";\fl But ‘.'.’e.."::‘-:2r.

Soul ‘tii‘k’ \oca‘s; one!

(:id' not be an instant". appeaizcg; 'itar'iage but t'iere s tea Jenn: ;n :l‘.-:; open tl‘. iidedness.

Bi. the saw} margin ‘15; exi;e'*iiie"ta .i;.'l‘ at trues ri‘ak’es it {ti'tlt}:Sl l!l‘t)()."~i‘:i.’£tt)it?. "eye"

{(I’\if‘(1 t 1,14qu tIt‘. if t:

()f‘71(11107‘30’llltmfi. .lext‘

11;" (ti'tiier' parties attended by andro ds

'l‘lenry Nortwrore


I'm A Good Woman (vol 3) il-lar'mless. .000


/\:‘.'ia Kll‘t] Ici's \Ja'neé; Eii‘ox'xn lust ‘.'.'l‘ei'e I(' get off until INIQE'I‘51.53(\It)I/\ [Sag Of Her ()wn'. and the Godfather 'iios? outrageous ciazni is further rebuffed oi‘. the rest of this latest collectid" of tunes from sassy set.» :; stei‘s tt‘ Zl‘z’} (Etls {lfiit Nils.

Strife ct thy-:2.» p; ssieitate. filmy. "..',:: have been long; i;i.':-;:_:

Sixth-tilt?» ti‘. sciiit "i:

. :id'a r t \ :stii' tit .‘d /\-' [31 I it \/ I \ Iix ' II'\/ \ 1‘ ’\ I II(I \It It " (I "./. \Il‘iK tii'\i'{,yi\I't \I .':1(;'<IY I’l \i .17 I. Iii; IVlitiivK/ t.» .. wit-.1, ..'H»l. A'v '\. JIM (IIII‘H x\~. .‘zw. -'. OH'I'i ' inc-3.. 2.1' ,' :. \Jtt'l‘ttfi‘ QlY‘tttti t z «(I K (i, N m. ‘k I BILLY JENKINS

, , Life I). .l.

lit TRANS AM “5' 1" ‘(’ TA tt"\'f . "'t' .i'irtt [it’ 'E) 1 i"\'.,'. . It I: "I1;;'_ er I\ t t. ' .l-t \ I H .I’ I 1 “~ 1'4 ,I‘\I:“?\':} ) I l i )I I, \ . '\ \ \I \JI/ v\ t l .>'- tt 1 l I: t ,.: "" h. H .< t). | I A i . . y t .. '\ II." A “\If

/\:Zl,?‘:'::'ki'~ i; :1,“ i . t‘ A Better TomorrOW? ;.:r~-i-l_-b".:f1.0.

CRA Y PENIS " ' \I t (t) I.“

The Wicked Is Music

r), y M/ ,y I‘ _', :""t' :xl‘tII k..I i'Ll LP ‘tti ("in '~t . 0.0 :., :- -' ' ‘II ‘II II "I\ .: ‘3 ) . I\ \I 2' L i H" MI ) 'ttti V "1.1m .} \ t’Ii ‘_ ~/\( 13' i' (I ii \ i “do I! 1'. I)\IL I l \ I ' '9. ‘I H \I:) ..‘ I t( ii) t‘ l\I‘?\I l \, . it"! I I 1 ll l\(‘- \ tIl \.. I\ \l« I