ROCK THE BREEDERS QMU, Glasgow, Wed 29 May

To say that Kim Deal is one unique lady is like saying the Pixies were an average guitar combo. An interview with the Breeders frontwoman is a surreal rollercoaster ride, complete with interviewee- swapping, multi-directional conversations and chin-up contests I can only guess at.

It’s not helped by the voice delay on the phone to their practise room in Los Angeles. Nor the fact she’s had a few beers.

‘Yo duuude,’ she drawls, ‘where ya callin from?’ When I say Scotland she immediately starts reminiscing about the Breeders’ Edinburgh days, during which they recorded their debut LP Pod. Twelve years later and only a third album, Title TK is pending release, which has led to many lazy accusations of her having done nothing since 1993’s Last Splash and its spin-off sensation ‘Cannonball.’

‘Y’know,’ she begins, slightly exasperated, ‘everyone forgets that I did an album as the Amps in 95 and then toured with that until 97. I was waiting on the girls - Kelley [Deal, Kim’s twin sister] had a drug problem and Josephine [Wiggs, another founder member] had just gone a bit weird so I played under another name out

he hates post-rock

This week Stuart has been mostly eating pizza and telling Brazilians why

‘lt’s tempting to go wahwahwahwahwah for an hour’

of respect for them. But the girls never came back.’

Deal ended up teaching herself the drums and laying down some tracks with Steve Albini before heading to the Big Apple. What New York held in store was a fateful meeting with three members of the punk outfit Fear, and an all-night jam together which convinced Deal to move to Los Angeles and relaunch the Breeders as a band.

And this latest incarnation done good. Title TK needs a few listens, but soon wins you over with its disarming warmth, a result of Deal’s typically lush voice, sister Kelley’s ghostly harmonies, some simple- yet-smart guitar work, unobtrusive, natural-sounding production from Albini who champions Deal’s all- analogue ‘AII Wave’ recording philosophy - and above all, lovingly crafted songs. ‘The music kinda comes naturally, but the words are hard for me,’ Deal confesses. ‘lt’s all too tempting to just hook up a tremolo pedal to a mike, smoke a joint and go wahwahwahwahwah for an hour. But I don’t think I could ever release that.’

Live, the Breeders are a mouthwatering proposition. Expect, in Steve Albini’s words, ‘the beauty of sunrise, the tragedy of deceit, the comedy of a pratfall and the mania of a drag race.’ And maybe another chin-up contest. (Jan F. Zeschky)

contrasted strongly with our sorry sunburnt jet lagged demeanour. Tonight people are apparently expecting us to ‘smash things up’ which I think is highly unlikely as we're about to tan about ten pizzas and we‘re on in an hour.

Going to a beautiful country half way round the world that I never even dreamt about visiting is

Having escaped Leith intact (despite the effOrts of some of our party to do a Peter Buck on the twelve hour flight), I find myself in sunny Sao Paolo, Brazil for the start of our two-and-a-half-week tour of South and North America. Having never been to South America. I know it only by reputation. Stories of instant muggings and kidney theft are rife. but to be honest I haven't seen anything as bad as Lothian Road or the Gallowgate of a weekend (though I'm sure I'm tempting fate).

Even though Sao Paulo is the third largest city in the world after Mexico City and Tokyo, it seems they have only recently experienced visitations from pasty Scots indie bands such as ourselves. Belle & Sebastian’s trip

38 THE LIST .7", i , .'

here last year caused quite a stir. They are held in high esteem in Brazil: there are bootleg CDs for sale in stores here alongside those of Brazil’s other UK favourites, Iron Maiden. A double headline Maiden Belles tour would certainly prove interesting.

In between explaining why we don't like the term post—rock through a translator, we have found time to enjoy the distinctly unScots weather. which has inevitably resulted in our pale blue complexions transforming into bright pink ones. Oh well you dae the crime you dae the time.

Tonight is the second show in Sao Paulo, last night's being quite a surreal affair, with the audience all seated but still managing to convey a sense of rabid enthusiasm which

something that should be impossible to complain about, but the thought of just about everyone we know sitting in Scottish multiplexes eating nachos watching the new Star Wars film before we get to see it makes me mad. Aidan Moffatt was even going to wear his Jedi cloak . . .

We’re going to see it in New York next week which may seem glamorous but is in fact shite because people in New York treat the cinema screen in much the same way that children in Scotland treat pantomimes (my most despised creation): they shout at it. Which won‘t be too great when trying to decipher the subtle nuances of Lucas' script. Wish youse were here.

Surface noise

All the Vans, Jaxx and dod y metal in the wonderful word of mUSIC

VAN MORRISSON HAS announced an Edinburgh date as part of this year’s Jazz and Blues Festival, which runs from 26 July to 4 August. Morrison plays on Thu 1 Aug at the Playhouse. He’ll be at Glasgow’s SECC on Fri 2 Aug. COLPLAY OPEN THEIR MINI UK to..r “3/22" a date at Eden:_;..rgt"s Queen's Hat! on 9 June. a’C'JlT‘ A Rush Of Blood To The Head be released ater :1" s

THE WINNERS OF THE SONAR Festival prize draw are:

Mark Watt from Glasgow (attended Cinematic Orchestra)

Peter McBeath from Edinburgh (attended Richie Hawtin)

Neil Wishart from Aberdeen (attended Chuck D)

Each winner gets to take a friend. Prize includes flights, accommodation, spending money and two passes for the Sonar festival, 13—15 June. Do send us a postcard.

B&S for sold out Glastonbury

FURTHER ADDITIONS to the T H 933% :3 i": “(ic- And; \'."'ea:".e"a am: We "aide" 2111.. (ms Jaxx. NOW THE IT’S SOLD OUT, Glastonbury’s lineup has finally been released. Coldplay, Roger Waters, Idlewild, Belle & Sebastian, the Vines and Groove Armada are among the acts appearing. The Stereophonics were touted as Saturday night headliners but V2002 commitments appear to have scuppered the possiblity. The festival takes place on 28—30 June. REJOICE? DODGY METALLLRS \‘JASP release {2 nos: 0. ‘(T Jane. Accord “t; to "';:"t"‘;‘:" mm (3 Laxz'ess. i). ‘1)" ("e Ellen/0214.13; "spies: 1:). "(21' sort to Us ‘r'om 1%} ram c: :3 cm during) two (-3.. \‘Ja". .'."‘.e'e TKXJDSK'JCJZI£161.41 3. gjg: ' .. I_J£if2‘(Z-IZ£1I"‘;} 'l:..:?‘~\' l. A Beast' {1"121lCl‘ :I' .' 0:: not 1:..‘.

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