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In DEAR FRANCESCA, Mary Contini passes on a passion for food only to her daughter but to us all“

Words: Donald Reid


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Written by mother Mary (‘ontim m til't‘._'l()l' ol “W9 v ) ‘- u - . . Valvona ck ( rolla on [elm \\all\ m lltlltll‘lthX to her '

Zl-year—old daughter. New from t \t p mn just a valuable companion to the delicious ‘r plilied by Scotland's l’inest ltalian tlelieatessm. It i- tl\(l an endearing tribute to the ltalian innniymnts aml their ancestors vvho hay e made their li\es lit Moth-t; ll

l’or (‘ontinL the task ol' passing on he? 14:» 20” lot‘ good l‘ood can only he done by lt'lilll" l!‘ :amily history. ‘liraneeseaf she writes in the it}‘v.ut;l;‘ tittet in

the book. ‘you have truly honourable roots. ‘2»; great— i Ix“ at grandparents eame to Seotlantl v. ith no l..t'lf turn they 4 eould earry. l have no material things it :t hem to ; give you. No l'urniture. jeuellezy o; l‘LItll‘n: ‘tantled H « down from generation to genemtiwn. \\ in: I ~ y h:t\e 7 left yott is an instinet to li\ e healthily '-.nll.' .‘

On one leyel /)t'ur l"l-(t'/.’('( \t't/ ix" lore. describing hovy l'iraneesea’s great plainly. 4-! \ :yallxed . from poverty in the hills al’toye Naples to l tli'ti'll'g’ll in . t I _ _£..,",.‘:;;SE the late l‘)th eentttry. The book is l1u::..l7_‘-l “rut-haul '4 , .t , Hmd m throughout. \vtth ptetures ol \onm \ll myth in her 1" ' 9.x. youth or great—grandad (‘esitlio in arm; ill]. The .I tt'e‘l‘ g: has mantelpieees and photo albums o1 iiat' \_“\‘.ClltlL‘Ll L’t' ' ‘;'_ -'_il'5hll]g Contini lamin ha\e oh\iottsi_\ bet-r zborougth m. or y- r.: .seoured. and so haye lainin :tneetlotes "willlt‘t‘ltllg the ~ lY‘“ 5m “*‘Itmtt‘fi iee eream sellers in ('oeken/ie and the t slug tit-lender » " 7‘3"“ who fell for the girl in the pineria. (“var 57"“!‘11‘55.’ ; ~ ' Cl ‘5’

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