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POP LOOPER The Snare (Mute) O.

Nice to see when two guys settle their differences. Stuart Davrd was forced into hiding a couple of years back when dangerous crirnrnal Peacock Johnson threatened to do him after a difference of opinion over Davrd's book. The Peacock fi/Ian/festo. Yet now. PJ has a song dedicated to him on Looper's new collection. and he's even pictured on the cover lurking around rnenacrngly. bristling sadrstrcally behind his pimp moustache.

Or maybe the whole ‘scandal' was all Just a r)ublrcrty-seekrng scam? A bit like the music here. unfortunately: ten tracks based around the same theme. that tired. hackneyed. cool. vrbraphone (30s crime mystery-type thing. Horribly disappointing. iBrran Donaldsonl

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VARIOUS ARTISTS Paris Lounge 2 IWagramr 000

‘Parrs Lounge Two' or 'Parr‘ee Lounge Deux'? Just another guestron to ask your friendly local record seller. though whether it's a guestron worth asking is another matter. because this is a decidedly hit and rnrss t=.vo disc mix of everyone's favourite contemporan, genre «dance rnusrc you can't actually dance tor.

‘l’arrs By Day Ignores Paris's real daytime denr/ens lr‘ude old women and persecuted American tour'rstsi to deliver a mix of ambient wiffle and \.'\./ay\.‘.rard electro genius from the likes of Alex (‘zoplrer and [’tienne de ()r'ecy ‘Paris

By Night' is better. despite evidencrng a worrying pan pipe fixation. moving between Jazzy drum & bass and quirky house with a knowing and wholly Gallic mix of sophistication and naffness. (James Smart)


(Koch; .0

Where did rt all go wrong for Milngavre's finest? One minute they're the ad man's whore of choice. defrlrng their cheeriest anthents in return for bank balance xeros. Then. dropped by their record company. and waylaying several members along the way. two of the original line- up churn out what can orin be described as a thorougth agonrsrng third album. ‘Late For The World' and 'Why' bubble along pleasantly. briefly redeeming their iaunty ways. but with tracks such as the painful Village People- esgue 'ere ls A Motorway. James McColl's venacular whine and irritating organ rnelodres to boot. this album rs about as entertaining as looking at snapshots from a stranger's holiday in Clacton-on—Sea. tlvlaureen EllrSl

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lEmarcy Universal; 0...

In 1987 Malian Salrf Keita's ‘Soro' blew peoples ears away tit still doesr establishing him as one of the world's greatest singer's. Since then despite loyer songs he's produced an erratic collection of larger fusion discs. Moffou sees him back on form with a beautifully conceived album, his golden pleading voice thankfully foremost in a delicate mzx of root Malian instruments and guitars played African

style. often offset by gorgeous female chorus. Solo with gentle guitar played in the style of the gOurd kora harp for

‘Ana Na Ming'. or wrth tOuches of accordion texturrng ‘Baba' this is a truly rnagrcal album. (Jan Fairleyl

POCK'N'ROLL THE BUFF MEDWAYS Steady The Buffs (TranscopICi 0000.

Everyone from the White Stripes IO Kylie is lining up to pay homage to the king of Garage Rock. otherwrse known as Buff Medways frontman Billy Childish. Join the gueue.

Steady The Buffs is Childish's latest call to worship. and his 100th release in 25 years shows he's still thriving on punk rock attitude and killer melodic explosons. ‘Troubled Mind' sets the tone wrth its pummeliing bass and ravaged guitars while slower tracks like "Well Well' add a more sprawling dimension. Plunge headfrrst into these sublime harmonies. and bounce off the blues before you're spat Out by frantic rhythms and gloriously wonky guitar solos. Let the chaos commence. lCarttrlla Prat


SPLENDOUR Splendid Animation

iChrysalisi 0000

You're bombarded weekly wrth exquisite new albums and hyped newcomers. Pretty DOys front your new favourite bands. music rs worth falling in love with again and Tetra Splendours Sp/endid Ari/matron is yet another release to add to your list. ‘landmine' is an anthernrc statement of intent to start off proceedings as soundscapes surround captr\.'atrng n‘elodres. the \vrry guitar romp of ‘Bless My Soul' provides a much needed rock injection and ‘Black and Grey's la/v. pranoled. free-for all is near perfection. Tetra Splendour are pillaging the past. pasting it together and producing genuinely exciting sounds to send your spirits soaring. iCZeirriillgi Prat