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finding a new flatmate. It is simple to use and here’s what to do.

"0‘" to Place '

The List Flatshare service is for people offering a room to rent in a shared flat and is a reliable and successful way of

When you telephone the Hotline you will be asked for

1. Your name, address, postcode and daytime number, including dialling code 2. Up to 30 words of description about the room, rent and type of person sought 3. A contact number for would-be-flatmates to ring

The List magazine comes out fortnightly on a Thursday and weekly during the festival. Your Flatshare advert will appear in the next available magazine and will be included for one issue only. Subsequent insertions must be telephoned in again. The deadline for flatshare is 11am on the Thursday before publication.

Each telephone call will be charged at 75p per minute and should last about 3 minutes.

Calls from non-BT and mobile phones may cost more.

If you need help or are concerned about anything, please call our Helpline on 0870-120 1504.

Please note that Flatshare is only for people seeking a flatmate. If you wish to place any other kind of accommodation advert, such as Rooms Wanted, Property to Let or Property Wanted, you should use the booking form in the back of this magazine.

If you are unable to get through please ensure that your phoneline is not barred from Premium Rate numbers. In the event of barring please contact your service provider or telecom company or use another phone.

Flatshare -

I Double room in large furnished flat. (Kill. sltow'el‘. hath. woodett lloor. w ell eqttipped. would suit professional n/s. tto couples please. £350 pcttt including ("1' and hills. Tel: 0l3l 467 2696. I Bright double room in well eqttipped liaster Road llat. sharing witlt 2 others. Would suit n/s male or female. Ayailahle for June. £300 pettt ittcludittg ('T + hills. Tel: 013l 477 3785.

I Room available in top or

liastet' Road llat. recently refurhislted kit attd hatltroottt. sttit easygoing fetttale. share witlt 1 other. £205 pettt + (‘T + hills. Tel: 07903 120987.

I Gay flatshare. Large douhle t'oottt itt central llat. l,'se of all facilities. £300 pcttt + hills + £200 deposit. Tel: 0131 557 4065.

I Spacious en-suite t'oottt itt modern open platt house. central lidinhut'gh. youttg sociahle professional wanted to share w itlt similar. £350 pcttt including (‘T. excluding hills. Tel: 013] 652 3767.

I New Town. Large dotthle roottt. quiet flat. excellent decor. sttit tt/s. ayailahle ttow. £330 pcttt inclusiye of hills + ('T. Tel: 0131 5563522.

I Flatmate to share w ill] two others attd friendly rahhit. three hedroont flat. 5 tttitts city centre. all tttod eons. £240 pcttt + hills. Tel: 0131 557 8917.

I Young professional n/s fetttale for douhle t'oottt itt fttlly furnished flat. close to city centre. sharing witlt one other fetttale. £245 pcttt + hills. Tel: 07900 SH 542.

I Large room available itt central flat to share w itlt 3 others. n/s. £200 pcttt + hills. Tel: 0131 467 5538.

I Double room in spaciotts second floor flat. sharing w itlt one male. hottottt of liaster Road oyerlooking l.eitlt littks. £275 pcm + hills. Tel: 07932 632 620. I Fantastic double room itt stylish l.eitlt Links flat with all tttod cons. excellent local atttenities attd htts routes. wottld sttit young prof. £320 pcttt ittcl. (‘T attd hills. Tel: 07751 987 641. I Leith. Good sized single roont attd fttlly furnished shared llat. (i('ll. titted kitcltett. £220 pcttt + hills. Tel: 0131 478 1120. I Female student wanted for single room to share with friendly llattttates itt hright llat. Shore. l.eith. £200 pcttt. Tel: 0131 467 3725/0131 55.3 1318. I Nice room in large flat. great \ iews of the Shore w itlt

liy ittg room to share witlt three others. Male late 20's early 30's preferrcd. £200 pcttt ittcluding ('T. Tel: 0131 555 0144.

I Bright, attractive, modern llat ttear the Sltore in l.eitlt. fully furnished including (}(‘1 l. cahle T\' attd power shower. £280 pent including hills. Tel: 07876 750 936.

I Double room available itt hrattd new flat. would sttit n/s tttale or fetttale professional. £290 pent + hills. Tel: 0| 3| 553 6452 ayailahle July 1st.

I Sunny room in cosy leased flat w itlt all tttod cons. Would sttil tt/s. cat loy'et‘. share w itlt 2 others. £300 pcttt inclusiye of all hills. Deposit extra. Tel: 0131 467

031 I.

I No large rooms in shared llat itt l.eitlt. Sltaretl kitchen. hatltroottt and shower roont. £200 pcttt + hills. Tel: 0131 554 2284. I Double room in spacious httngalow. own hatltroont itt l.i\ingstone. £50 pw inclusiy e of all hills. l)ep req. suit n/s. prof gay male. to share witlt 2 others. Tel: 0l506 4l2 007.

I Sunny double room ayailahle immediately itt attractiye New ltay en llat w itlt open sea \‘iews attd excellent htts routes. Would suit friendly professional female. no couples £250 pcttt including hills. Tel: 0131 551 5208.

I Marchmont. Large double roont. newly decorated. new carpet itt loyely llat. l)(i. (}('|l. separate liy ing area attd all tttod cons. tt/s preferred. £295 pcttt including ('T. Tel: 01501 762 55 l.

I Single room, sharing with 2 others in friendly llat. .»\\ailahle 1st July until August 31st. Fully furnished with all tttod cons. £205 pcttt + deposit + hills. Tel: 07946 160945.

I Large double room in spacious opett plan l)ean Village flat. to share w itlt two n/s professionals. All tttod cons. cahle TV. l)\\'. free parking. £300 pcttt + ('T + hills. Tel: (H31 477 6391.

I Furnished double room near Blackltall. to share with I other itt loycly house with garden. £35 pw itth hills. Tel: 07775 774 453 after 6pm.

I Large room in loyely flat itt (‘ontely Bank sharing with 2 others. postgraduate or professional preferred. £200 pcttt + ('T + hills. Tel: 0131 332 2802 after 6 pttt.

I “no rooms, decorated, fttlly furnished. large flat. Long terttt let. (i('ll. l)(i. all tttod. cons. £300/£350 pcttt. including hills (except ('T and tell no l)SS. Sttit profs or postgrads. tt/s pref. Tel: 0| 3| 229 7639.

I Sunny single room in Lauriston (iartlens. itt new |y decorated llat. to share w itlt 2 young professionals. strictly n/s. (iSll. £215 pcttt pltts £37 council tax. plus hills. :\\ailahle July lsl. Tel: 0131 229 1169.

I Room in friendly city centre flat. Ayailahle June for short term. £65 per week itth ('T + hills. Tel: 07971 602 552.

I Stockbridge. Great double roont. itt large flat. fttlly furnished w itlt all tttod cons. Sttit relaxed professional. £250 pcttt + hills + ('T. Tel: 07900 605 5 I0.

I Rooms available in spacious and friendly flat to share with one other. £250 pcttt for douhle. £200 pcttt for single. Tel: 078l6 404 92l or 0|3l 557 0662.

I Double and en-suite roont itt large .\'ew Town flat. l’urnished w itlt large kitchen. .-\\'ailahle 14th May. £234 pcttt. Tel: 0131 556 8681.

I Friendly flatmate required for large central flat to ntoye ttt early June. with 4 others. £200 pcttt + (’T + hills. Tel: 07762 577 932 aft 5pm.

I Friendly, easygoing flatmate required. for a large hright douhle roottt itt central location. Would sttit young professional. £220 pcttt + (‘T + hills. Tel: 0131 2293469.

I No rooms in large. hright. friendly flat. near to city centre. ()tte douhle roottt. ayailahle June 2001. £230 pcttt. ()ne single roottt. ayailahle intntediately. £200 pcttt. Tel: 0l5l 55l 5060.

I Bright double room. in New Town flat. £225 pcm + deposit + share of tlte hills. (iood local amenities. student Pt'elet'rcd. no l)SS. .-\\ail end of June. Tel: 0131 558 8454.

I Double bedroom to rent itt a two hedroont central flat with separate kitchen. lix ittg roont attd hatltroottt. Sharing

w itlt one other person. £250 or £300 pcm negotiahle. .'\\ailahle front the end of .\lay til end of August. Tel: 07747 108 906.

I Double room available intntediately itt large Stockhridge flat for two month period. Sharing with four 20-somethings and friendly dog. £300 pcttt + (‘T + hills. Tel: 0131 557 5295. I Coal fires, no tttod cons. douhle room itt large detaclted house itt liskhank Toll. Suit person looking for relaxed atmosphere. £160 pcttt inclusiye of ('T + low hills. Tel: 07788 414 254.

I Central, single room, only 2 minutes front Princes Street. £250 pettt inclusiye ('T. gas attd electricity. 1 month's deposit required. tt/s only. Tel: 0|3l 557 2584.

I Room available for a 20- 23 year old female itt a spacious attd luxut'iotts flat situated 10 minutes htts ride front town. £210 pcttt including ('T httt ttot hills. Deposit £225. Tel: 07773 714 234.

I Biggish single room ayailahle itt a l)alkeith Road flat. comes with 2 flatmates attd all tttod. cons. :\\;ti|ztltle start of June. £200 pent including ('T. Tel: 0l3l 662 0466 or 07775 655 280.

I Newington. Double room itt luxurious top floor llat oy'erlooking Salishttt'y (Tags. all tttod cons. (iay -friendly person to share w itlt two profs. :\\ai| itttttted. £300 pent ittcl. hills + pltotte. Tel: 07754 696 641.

I Single room in ttew flat at the foot of l.eitlt Walk. Fully furnished with all tttod cons. Would sttit professional fentale. £250 pent + ('T + hills + deposit. Tch 0l5l 662 9638.

I Room in flat shared with l other. £220 pcttt. Tel: 0131 444 1223 after 6pm.

I Large room to rettt in ('t'aiglockharl area. Sttit tt/s professional. £250 pcttt. Tel: (H31 443 2733.

23 May—6 Jun 2002 THE LIST 115