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I A new music convention and festival is set to rock (probablyi Glasgow at the end of October. MusicWorks aims to provide a unique chance for the muSiC industry to explore future . de\.'eloi.)ments. And such. water; . I it Details are on

'.".".’/‘.’-/.l i it iSU."/Ofi<8UK.CCt it New Edinburgh festival promotes home-grown talent. Words: Louisa Pearson O . . Am €0,qu m

October. to Edinburgh. is

l‘. a ct, .'.i‘ere the month o‘ August creates; a cultural Big Bang l'iei'e':; a real caoa'et fee; to a iot of t"e 3;".o.'.':;: tit-:2 Kn A. Start; the first full exhibition aid the ot'ier ele‘. e". iiioi‘t'is oi the 1. ear raise ttle riio'e Mac a features; the ozok o‘ t'te crcp fro!“ the cue" "‘-:: r‘gi‘t. 'ictuu r‘g 'ia'ji: ';t dedicated to the history .'.hi'i‘per. tl‘e ‘.'.’lll(iS (3‘ change are a oio'.'.'ing. Since the turn of the Pharme Go's; (Zach t;an:i l. e:; i‘./i-f;(}i'-T;-53 ano poet Tr‘ai‘ ixlercr‘arx. he" and culture of the ;.ear tne ri‘urmti" of creati‘.'t{. "as; been turning into a chatter and the there's; a punk ‘e:;t at the l~uz lvlcoi‘: Chic. ftc", ESot; iitt‘l at ti‘e Bongo computer gétt'i'tt‘}. With a Eil'Tl'.£il of a nex; testinal. the lti‘intxirgn Rush. ‘.-.':il create a bout of Club and an. 'unceaten' anpeevanoe o, :;a co, e ‘.'.:t.":)ut the Stitxstantial element of

serious; l>oi:;tero;is;rless. {It'tlltilt‘i(}". interactwitya Launched So ho has; it come about? Rush t rgariisers; l ranczs Bickriiore ano If ‘.()t.' .e gct the ent:rg,. there-'5; 'io "(Eéii;()" ,tru court/it"! be out recently at London's;

Jena, Polk; page '.'."|i.'l(jSS(3Ci t"e gromng petulant, o‘ tne'r own n'g'ntt; exer‘, ngi‘t oi' the .'.'eek, and {'8 that l ":"ge ike at'i‘oepnere that Ho :; Barhicah. Game On Wlli

Bickmore is; txmnu’ Kl'l. the cbei‘-to—aii cabaret currenti, heat; 3:: 1n hopes; to create. be nothing less than kids

the (late Rope. ario Ho E3 itosati; the B:g ‘.'.'orld Performance Poetry 'it's; an actxe cuittzre anti its; act .t“ocs;e<l ct; titre." can; lto 5;. in a iii—tech sweetie Shop. e.e".ts; and decided i’i-f) tinre was; not: 2'or a full-on celebration of the cig'it independent C)l'§}£ill|i3£iilfil‘i3 and no one':; had a", ea, I'l swat Go to ‘."."\."/'.'r.’.béil'blCali capital's; taient. anlmne else is; ac ng.‘ .orguk . . . Having

‘.'.‘lt.'i ail moans; happening in the :::t, centre and none costing "itjl't‘: this; lack of a<i'ni't.s;tra: '.-:;- red tape 7‘7fikttl‘f3 t"-::- t'-:::;: '.t‘il hat, a" completed her Garnet/till t"at E‘.~'-. 3's; "ot going to take too inucl‘ effort to get n1; ohed. l‘or orgartc t'eel to it, :;till {ll'()'.'.ll‘{l and (ie‘.c- onwg egen though t"-:2 trilogy. Denise Mina

S;:2'!()t.‘f; .a;;.e to" 'lTOt‘KE, there‘s; the Acoustic l/lega'nike: fit) llltlSlC'EtllS prog'ainnie's nee-n prr‘teu. liok’riiore s;a,:;: don't kilos. t’ t‘::. a :;c't will publrsh her next novel 1

tak r‘g their turn to (to one song before being edt eo‘ o‘t’otage b', the c" acoustic ie'. “.ai or patiett‘er :t'i; j:.:;t i’)(ItiE3"‘(l o" iiit;Kitith{t'ff3f312‘3"t3. in November. Sanctum

"ext troubadour. l" poctr‘, '3; more ,our scene. hos; about the Poe-tr, but there-‘5; ce'ta-riij. a teei'v‘g t'iat ‘.'.-:;~'re wing sorre sort of .'.a.t:-_ asks th 2 Clth-SilOiiI why

Sian‘: 25> ’.'.(}l"_lf3fl‘iiil‘f3 hattl ng 3'. out for 1.0;? applause?" llonefu t’:at'!: contntie tc cari‘, tit; ;.'ito next l.-:;a' and t;c-;.;>.'i<:,' do some women find ltcils; expiaiits; the critera: “».".’nat we '.'.'anteo was; sonic-t1": "g '.'."th .ott; criminals; irreSistible?

o" performers; l;(3(i£it.f$€i there's; absolutel, stacks of great i:t;-r'f:>i"'tt:-if; i'i The Edinburgh Rush runs from 27 May-3 June, Which is; a fair enough Eriwhurgh Ei'l-fl 't Jacks; up the =e'.el of !"-'.f)i‘.’{}lll:}"i_' 0080' - - - 390k '53 Wick- A newt-z presently untitled. album l8 due out for

The Bongo beats on Nige.

With demolition in the pipeline, what’s next for Out Of The Blue? Words: Louisa Pearson “1"”! "‘ :3“) met ucers Ciair .

()lltiit(2."(i'£tl", i;ei‘t;iti‘.'e' ts; l)a.n‘e"-{,' Street. Assam "g i:- anrwg Didn't take 'ong. did it? Out Of inc ;'..e co ordnator l)(‘:.'"‘.l2.‘;f; on E3 granted. the whole aiea :3 :;t;-t The fare! itio\.'ie abetit ll >f

Roi) l ooi‘. deoc'het; the otzitiit; io' cultuia‘ regene'atioi‘ ‘.'.:‘.li tl‘e :;tu:i-:>:;, September has Just been

( the search for new cit‘, (:eiitic- i3"(?'ltlf3(3§3 ‘.'.'::"kt;hoi>:;, (EXl‘llN'uiZi’t. o"icc Slit (rt;- af‘d (:(>ii‘.pi( TITO Gt/f.’

>r l dinouign'i; Bongo (Ilut). i'i other cafe ha' heading oxoi t'tc-rc. ".'*.’e".e pee" Stars Sigourney

'.'./oi‘ds;: '\.r“./c-'re talking to a fer: peopic about talkrng to t"e 'oca con‘nionttfi, arid nae-"e Weaver. Tim Robbins

(:ltit) t3l)£t(l(}f3 out can't :;a‘, t’tat i'ttic'” gctt t‘g a good iet;t>oi“;e.' saw; ii()()'t_ and Susan Sarandon

abotit them: 80"}(3 other hugger znigiit am In the i'ieantime. ()()ll%':; l iiiige and focuses; on a

in there and get tnenx' piogi‘ami‘ie ‘.'.’!H go ahead in Nov: Street, Brooklyn fire chief who An all in f)l‘(2 inulti purpot; ; arts; cent'e. although the Septei‘ilxri dian, It; not to he (:oriipooed eulogvas for

'l()tiESlll(] ov-r" 101) artists; a:; unrel! (if; continue: i. it it; in the middle of an (Eight of his; unit \.'.-'ho died

rehearsai. -.'.rork:;nop and exhibition spaces, exchange [)l()j(}(Ii with young people i'iorn _ . . Look out for an

()(Hli is; about much more than the ll‘.(l' lvlaiiielodi, South Africa not to i'iention the intriguing. or othemrise.

iiitit;.c iii the Ho'igo (I'uii. lhe Nez'.’ Street Recycled l uiiiittiie l’ioiect. 53()i‘,i(} liitiiie hatch oi atitoi)iogt'aphies

building .8 the heating heart oi l <liiii)ii'gt‘,':; exchange i)i()t}i£t!lil‘l(}:; with i'iti:;i<:ian:; Manual for August: Roy £1lif3f$tltjli(:.i'_)' the ia:;t two \,’()£ti'f; the lioin India and Nepal, art ‘.'.'()il\’:;ii()t)f} and Keane. Richard & buiiozrig hat; been unde: thrc it of events; on oxen. night iii lane at the Judy and David Essex

demolition. hut tii.i‘gt; are lock'rig up. Bongo (Zlul). tell us; about ’heii‘

ltit: ()itiéil"f;£ti!()ll i‘aé; 'tt; :;ignt$; :;ct ‘-.'V()l‘.(i€)i'itli |l\.’(.)8. South Africa’s Mamelodi on I t;.th's; clri l-t:i':t:>iia f‘x'll“, l;tiildir‘g i".

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