GAMECUBE LUIGI’S MANSION (Nintendo) £44.99 0...

The entire premise of Lurgr's Mans/on rs a search for Mario. As Lurgr wanders through room after room of

s >eoky ghostlrness. armed only with a flashlight and a vacuum cleaner. he cries plaintrvely for hrs red- capped brother. Which rs indicative of the game as a whole. This tries to be Mario ()1: for the GameCube. yet fails to frnd the elusive hook: the spark of genius that made ("‘r/rarro (54 such a winner.

Not to say that Luigi's A/it'rnsron rs bad. Far from rt. The pu/xies and humour are top notch. as are the glorious graphics. ‘.'.”‘.rl(:- the game will please young and old. if only for the few hours it takes to complete. I: rs full of character and invention. displaying ll‘.()l‘(} imagination than 99°; of the Psz catalogue. But if never grabs you by the threat and. like the eponymoes hero. you'll eventuarly be pleading for Mano to appear.


STAR WARS ROGUE LEADER (Lucasarts) £44.99 0...

The chance to take part in the epic battles of the original trrlog, should appeal to any Star ll/ars fan. particularly those despairing at the current series. l rom the destruction of the


Deathstar through the Battle of Hoth to the wild finale. Rogue Leader rs dripping wrth Star Wars mythos.

Simple to control, beautiful to behold and featuring all those oh-so- familiar ships. the experience rs concentrated combat. Mission ob)ectrves are always obvious and though enemy ships can be hard to pinpoint rn the depths of space. you never feel overwhelmed. The story unfolds in seamless FlvtV. while the constant radio chatter and TlE fighter screams ensure that you remain fully immersed for the duration of the ride. It may not have the depth of the X-Wrng and T/E Fighter series. but rt rs perfect for an evening lounging on the comb.


(Sega) £39.99 00”.

You can take all the complicated storylrnes. the ultra fast. ultra real graphics. the mind— blowing Al and hardcore combat and strove the lot of if. Super Monkey Ba// shows that perfection relies on srrnple clarity of vrsron.

The game places monkeys in glass spheres. dumps them on a rnassrve selection of assault courses and asks you to guide the monkey by tilting the level. And that's rt.

Balls roll over ledges. up ramps. round

104 THE LIST Ll -. Ma. r. r.

tightrope—tight walkways. anywhere the fiendish designer can think of, while you fight to keep your monkey from falling. This rs pure gameplay that shreds the nerves and fulfils the soul. And if the normal puzzles are not enough. mini-games can be unlocked that do nothing but provide a cherry for the cake. Whether in a group or on your own. there are few games that provrde the en)oyment of Super Monkey Ball

XBox NHL HITZ (Midway) £39.99 .0.

Unbelrevably. someone has watched rce hockey and decided that rt rs neither hard, nor fast. nor vrolent enough. So by rernovrng two players from each team. beefing up the players and over- emphasrsrng the bodily contact. NHL HIV (8 created. And \.'\./errdly. rt works.

Now. when you block a player. he flies through the glass wall onto the laps of the frenzied spectators. Not only do pucks catch fire. but players and even teams who are perforntrng well ignite. surrounded by licking flame. Fights are equal to any rnedrocre boxrng srrn and the whole thing plays at a hundred miles an hour. None of this really excites when playing on your own but With a room full of mates NHL Hrt/ truly comes alive. If you are a regular gaming host. this rs a rrrust for the collection.


FIFA WORLD CUP 2002 (Electronic Arts) £39.99 0..

What a slrarrre. After finally creating a game

Ice hockey gets dangerous in NHL Hitz

with fantastic gameplay in F/FA 2002. Electronic Arts has gone and blown rt with its World Cup version. All the attributes are strll there. but a slrght change rn camera angle and some dodgy anrrnation. not to rnentron a tweak of the Al. has ruined most of its good work.

. m.“ .... .. .- mléufllflkhmv -

All the national teams are present. alloyrrng you to take any team to the finals in Japan Korea. while the finals themselves provrde all the fireworks you would expect. Graphically rt rs the best of the series and the ridiculous player animations are fairly amusing. F/FA l"/or/d Cup 2002 Will strll sell well. and F/F/l fans WI“ rerrrarn faithful. but the few changes will disappoint the newly converted. Looks like you'll have to do something else to fill the trrne between those early rnornrng matches. (larn Davrdsonl

ALSO RELEASED Pikmin (GameCube Nintendo 5239.535); Colourful anarchic madness.

Spider-Man The Movie (Xhox Act/Vision 5139.95); Does whatever a Spider

Sid Meier’s Sim Golf (PC (5/) 5‘25)..‘)S)) Build your own Sawgr'; ss. Final Fantasy X (PSP Sony l‘."5).$)5)i Stretching 'frnaf' to its lrrnrt.

ISS 2 (PS? Kona/rrr 5135195): Just in trrne for the World Cup.




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