\V‘ real task was: can I tnake someone on screen who is worthy of i " admiration'.’ Someone who is a proper character for kids to be

'My attempt to make a movie from a comic book-type hero.’

‘lt was a lot of pressure making this movie.~ he says. ’It wasn‘t for the reason you might think. It wasn’t the budget. it was the character. I knew millions of kids would go see this movie. The

admiring. That was the responsibility. even ‘As far as mor than th‘ S )id ‘r- -

moVIe owes the

Man legend. So we _ _ tried to write a comlc books: It’s character that went d

from an irresponsible a ow? to Wang W m .t comlc books responsible yotmg man.

We hoped to write a story that when the parents brought their kids to see it. they would think: "That's proper. That's not . . he says carel‘ully. "‘impropet'".’

Not that the comics Tans —- a notoriously proprietorial bunch are likely to be disappointed. Raimi. who felt he shouldn’t chase the Tans‘ desires. bttt rather bring to the screen what he loves about the comics. drew heavily on the books. ‘I referenced particular issues.. he says. ‘What does the (ireen (ioblin's costume look like again'.’ I‘d re—read a few (ioblin issues. The origin of the (ioblin's glider'.’ lid lind that first issue and read that. .-\.s tar as what the movie owes the comic books: it's all owed to the comic books.~

A few t‘inal questions for the kid. Will Raimi make the inevitable sequel'.’ ‘l'm already working on the sequel.‘ he says. The villain'.’ ‘l)on’t know yet. but Sony have hired the writers lii‘onically'. those responsible for the ‘Superman‘s early years’ television series. .S'mu/lt'i/lvl. As I * H A , n spidersfoezthe finished this movie I still had a natural ,. _ Green Goblin curiosity about what’s going to happen to the 4' characters. A director has no better situation.’

(iiven the deluge ol‘ Marvel ('omic superhero adaptations .\".'lrl('/I 3. The Hit/k. (i/mst Rider. Darn/err] coming our way. would Raimi make another'.’ ‘I love The l'imluslit' l'our.‘ he says. That's a mouth-watering thought: Raimi filming the fabulous / Kennedy-era superhero family.

And lastly. does Raimi imagine himsell as l’lash. llarry or l’eter‘.’ ‘l’d have been a Peter Parker. without the girl.‘ quips the kid.

The wall-crawler in action

Spider-Man opens Fri 14 Jun. See Comics reviews and next issue’s Film review.

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