V I saw you in the (i T W storage warehouse on the 8 May. What were the chances of seeing you there'.’ Would like to take you ottt somewhere a bit nicer. Box .\'o [7441/1‘).

V I saw you dancing behind the decks at the Arches (house party) on Friday. 1 was dancing in the radiance of your smile and I loved it!! Box No ['/441/2().

V I saw you on (ilasgow train from lidinburgh on Sttn night. 5 May. Yott with rowdy friends tne sitting

opp. Thought you were cute. Did you too'.’ Box .\'o [.7441/22. V I saw you Marcus in Lowdown. Sttn 5 May. You: selling yottrself. Me: sipping your pint. liven Richard (iough took note!! Box .\'o [.7441/23. V I saw you You were wearing a dettitn thing. 1 was wearing a black stripey shirt. 1 gave you my number bttt it was wrong. Yott gave the yours bttt I was absolutely gone! 1 can’t remember a thing. Will you help tne‘.’ Box No [.7441/46.

V I saw you (‘heryl at David Mancuso. (‘('A. You: white top ‘n' jeans. amazin eyes. (‘ouldn't take mine off you. You never catne to the party. Another time maybe'.’ The blue bonnet boy. Box .\'o [.7441/47.

V I saw you for 4.3 minutes in (‘orinthian and Waxy's attd was glad you stayed longer. Maybe the grape girls will have some more titne ol'l'. . . Box .\'o [7/441/4‘).

V I saw you in The Shack. Sunday 28 April. I bought you a drink. Veronica and you vanished. I asked your pal where you went to and she told me to piss off. 1 know you have a b\f bttt 1 would love to see you again sometime. liven if it's in another place and only the 2 of its. Leave a message on my mobile or house phone. Box No [.7441/50.

V I saw you nice snowboarder man outside Bennets. Sat 27. who offered to lend tts £20 to get home when we thought ottr mates had left its. We found them. bttt we love you! ('hecrs. K&J. Box .\'o [.7441/52.

V I saw you (‘ute Boy! Black coat 8; black hair! ()n Byres Rd. handing ottt fliers on Wed! Maybe you could offer tne something! 1 was shy girl with pink top! remember tne'.’ x. Box No [.7441/53.

V I saw you and chatted at the end of Renfrew 1-‘erry. 26 April. lloped to bump into you. Margaret. on the 27th.

bttt didn't. If you want to make contact. send a message. Sweet wishes. Alasdair. Box .\'o [7/441/54.

V I saw you gorgeous. petite. short. dark hair lady frotn Mary Hill at 1.angs Hotel Bar Sat

1 l/(15. Me: tall. shaven head from lidinburgh. Love to see you again. Box .\'o [.7441/56. V I saw you sweetheart of the Rodeo at Wilco. Sorry if 1 was too persistent. what with you having company and all. But you were too pttrdy for me not to tell you. Box No [7441/57.


V I saw you Justine (0‘ Syntax. Sottndhaus 3/5. You: craziest hair + sweetest smile. You smelt violets and squeezed the sooo light. your kisses. heavenly. Miss yott. darling. perfect ragdoll. lan x. Box No [7441/21.


V I saw you Pet Shop Boy: 2 May ‘()2. Yott were coming back from lunch - l was smiling in the sunshine on I.eith Walk! 1-‘ancy meeting up with an liast [ind (iit'l'.’ Box No [7441/5.

V I saw you Jill (who?) of Sainsbury's fame. .\'ever in my whole 24 years have 1 been so impressed with someones felching technique. Keep up the good work. l.uv Mike xx. Box .\'o [7/441/7.

VI saw you geeky Tess. you‘ve got . . . the most beatttifttl blue eyes that l‘ve ever seen. 1)u du dttda dttdudttdada lalala lalalalaa. Yup yttp. 1.uv the Tiger xx. Box No [7441/8.

V I saw you foxy ladies beside the garage on (‘ausewayside last Saturday. ()ne blonde goddess. sexy and chic. one dark and mysterious. sassy and cool. Meet Friday at the Pear Tree. We'll find you!! Box .\'o [7441/15.

V I saw you David. Where are you'.’ Please get back in touch with Teresa and Soni. We miss the psychic ping pong! Box No [7441/16.

V I saw you on x18 motorway to (ilasgow (!lYou: cute blonde lady passenger with inflatable turtle. Me: driving lighter green (iolf. You held out your number but wind whipped it ottt of your hand!! Would love to hear from you. Box .\'o [7441/17.

V I saw you on the number 36 hits at Ocean Terminal in lidinburgh on Sunday night (5 May). You were with your Mum & asked me about bus times. Fancy a drink sometime‘.’ Box No [7441/18.

V I saw you in the street. Smash and (irab! Hope the golf was as much fun. Admire our gorgeottsness! Box No [7441/24.

V I saw you working in ()‘Briens at Ocean 'I‘erminal. llot guy with dreadlocks. Box .\'o [.7441/25.

V I saw you (nuts. liriday 3 May. You shone ottt from the crowd. (‘utie. dark hair. gorgeous smile. All 1 could do was smile back!! Me: non- dancing wee man in the addidas T-shirt. Box .\'o [7441/26.

V I saw you the next Picasso. moshing at ldlewiltl!! Box .\'o [7441/27.

V I saw you standing at my front door. Since then you've changed my life. Have a fantastic summer and remetnber that 1'” love you forever Michael. your soulmate xx. Box No [7441/28.

V I saw you jau-lov ing lady. one of those nights down llcnry's ('ellar Bar....Box .\'o [7441/2‘).

V I saw you (illosl Trail. Friday 1‘) April. You were with Ratho Station witch. 1 was in black leather jacket. l'm spellbound. Let the on your broom. Box No [7441/30.

V I saw you Wok Wok. (ieorge St. 31) April . . .You: tall. slim. curly haired. sunkissed blonde with gorgeous skirt and speaking voice . . . Me: short dark-haired customer in short-sleeved dark shirt . . . I'd LOVE to hear from you . . . perhaps do some spicy cookin' . .‘.’ Box No [.7441/31.

V I saw you Brian McMasterful. 1 saw you striding through The llttb. Will you be my (‘herubl’ xx. Box No [.7441/32.

V I saw you foxy chick on your 125cc - Is it Auds'.’ 1 think 1 love you. xx. Box No [7441/33. V I saw you gorgeous nurse Judith. my heart's aching. Slip on your stilletoes and touch tne with your healing hands. Box No [.7441/40.

V I saw you Shetland lass at Beltane. Bright eyes and terrific smile. Sorry I left you. liver tnore sorry I didn't get back! Box No [.7441/41.

V I saw you sexy blonde-

haired gtty in the Liquid Rooms.

You said 1 could dance. I blow you off. Sorry. maybe - we can dance sometime. Box No [.7441/42.

V I saw you sexy bar staff in Po .\'a .\'a. Keep dancing for me. Box No [.7441/43.

V I saw you barmaid in Queens llall - long auburn hair and bloody mary expert!! Box No [.7441/44.

V I saw you at (‘hooky at the Mttsic Ball - beautiful dress and crazy dancing xx. Box .\'o [7441/45.

V I saw you Squirrel Boy. in (‘osta in lidinburgh. 1 was wearing your pants. you looked a bit shocked. Don't worry. it..s nothing too heavy. just very lovely. (ix. Box No [7441/51. V I saw you Friday It) May. bus stop. York Place. behind St James Centre. 5ish. You: black guy. dark jeans. stopped to let its onto bus - sweet. just wasn't our bus - pity! Me: dark hair. black leather coat. (‘offee next time‘.’ Box No [7441/55.

V I saw you dark-haired well-spoken girl with the sweet smile working in the gift shop of the Museum of Scotland (lidinburgh ). Fancy a coffee? Love the Posh Blonde Bloke. Box .\'o [,7/441/5‘).

V I saw you in the tnix at Tonic. You in black. Then later in Po Na Na. Wanna shake up somethin' special‘.’ Box No [7441/60.

V I saw you for the last time next to the washhand basins in the women's loos at the l’ilmhouse. You are a simple yet beautiful silver ring with a large. squarish irridescent blue stone. Some monetary value. but tnore sentitnental value than 1 know how to describe. My finger feels naked and I feel panicky without you. 1 think you must have gone home on someone else‘s hand. Please come back to me in a little parcel via this box number. No questions asked. Box No [7441/61.

V I saw you white vintage volvo man. ('anonmills. April 13th. ('an 1 have a lift‘.’ Box No [.7441/62.

V I saw you (‘ity (‘at'e doorman. Too sexy to be intimidating. 1 think your name is Don. Bung me ottt anytime. Box No [.7441/63.

VI saw you Reuben in (iaia on 16/4 (Shag tag) with your mate Jonny. We danced and drank a lot and had ftm. Please contact Pauline for more good times. Box No [.7441/64.

VI saw you in Bar 38. You bought a strange looking drink. You had a miffy bag. What about another strange

looking thing?! Box No [.7441/65.

VI saw you (’alamity Jane. next to ttte. for the rest of my life. Maisie loves you huge pieces. Box No [7441/66. VI saw you again in (‘ity (‘afe bttt you're in love. Bearded man - we had fun. let's finish the deal! Box .\'o [7441/67.

VI saw you Jo 1" with your beautiful eyes. looking like a princess! You are fantastic. Box No [.7441/68.

VI saw you Lauren enjoying your day off. .\'o revision for you. Have fttn and good ltlck with all the work. Kandy

xxx. Box .\'o [7441/6‘).

V I saw you Bridget when you cried at the end of Aimee and Jaguar. I knew I belonged with you forever. (‘at. Box No [744 l/7().

"You. supply your; full-

and add .5” with your

a _ Fill in the free postcards from the following venues: Blue. City

' ,Filmhouse, Iguana, Traverse, The venue;;Stll _ Gallery (Edinburgh), or Blackfriars, Brel;gf-f , ,Sac, GFT, Borders Cafe, Tinderbox.


' ' You can reach us at .y V _ Please supply a ("address when using e—mail. 3.

Fill in the form and fax it to 7719

30131557 8500

You, 14 High Street. Edinburgh EH .V i; or The List. I Saw You, CCA 350 Sauchi‘ehgu‘ i street. Glasgow G2 3J0

V I saw you at the (‘ameo in 'l'u Mama Tambien and then again in Ndembele‘s with your leopard fttr har (with ears!) and piercing beautiful eyes as you stared at me and I stared back dumbfounded. and you left. Box .\'o [7441/71.

V I saw you Harry Potter lookalike in the Pop Rokit. Will you please pttt a spell on me'? XXX. Box No [.7441/72.

VI saw you in the City Cafe. 1 think your name was Kyle. Loved the tile shirt. Maybe we could hook up! Box No [7441/73.

V I saw you at the Huckleberry gig at the Liquid Rooms - manga print t-shirt and nose piercing - U R()KK MY WORLD. Box No [7441/74.

V I saw you beautiful Amores Perros lookalike at the City Cafe. Too shy to say thanks for the lovely chocolate milkshake but. .. well...thanks. Box No L'/44l/75. V I saw you Chris. sexy president of Student Paper. Wearing a dress‘.’ ()r was that just in filthy conversation with another“! Box .\'o [.7441/76.

V I saw you itt Edinburgh at the Traverse. in yer sexy trainers. Shame about your chat though. (‘ome through and see me soon. ()K'.’ Box No [.7441/77.