Music jazz listings

Edinburgh, Fri 31

I The BackBeat Band the Bridge Jan Bar. 82 South Bridge. 478 2510. 9pm. liree. SCC Hi 24.


I Cathie Rae Quintet (‘arnegie Hall. liaxt l’ort. 0l383 3l4000. 8pm. £7.50. See Sttn 26.


I Carol Kidd Dundee Rep. 'l'ay Square. 0| 382 223530. 8pm. £|5 t£l3t. Seotland'x first lady ofja/I eontinuex to btiild on her reputation as a tirxt-rate interpreter of \tttntlitt‘tlx. Part of Dundee .lu:: I‘t’.\1lt'(l/.

I Dave Fimister Quartet Dundee Rep. 'I‘ay' Square. 01382 223530. l0.30pm. £4 (£3 l. (‘laxste jaw in the tnottld of Ruby Braff frotn thix loeal outfit. Part of Dam/w .ltt:: l'k’ylii'ul.


I Brian Molley Quartet Bret. 3t) 43 Ashton Lane. 342 4966. 3pm. tree. Young saxophonixt Molley lt‘ottt\ thix foursome.


I Melting Pot Henry \ Jal/ ('ellat‘. 8 Morrison Street. 467 5200. midnight. £5. See Sat 25.

I The Piano Trio The Bridge Jal/ Bar. 82 Sottth Bridge. 478 25 10. 2.30pm. Free. See Sat 25.

I Festival Of Americana 'l‘he Liqttid Room. 9e Victoria Street. 225 2564. 3.30pm. £l2 £l4. .-\n all day fextiyal of tllllSlL' of .-\meriean origin \y ith Dana Di.\on lbltlL‘N). Lightx Out By .\'ine tRckB l. l’aul Harrixon 'l'rio tja/ll. l'nion :\\'L‘litlc teotmtry't and High Voltage troek'n'rolll.

I Esbjorn Svensson Trio + Brian Kellock Solo Queen’s Hall. ('let'k Street. 668 20l‘). 8.30pm. £|0 £l2.50 t£6 on the door only t. See Thu 30.

I Jafala Henry 's Jax/ (’ellar. 8 Morrison Street. 467 5200. 8.30pm. £5. lidinburgh based _ia//. fttitk and Latin \extet playing a mix olot'igittah and Slitlltlttl'tlS.

I The Bridge House Band the Bridge Ja/l Bar. 82 South Bridge. 478 25 10. 9pm. liree. See Sat 25.


I Dundee University Big Band Dundee Replay Square. 01382 223530. 3pm. £3 (£2). Syy inging big band tune\ from the likes of Dttke lillington attd Benny (ioodman. Part of Hum/er .lur." I'i'ylii‘ul.

I Scottish Guitar Quartet Dundee Rep. 'l‘ay Square. 0| 382 223530. 6pm. £7.50 t £5.50l. hour aeouxtie guitars play deft and \uhtle ja/I. featuring the lithlil\ ofJed Broekie. Nigel ('lark'. Maleolm Mel‘arlane and Ke\ in MaeKen/ie. Part of Dundee/(1:: l't'.\lll'(l/.

I Mighty Caledonian Mambo Orchestra Dundee Rep. 't'ay Square. 01382 223530. 9pm. £l0 l £8i. l'p-beat mambo madnexx from member\ of Salsa ('eltiea and Lino Roeha. Part of Hum/w ./u:: l't'.\lll'(l/.

I Hot Charanga Sauce Dundee Rep. 'lay Square. 0| 382 223530.

I L30pm. £4 (£3). The \tartling Latin y'oiee of (‘arlox l’ena front\ a tie“ group playing Bra/iltan \on muxie yyith ('arrie MeKenna tflutel. Day e l’atriek lpianol. Mario ('aribe tbaxxl. Part of ,)llll(/('(‘ .lu.":' I'i'yltt‘tll.


I Cool 8. Mellow Jazz Brunch St Andre“ \ In The Square. Off Saltmarket. St Andreyy .\ Street. .548 ()(l2l). Noon. £7.95. Laid-baek ia/I \ntllltl\ from Bohhy \Vixllitt‘t on keyboard and Lenny Magttire on \oeals.

I Esbjorn Svensson Trio + Brian

50 THE LIST 7? Ma. ', .J .': 1’"

Kellock Solo (‘(‘.'\. 350 Sauehiehall Street. 352 4000. 8pm. £l2.50 l £l0.50t. See Thu 30.


I Jimmy Wood Duo't‘he Bridge .la// Bar. 82 South Bridge. 478 25l0. lptn. l‘ree. See Sun 26.

I David Milligan Trio Henry \ .la/l (.L‘llill'. «S \lttt‘t‘ixttn Street. 407 52()(). 8.30pm. £5. l’ianixt Milligan iyioined hy baxxixt 'l‘om Ly tie and drummer 'l'om Baneroft for funky jam in a llerhie llaneoek/(‘hiek ('orea \ty le.

I Down With It The Beat .la// Baxentent. l ('hamherx Street. 078l l 375374. 8pm. £2 tfree before I lpml. li\peet three sets \tarting at 10.30pm tappro\ l. A night ol'ia/l. ftmk and tire. yy itlt aet \till to he eonlirmed.

I Gary’s Notebook the Bridge .la// Bar. 82 South Bridge. 478 25l0. 0pm. l-‘ree. Melloyy lidinhurgh quartet named alter a great Lee .Morgan ttttte a\ \y ell a\ their leader. bit\\i\l (iary l'htttti\let'.


I Dougie Tiplady Group lite Beat .la// Baxement. l (‘hamherx Street. 078l I 375374. 8pm. £2 tfree before l lpmi. l{\peet three \etx \tarting at l0.30pm tappro\ l. Hard \\\ inging neyy grottp from the New Xealand \a\ophoni\t. playing L‘D\ t‘t'\ tllltl ttl'tgiltitlx.

I The Jam Session the Bridge .la// Bar. 82 South Bridge. 478 25l0. 0pm. l‘ree. See Mon 27.


I The Sylvia Rae Trio the Beat .la// Baxement. l (‘hamberx Street. 078]] 375374. 8pm. £2 tfree before I lpmt. lixpeet three \et\ \tarting at 10.30pm tappro\ l. Voealixt Rae ix joined by

Ronnie Rae on ha“ and a \peeial gttL‘\l pianixt.

Wednesday 5


I Fat Sam’s Swing Band the Beat Ja// Baxement. l ('hamherx Street. 0781 I 375374. 8pm. £2 £3 tlree hefore l0pmt. lixpeet three \etx \tarting at l0.30pm tapproxt. .loin l‘at Sam\ Syy ing Band lot" toe-tapping tunex. eoy ering llltlllt-IlD e to m ing. from tia// great\ melt in (ilen Miller aitd l’atx Domino.

I The Standard Bearers llenry \ Ja/l ('ellar. 8 Mot'rixon Street. 467 5200. 8.30pm. £5. .\ lia// jam \t'\\itttt \\ ith the Standard Bearer\ lead by drummer l’at Quinn and lttittlx of guextx.

I The Usual Suspects the Bridge Jan Bat. 82 South Bridge. 478 25l0. 9pm. l'lL‘L‘. See \VL‘tl 2‘).

Thursday 6

Glasgow I Melting Pot (’anyax. 62 .Mhion

Street. 552 2l0l. 8pm. £5. See Sat 25.


8 Sierra Maestra ()tieen‘x ltall. ('lerk Street. 668 20l‘). 8pm. £l2.50. With a \ound reealling the lex heyday of (‘uhan muxie. the grottp mark their 25th anniyerxary \\ith muxie from a neyy album. Rum/tern Sm.

I Rumba Caliente the Beat .lal/ Baxetttent. l (‘ltamhetx Street. ll78l| 375374. 8pm. £2 £3 tlree helore l0pmt. See ‘l'lttl 2.3.

I Alex Yellowlees’ Hot Club Henry '\ .la// (‘ellaix 8 Morrixon Street. 467 5200. 8.30pm. £5. l‘ormerly knoyyn \imply ax the Hot (‘lth. y iolinixt .’\le\ Yelloyy leex' trio xery e tip \yy ittg in the elaxxie Reinltardt-( irappelli \ty le.

I Graeme Wilson Quartet the Bridge .la// Bar. 82 South Bridge. 478 25 ll). 0pm. l’ree. lili\ tourmme. ll‘ttlllul hy talented young \a\ player \Vilxoli. play hopixh material \y itlt etlmte inllueneex.

The following details are for regular free weekly dates: see main listings for one-off or ticketed shows. Gigs are listed by city, then by day. Residencies will be listed, provided that up-to- date details are supplied to us. Jazz Residencies listings are compiled by Henry Northmore.


I June Love and Alan Pike l-Lat Drink .Man Woman. 34 King Street. 552 0206. 8pm. Mainxtream iaH \y ith yoealx. I Danny Thompson Baby (irand.

3 7 lilmhank (iardenx. 248 4042. l0.30pm. .\ \y ide \eleetion from lliix lounge pianixt.


I Bobby Wishart and his Band litit'tlet'x Hookm 28.3 Bueltanan Street. 222 7700. 7.30pm. Leading jazz \a\ophoni\t Wishart lronlx thix otttlit. I Stephen Duffy Trio 'l‘he Supper (‘lth. 7‘0 Albion Street. 552 2200. 8pm. .|a// yy hile you dine from \oealixt and piani\t Dttlfy leading llli\ _ia// trio in a Nat (‘ole/Diana Krall \ty le.

I Danny Thompson Baby (irand txee lllttl. [0.30pm. Lounge pianixt.


I Claire and Amy La Mirage Bar. Millennium Hotel. (ieorge Square. 332 67l l. 2 5pm. Sit baek and enjoy ith littllll‘t‘t‘x \y ith a dt'ink or luneh ttyyo eottt'xe\ for £5 l.

I Harry Margolis’ Miller Band l.‘.v\ttaelte. 27 Waterloo Street. 22l 32 ll). 2 5pm. Big hand in the (ilenn Miller \L‘itt.

I Lauder’s Big Band Lauderk. Saueltiehall Street. 33l 5l80. 2 5pm. The big band sound. \y ith \oealx from llL‘ulltt‘t' \Vltilt‘lttl'tl.

I George McGowan Orchestra liat Drink Man Woman txee 'l‘htt l.

2.30 6pm. liighteen-pieee big band.

I Shelagh Buchanan and The Sandy Taylor Trio 'l‘he Supper ('luh txee 'l'ltttt. 8pm. linioy jax/ from thix t‘eltoyy netl \oealixt aeeompanied by one of Seotland\ linext pianixtx yyhile yott dine hooking on the number ahoy e.

I Live Jazz lilaeklt‘itll'x. 36 Bell Street. 552 5924. 9.30pm. Modern ia/x Brian Molley on Sat 25 May and guitarist Morph on Sat | Jim.

I Danny Thompson Baby (irand txee 'lltu t. l0.30pm. Lotmge pianixt.


I Sportxterx Bar. (iilmore Street. l’;ti\ley. 848 7l08. 2.30 5.30pm. .\lillll\llL'illll and Latin _ia// \yith yoealx. Sun 26 May only.

I Kenny Paterson Quintet Not. I534 l’ttllttlx\ll;t\\\ Road. 632 tll6]. 3pm. Seottixh ia// singer l’aterxon leads thix quintet featuring Bobby Deam on \a\. Sttn 2 .lttn only.

I Chris Clark Trio Drum and Monkey. St Vineent Street. 22| 6636. 3.30 6.30pm. Melloyy mainxtream_ia// \yith \oeal\.

I Tim Barella Quintet llogliead. \\-t'\l (it'ttl'g‘t‘ Slt'L‘L‘l. .355 0032. 8pm. Sa\ophoni\t Barella frontx thix outlit

yy illt litltlie loal on \ttt‘;tl\. l-‘rom Stilt May 1‘).

I Live Jazz 'llie Supper ('luh lxee 'l‘liul. 8pm. .\llt\te \yhile you eat \y ith \ariou\ pianixtx and \ingerx proy iding \ome Iltelltm jam and etlxy lixtening. Booking on the nttmher abo\ e.

I Live Jazz Blaekl'riarx. 36 Bell Street. 552 5024. 9.30pm. Modern ia/x yy ith Hermie Longalong Stilt 26 .May and .-\lan \Vy lie Sun 2 Jun.

I Jazz DJ Bahy (hand txee ‘l‘hti t. lllfitlpm.



I Fionna Duncan with the Ronnie Rae Trio Me('huill'.\. 40 High Street. 552 2 I35. 9pm. Mainstream ja/z tunex yy ith lltix t'ettoyy'ttetl singer.


I Live Jazz The (’loekyyork‘ Beer ('o. I I53 1 I55 ('atheart Road. 64‘) 0l84. 8.30 l l.30pm. Tue 27 May has melloyy' ja/l \tttttttl\ from (ieorge Ly'le Quartet and the (ieorge ()gily ie Quintet and their Dixieland jth on Tue 4 Jun.


I Ruth Lambert liat Drink Man Woman (see ’l‘hu l. 8pm. Performs pure jaH in the \ty le othtlie London.

I Danny Thompson Baby (ti-and (see 'l‘hul. 10.30pm. Lounge pianist.



I Live Jazz Henderson's. 25 'l'hixtle Street. 225 2l3l. 7pm. 'I'yyo fortnightly rexideneiex on alternate yyeekx with law from (ied and Doug and hoxanoya from Defalittado.


I Live Jazz llClltlL‘l'SUH‘S (\CC 'l‘lttl ). 7pm. Various :tt'lixtx drop in from the Jan (ittitar Duo and (iraham High to the Lauehlan Trio and Ian (‘harlton

I Live Jazz & Blues W. J. ('ltt'istiex. 27 3] “ext Port. 22] l0‘)‘). 9pm. Various ttt'li\l\ proy ide the \Dtttttlx.

Saturdays I Toto And The Dexters Harry's Bar. Randolph l’laee. 53‘) 8 I00.

3 5.30pm. Mainstream. yy‘ith yoealx from l‘ay Leyy.


I Live Jazz The Dome Bar and (irill. l4 (ieorge Street. 624 8624. 1 5pm. \ttt'itttlx ttl‘lixtx Sun 2 Jun only.

I Mel Zebra’s Jazz Jam Bannerman's. 2 l 2 (‘oyy gate. 556 3254.

5 10pm. DJ Kaixo kicks off proeeedingx \pttttlitig the ehoieext .iit/l eutx. l-‘olloyy ed. at 7pm. by an informal .ltl/l jam \L‘Sxitm hosted by Mtxx Zebra herself.

I Bill Kyle’s SHJQ Human Be-ln.

2 8 “ext ('t'osxeattseyyay. 662 8860. 9pm. Sh *t Hot Ja/I Quartet pttt together by drummer Kyle and featuring a rotating line tip of the hext of lidinhurgh’x jan play erx \ueh (Ix (‘olin Steele. Brian Shielx. Brian Kelloek. Jimmy Wood and


I Diplomats Of Jazz Leslie‘x Bar. 45 Ratelil‘l‘e 'lerraee. 667 5957. 8.30pm. Free. 'l'raditional lit/l.


I Swing 2001 Malt Sltoy el. ('oekburn Street. 2256843. 9pm. Syy ing at the lougext l'L‘SltlL‘llL') in lidinhurgh.

I Live Jazz lltttnan Be-ln. 2/8 \Ve‘xl (‘roxxeattxeyyay. 662 8860. 9.30pm. With [no neyy alternating rexideneiex: blttL‘S.

lit/l and will meals from Royyena on Tue

28 May. With I.a/yhone\. a ja/l \tandardx trio on guitar. \a\ and y'oealx on Tue 4 Jun.


I Live Jazz llenderxon'x txee 'I'hu l. 8pm. .la// from the Lattehlan 'l'rio eyery other fortnight.

I would have wagner in there, and posaby _ ‘Youy’ve Lost That own’ Feeling’

John Gordon Sinclair makes

his Desert Island choices, Theatre, page 56.