_ macrobert

working with and for young people

Work is currently underway on a £6million capital refurbishment of the macrobert. Due for completion in Autumn 2002, it will house Scotland's tirst dedicated space for children's theatre. a creche. workshop. state at the art cinema. cafe-bar, children's gallery and middle scale theatre.

We are looking for a very special person to join our dynamic team to position the macrobert as a national centre of excellence for work with and for young people.

Programme Coordinator

You will co-Ordinale a very busy mixed programme of activity, including aur live and cinema programme, macrobert productions, macrobert yOuth groups and projects. You will have at least two years experience in an arts organisation and ideally be educated to degree level in the arts. Previous applicants need not re-apply.

Salary £16.000-El8000pa

Far ‘urtner lli‘O'Yl'Kfl‘C'l O'KJ Job Desorption. please coatact macQObe't, university 0‘ Sailing, FKQ 41A Tet Ol 78o 467l55,

Fax ()l 7535) 4066012 email macrobert arts ..~ stir ac uk (iiosiea date Friday 7 are 2002 Vt 11' ' i. .. é;- Scottish ,V, “W Arts Councrl mac; ',r\r}r‘ h


A Seminar and Showcase Co-ordinator is required tor a new international cross media convention and iestival, taking place in Glasgow Ill October 900?.

the postholdei will be responsible tor delivering challenging. iniormative seminars tocussing on new developments and pertinent issues within the global music Industry and associated sectors including tilm. TV. new media and games. lie/she will also be responsible tor co ordinating a showcase testival working alongside key venues and promoters as part oi the wider MusicWorks iestival.

I xiierience and current knowledge in all aspects oi the music industry is required. You will be tamiliai with organisations such as AIM. BPI and ll'Pl and know your Daniel Miller irorn your Simon toilet and Blue Source irom Source Records. l xcellent writing. communication and admin skills essential and an academic or journalistic background may be an advantage.

For a tull job description please email joanne®uzeventscom Closing date tor applications - 30th May 2002


Have you got what it takes to be a Mentor!

Do you remember when you left home? 0 Managing your money 0 Getting on with the neighbours 0 Settling into a new area - Filling up your leisure time 0 Finding a job

Use your knowledge, skills and experience to make it easier for someone else!


l i mentoring project

is looking for adult Volunteer Mentors.

Can you vo/unteer for a few hours a week and act as a role model and friend for a young person aged 16 25 yrs leaving the care system in Glasgow and moving to independence?

Contact : Elizabeth Hall 0141 572 0551

Matches is run by the big step SIP and Glasgow Mentoring Network

112 THE LIST 23 May—6 Jun 2002

Sales/service person required to sell Illy Caffe.

Stylish and ambitious? Know your arabica from your robusta?

Then some at .l tar" as a. ‘;’..".i”l(} tn»..- lws. and mos;

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rut}. "i ..r t'r; -. i to

Jill Clark, Espr sso Ecosse. 1. House of Muir Steading, Flotterstone. EH26 OPS.

Box Office Manager

We are looking for someone to manage Our UUS) box office. team Ideally yeti wrll be experienced with the Wembley licketing System and Will have a minimum of l8 months SupCi'VlSOl‘y experience. Socind financal and administrative skills are essential, as is the ability to promote excellent standards of Customer care to the company's Wide range of clients.

Apply ‘with CV and cavering letter to:


or email

Job descriptions available from the above address. or

(all 0l3l 668 3456. Closing date for application Friday 7 June 2002

Love good food?

V" . t<;«f)l\'i'~ri ". I i r u i a he .‘ nest |7‘.f}'t"(lli"‘.lf; i' l 57;: t m . "i'i‘ ::"<f- :t-f' Sr :;t.a'i<i'<: leading ape a l'. ll (‘ St 1. Vi <' lit: paswofiate abcat ‘f ' e'tthtrsais' . 1a ' a ENXI‘i-Qf-z'l-i“ p' t' at! i ' ) ( i '1] 'I‘i {:t ‘l i l 'i r “a; j Acct“. tint;

Alastair Clark, Clarks Speciality Foods Ltd. 10 Dryden Vale. Bilston Glen ind Est, Loanhead, EH20 9HN.


THE ARCHES, 253 ARGYLE ST. GLASGOW £150 for the week


Led by reknowned designer Sarah Paulley. this week-long course has become a leading training ground for aspiring designers. Participants will explore costume. set. light and sound to create designs for both film and theatre.

Call 0141 565 1011 or by 14 June

Always wanted to draw and paint htit newt thought you could'.’ Noyy's a chance to try. lixpcricnccd lcachcr and practising artist in friendly cnyironmcnt oi‘lcring adyicc and


Phone 07754 788 780 for details.

I Tai Chi, for relaxation.

It) week course l'oi‘ complctc beginner‘s cottttttcncitig \‘l'cdncsday 12th June. 7pm at Morningsidc (‘hrist (’hur'ch. lloly (‘oi‘ncc For further information. or to resci'yc a placc. plcasc call ()131 337 ()l 13 or 07990 582 931.

I Lite drawing class tour yycck tastcr cour'sc. Small. r'claxcd class for maximum tutorial guidance. \yhcrc tlppl'tipl'lillc‘. Monday cycnings. ('in ('cntrc. all welcome. I’honc Jo()l31 33] 1-103

All about Alexander


An introductory lesson or \yorksltop to enable you to dccidc \yhcthcr to take your

interest I‘urthcr.

Tel. Isobel Anderson

0141 334 1658

Want to learn Swedish massage? \Vcckcnd workshop at the lidinhurgh ('orn lischangc 22nd and 23rd June.

Call the Chillout Company on 0131 554 7292 for more details.

I Cello and piano tuition by experienced. t‘ricndly proicssional teacher and pc‘l'ltil'litc‘l‘. ('hildrcn and adult beginners. rc-Icarnci's and adyanccd students all welcome. ('r'catiyc. tun and supportiyc learning. (HS! 551 4531.

I Learn to sing in a rclaxcd. supportiyc cnyii'onincnt with an cxpcricnccd yoicc \york practitioner. (’uri'cntly running group classcs and indiyidual tuition. All Icycls tyclcomc. 'I‘cl. 013] (157 3703.

I Private singing tuition. lmproyc your \ocal tcchniquc

\\ ith cxpcr‘icnccd prolcssional singer. Beginiicr's‘ ytclcomc. 'l'cl: (ll-ll 942 5-160

I Holidaying in Greece? Learn to com crsc. oi'dci‘ meals. hotcl. shop. and tr'aycl around. Iiasy method. Qualiticd tcachcr. Schoniad lllSl 467 4‘)(lt) sclioniadm )ttiit)ti.c‘ti.llk



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Spanish + Salsa in Ma (July) itallan + Gastronomy inhuman: (Sept)

CALEDONIA mums ABROAD tel. 0131 621 1121I2