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office equipment

but not essential.



P/T Office Manager (20 hrs)

Required to manage a busy general office including telephone and IT support. maintaining and general duties. Applicants should be confident with Windows applications eg Word. Access and Outlook. They should also be a good team player and enjoy working in a busy arts environment.

P/T Finance Officer (16 hrs)

Required to carry out general book-keeping duties. paying suppliers. staff wages and petty cash.

Applicants should have relevant experience. Training in Sage Line 50 would be an advantage,

For details and an application form please call 565 or email

Deadline for applications Thursday 6th June

5‘ an;


small flat move specialists

Moving boxes. bags and a bed?


friendly dependable stress-free

0131 229 8361

estahlished l‘)‘)3

I Small business services. l‘or training and support Mr S:\(il". Line 5i) and S:\(ili l’a}t‘oll. 'l'elephonc l).J. Small 0110151 (368 3305

I Mirage Professional Belly dancers axailahle for performances: PR e\'ents. Weddings. (‘luh thetnc nights etc. ('ontact Kiera on ()7‘)57 883 951

Right place - Right time liarn {500-}; |()()(l per month p/t lixpanding international cotnpan). littll training and support. ('omputer and mothation needed Call Rosie/Senga on 0141 564 1728 www.workfromhome


art-I-san The ultimate in pl'tllt‘ssittlttll photograph). Photographers amilahle for Weddings. Portraits &PR. Specialising in an innmathe and personalised ser\ ice \\ ith stunning results.

Contact: 0141 427 5485




Professional photographer specialising in st} lish. ntodern portlolio images. especiall} hlack‘ & \shite. Photoshoots on location from £75 Tel: 0131 653 0682 Email: david@manhattan

Actors Wanted

I M/F actors required tprolit sharel l‘or Snott Angels 'l'heatre (‘ompatn 's rte“ pro- duction at the l-"ringe t l—3-l August l. Rehearsals in lidinhurgh esenings/ueekends. Also required Stage Managers/Techs (no e\pertence necessar} l.

'l‘el: ()Hl 343 580‘.

limaii: snoxsangelsthcatretu hotmailcom

Bands & Music

I Female vocalist, 27, great mice. 8 )ears prolessional singer. relocated to Iidinhurgh seeks accomplished guitarist/kc} hoards l‘or dtto \sork (Rock. soul. hlues. .\loR) Attila 078 ll) 353050

Wanted New Dave Stewart lot' lll_\ .-\nnie Lennos. .\lulti-talented musician \\ ith prttduction/recording ahilit} to collahot'ate on cotnmerciall} attt'acti\e material. Tel Mike, manager 0131 337 4346

Lemongrass now just require a competettt. creati\e hassist to cotnplete hrilliant. "mature". roots} pop/rock hand. Recenll) recorded BBC radio session. Phone Alan: 0131 332 4849

I Practice room wanted l‘ull time. signed hand are looking for an lidinhurgh-hased \\'tll'ls'\ll()p/sllltllt) for regular rehearsing. Noise cannot he art issue. (all (l77l l 507 357.

I Lead guitarist wanted for l‘RAK. enthusiastic and committed. t'ock/pop/ punk/cabaret. Line tip: guitar. keys. sax. drums. \ocals. \\' tum; Phone ()l.‘~l 538 3037

I Art as therapy, counselling. :\lso (iroup \s'ot'k. ('onlidential. creatixe exploration of personal. professional. health. and l'amil) issues. etc. lisperienced. caring pt‘oliessional. .\lt's Ruth lickete}. ’I‘el: ()l3l 336 l737

Holographic repatterning ® .-\ gentle ttlttl eclectic healing \} stem that transforms the negatixe heliel‘s and heha\ iottr patterns that present tts from reaching our full potential. (ieorgia \Vttllisnll li:\lllonsl .\ll":\. Registered Holographic Repatterning Practitioner. Tel: 0141 423 2164 www.9eorgiawolfson .com

Get in shape for summer drop in classes suitable for heginners. Kickhoxercise}oga comhined. .-\lso. ptm er _\oga. see rapid imprm ements in strength. stamina and llesihilit}. Ideal lot" \\ eight loss and pt‘mettliotl oi injur} for high impact sports.

Call Morgan 0131 226 2941 powerstretch©hotmail .com

‘Over Drinking Clouds Thinking’ Take it ll‘tilll one \sho's heen tltere and hit the pits.

1 \\ill \ll()\\ son a positixe otttconte. Phone Sue Shields MASC ADC. on 0131 538 0089/ 07947 075 155

City Centre Holistics .-\rtnnatherap}. Rel‘|e\olog_\. Swedish Massage. Holistic l‘acials. Indian Head Massage. The (’onnal Building. 30 West (ieorge St. (ilttsgtm (i3 ll):\ For appointments phone 0141 572 561 1 or call in Prices from £17.00

Robert Stone Therapeutics I53 Broughton Road. Prolessionall} accredited «k e\perienced lltcl'apisls specialising in: Swedish massage. therapeutic massage. relle\olog_\. Indian head massage. (iil‘t certilicates a\ai|ahle.

01 31 557 3806

Person-centred counselling can help you to understand and change life problems. depression. ahuse. stress. relationship dil‘liculties. and heremement. Ring Marion ()shorne in (ilasgtm on

07931 527 243.


what are you doing

at the weekend."

lV(‘ is a sell rttn club for gradttates and professionals offering a wide range of social and sporting activities. li\er_\ month our memhers run do/ens Ul- c\ eltls co\ cring tt di\erse range of interests. Info from... (il.:\$(i()\\' “70503-13th \\ \\\\.glasgo\\i\ hellow glasgoxs i\ lil)l.\'Bl‘R(ill 0131 333 1343 xx\tu.edinhurghlV('

ere/linen 41ml net'kt'iitlx

Body & Soul

I Kripalu Yoga: Beginners classes. .\londa}s: Penicttik at 13.00pm. 5.40pm and 7.40pm: 'l'uesda}s: (’lertsood at 5.30pm: l.eith: 8.1(lpm; \Veds: Bruntslteld at 5.40pm and 7.40pm; Thurs: l.eith at 5.30pm and 7.30pm.

0131 55.5 553p

Sahaj Marg: Heart-centred meditation. .\ natural path ot‘ ll‘tttlsltn'llltlllull l'rom \\ ithitt that balances spiritualit} \sith e\et"\da) life. No ices. ()pen to all regardless ol hackgrottnd or persuasion. Contact:

01785 830 358 (Edinburgh)

0141 339 1343 (Glasgow)

The Dance House lli-energ)‘ - Pop Dance. l-tmk. Ja/x. Moxement - ('ontemporar). Ballet. Salsa. Health - Yoga. T'ai ('hi. .\'e\\ to programme ~ ('hildren's lilamenco (’lasses Sunda} s 5-opm. l‘undraising exeut lor the \ isit to (ilasgtm h} the l'nixersit} ol' Nantihia (‘hoit' Sunda} 30th June.

Tel: 0141 334 0716 email: dance house@ website:


I Expanding Edinburgh Stmda) hrunch group seeks single professionals u. ho elljo} eating. drinking attd meeting new people. Details lunchsunda} ((1


I Hillside lovely bright and spacious tuo douhle hedrootned lilttl close It) cit} centre. (i('ll. Would stiit couple or lriends sharing. £535 pcm + hills. Tel 07785 335 Jon I Shawlands. No bedroom flat. Separate lounge. Hilly furnished and equipped. ('entral heating. Securit} entr). (lose to bus. rail. shops. £500 pcm. lll4l 57l (not).

Hyndland Attractive traditional l'lat. Ba} lounge. douhle hedroom. dining kitchen. hathroom \\ ith shonet'. All appliances. (i('ll. .-\\ai|ahle June 0th. £480 pcm. 0141 956 2830/ 01770 840 276

Partick Cross (‘lose to unitersit}. Western lnlirntar). B}I'cs Road. Lounge. dotthle bedroom. ntodern kitchen. tiled hathroom \\ ith silt)“ L‘l‘. l).(i. (Kill. L450 pcm. ./\\ailahle Ma} 33. 0141 956 2830/ 01770 840 276

I TO let in (.L‘\\ll(lL'l\. Large l-hedroom l‘rom 850/3 hed- room £480. (‘lose to shops. underground. htts. Ideal for 3—3 people sharing. (‘all l’ranca on 0141-137 4—133 or ()7813 PM 781.

I Shawlands 1 bedroom spacious l'lat. lounge. kitchen/dining. lull} furnished; \sould sttit pt'olcssionals. l'resh- l_\ decorated. £450 pcm. Phone ()777 03‘) 3555.


Aussie/Kiwi travellers - Io\e|\ lidinhurgh flat for short let. June & MI}. I douhle. 3 single hcdrooms plus lounge. (i('ll. pots er shots er.

Call 07762 548 145

Central flat (63/1 Bread Street)

'l‘uo dotthle hcdrooms. Recentl}

renmated. Modern kitchen. (ireat \ ie\\ s ol' lidiuhurgh ('astlc. ldeall} short-term tenanttsi \\£tlllt‘tl i3-3 monthsl. .\la_\ let longer. £500 pcm.

01 31 622 0227

Grant Management We tune a lantastic selection of recentl} upgraded. 3—5 heds llats in the cit}. \e\\ l} de\elopcd. stiltdctl llool's. lkea l'urniture. (it‘ll.

Tel 0131 220 6363 immediatel} to arrange a \ ie\\ing. no lees. \se cart pick sou tip in our Bug tttntes perinittingi

23 May—6 Jun 2002 THE LIST 113