EMO ROCK HUNDRED REASONS Ideas Above Our Station (Columbia) 0000

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Metal becoming a credible musical form of late has meant that young men can once again legitimately jump about and make neise with pride instead of apologies. Hundred Reasons number among a dozen great rock bands deing this. shuttling round the UK touring circuit developing a following and will, like their spiritual forefathers ldlewild find that it pays off in spades. picks and Crowbars in time.

Big crunking riffs. a wailing but still achineg melodic vocal assault and an unhinged Graham Coxon-in- waiting in guitarist Paul Townsend. Hundred Reasons have laid down

a debut platter which is narrow in exe0ution but broad in stature. Pop enough to make us smile. rock enough to make us shake Our hair. (Mark Robertson)


Big Bad Love (Nonesuch) .000.

Praise be for Arliss Howard. a debutante American filmmaker Wlih the genius to smuggle a sackload of superb MISSlSSlppl blues into the open. The troubled- Vietnam-vet film starring Debra Winger. Rosanna Arquette and Howard himself Wlll be out soon. but in the meantime this is a treasure trove of driVing, funky and frankly dirty blues from the stars of the Fat Possum label in Oxford. MlSSlSSlppl. Round it off With Steve Earle's Goodbye. some

atmospheric stuff from Tom Verlaine with the Kronos Quartet and two growly little delights fresh- minted from Tom Waits. and you've got the best roots album of the year so far. (Ninian Dunnetti

ALSO RELEASED The Jam The am Live at the BBC lPo/ydon Three disc set featuring 56 sin- gles. sessions and rarities from Weller's inspired mulleted mod three piece.

Ronan Keating Destination lPo/ydor/ 'l've trashed a few hotel rooms in my time.‘ Keating recently claimed. Always seemed such a presentable yOuiig man. too. But Satan works in mysterious ways. Various Artists Machine Funk Specialists (Rotters Golf Club} Keith Tenniswood of Two Lone Swordsn'ien fame mash- es up electro and techno in ZlBlgClSiy and Surpr:s- ingly funked-up manner. Joseph Arthurs Are You With Us (Real 'fi/er/d/ Peter Gabriel was Such a big fan of this sample- happy trOubatlour he signed him.


belle and sebastian storytelling

our new album based on music written for the todd solondz film storytelling released on 3rd iune on vinyl and

' compact disc ieepster.co.uk


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