Re: The List

I just felt compelled to write a quick note to say how much I like all the changes in your magazine. The new layout is really pleasing to the eye. the editorial is stronger and wittier than ever and all the new reader offers are fantastic. This magazine is real value for money. Keep it up!

Lisa Thompson

via email


Re: Star Wars (440) Twenty years on George Lucas has revisited that age old fallback of on-screen sci-fi: getting attractive lassies into spray-on outfits. Well done George. I can hear Carrie Fisher groan from here.

Rob Ferguson

via email


Re: Missing Link (440)

I thought I'd set the record straight about what we're doing. The idea behind the Missing Presumed Found project was triggered when I found a bookmark inside a book in the library. It had a girl's name on it written in large green text: ‘This bookmark belongs to Gernma. If you should find it please return it.‘

This made me think about how yOu could leave things in library books and make other people's lives more interesting. Not long after this I won 910 on the Lottery. I split this into a 95 note and five Singles and hid them in library books. This made me feel great. Six people would come across this money. They would have something to tell their friends. The power to touch people's lives in this way was an incredible realisation.

I began to envision a book that travelled. a lost soul. a wanderer. I imagined a time when everyone would say they knew someone who had seen the book. The book is abOut connecting strangers. to make people of different

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backgrounds see things from different points of view. There are books throughout the world now. We just received emails from San Francisco. Hawaii and Sweden in the last week.


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Re: Mum’s the word (440) Hiya Marjorie. 30unds like your feelings were hurt when The List called you matronly. As a larger lass myself. I must admit the press and media haven't been cheeky to me yet. It's actually a compliment that they have noticed you at all.

Look at Dawn French: she‘s big. gorgeous and funny. A woman who is very comfortable with her body and sexy with it. If you are a larger lass who uses saucy material in your act. I think this frightens the weedy little press people. Mother Meela via email


Re: Shop Idols (440)

I went into Cult Clothing with the intention to purchase a pair of damn nice trousers. When I saw that they were out of 16s. I th0ught I'd have a go at the 14. Alas. they were a bit of a squeeze.

‘No bother.‘ I thought. ‘l'Il try a different pair.’ How odd. there was not one pair of size 16 trousers to be found. I asked a member of staff who admitted to me: ‘No. we don't actually stock a size 16. Yes. it is ridiculous. No. I don't know why.‘

Apparently. the owner thinks he will lose too much money if he caters for the average Brit. Is that because once ‘fat' people are seen wearing these clothes they will no longer be appealing? Apart from the fact that a Size 16 is average not ‘fat‘ I don't believe that having one or two pairs of size 16 trousers would break the bank for a shop.

R. Ingleton Via email


Re: At home with the Braithwaite (440)

Isn't it time Stuart Braithwaite faced up to some of the realities facing the creative industries in Scotland today? Given his drunken outburst on stage at the tripTych show in Glasgow and his ramblings in

his column, it would appear so.

UnfOrtunately, live music has had to adapt to an increasingly consumer led global society. What would you rather see: overpaid and under-zealous DJs rolling in and out again on the Bud House Party bandwagon or an investment at the core of the Scottish music scene by a brand with genuine concern for the music industry in Scotland?

In T-Break. Tennent‘s make a real difference to young bands struggling to get heard. At tripTych, they bring acts that Scottish audiences just wouldn't hear. And T in the Park is a major international festival. for Scottish audiences.

tripTych is one of the most exciting and significant developments in Scottish contemporary music provision in years. Without Tennent's Lager it wouldn‘t happen.

ls Stuart busy deciding which charity to donate his earnings from the three shows to? I doubt it. Neil Mowat Better Days Ltd 7 Lynedoch Street Glasgow

LEFT ON THE SHELF Re: The new radicals (440) ‘Why do such bookish beanfeasts occur just once a year?‘ asks Brian Donaldson. rightly praising the Edinburgh

Independent Radical Book Fair.

Easy answer: they don't.

Every August the biggest bookish beanfeast in the world happens in Charlotte Square Gardens and it bursts with radicalism. dynamic debate. provocations of all sorts.

'When are we likely to see Tariq Ali or Linton Kwesi Johnson returning to motivate

our minds?‘ asks Donaldson. I could not possibly comment as we don’t officially announce our programme until 12 June: but there is an easy answer to thatonetoo...

Catherine Lockerbie Edinburgh International Book Festival

737 Dundee Street

Edinburgh EH77 7 86


Re: City Break Rome (440) Miles Fielder was so busy being a ponce (‘make like Gregory Peck': I ask you . . .) that he did not research the background information for his article. The Colosseum/ Amphitheatrum Flavianum was not completed until 8OAD by the Emperor Titus. So how could Miles squint and think of Ben Hur and Gladiator and be back in 72AD with chariots etc? Squint and see a building site more like . . .

David Smith

via email

QUALITY CONTROL Re: Singular opinion (440) Nicola McCartney's defence of Kathy McKean's play. Becoming. against Steve Cramer's review is loyal it unnecessary. Critics play an important role for both the playwright and the audience and whether one agrees or disagrees with a review. it is still useful feedback.

As a regular theatregoer. I am frequently irritated by criticism which fails to offer a point of view or analysis. and instead gives nothing more than a description. Too many critiques (and The List is sometimes guilty of this) read like expanded programme notes.

If I had read Steve Cramer's review before going to see Sing/es Night. I might have stayed for the second half rather than leaving at the interval because of the fear that I would have to sit through two more plays of the same quality as Kathy McKean‘s. Lynn Bradley via email




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