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35 Albert |)ri\c. 38‘ 3000. ll’. 'I"'I'. \\'('_ WA] A Tiny Moment Of Pleasure t'niil Hi 24 Ma}. hilipm. to (£4). Knoxxn l’ol‘ ilx cl’tlxx-piulillt'lll \xol‘k \\ ith theatre. ilhltliiillitlll and film. Third Angel collaborates \\ itlt students limit the RS:\.\H)\ ('olitclnporal‘) "I‘hcatt'c Practice L‘Ulll'\L‘ to create an unusual tic“ plL‘L‘L‘.

Street Of Blood I‘t‘i 3| Ma) Sun 3 Jun. 8pm. U3 (to). Rink-a-l)ink Inc Productions presents Ronnie Burkctt'x intct'nationall} acclaittictl \lUl'} ahout a “email \\ ho hlccdx onto her \cxx ing.

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. k 5 .L . , . F ' - g I Love Freaks lain Heggies ( anadran puppet theatre .litixt Ronnie 7 ' ~ ~ It; Blll‘kcll, mull-mm colilclnpol'atw adaptation of Marwaux s classic is ‘If hittnkiilhl. adoption. rcligimi. AIDS and as rude a piece of theatre as you'll

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Love Freaks I‘m” 5:” 1 JUN “101 underpaid coffee shop employees. 3:: great performances-n Leonards

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dottiiliation. Sci in the .-\'\l'\hil‘c training; manners. SOC r()\.'l()\.'./. [IO/7 If/leIf/‘O- as a comedy"

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\m i()();L‘i\ hiht‘ti on trim-t- xlummn‘. choreographer and dancer Akram if;

[WI/W I'li‘i'lltlwltt 5MP?“ (‘Ultllll‘fl Kahn is as bright a dance talent as {mull l ("mum 1"”l“”1"l‘mm“ 5“ m m“ the country has seen for some ii 'i’c‘t‘ilm

Lifeboat '11th Jun. Scc Kids lixtinux. -. :3

He|met “Cd 5 Sun 9 Jun 3pm. time. His lra'nt'xay shot-.2 \.'."il|()il if: .'[./](,‘Itrc t'h' L'll tL‘S L'm. 'l‘mi cottlputcr garlic utilises the sculpture of Anish

"with \U‘Uili-‘k‘ 1“ “I‘d 4' “'1‘ *‘L‘Mmd “Wit ii: Kapoor. pro'nises his usual eclectic l n ' N a u R G H GLASGOW l’l;l}St;ttion in this sharp ltL‘\\ pl;i_\ h} blend of Styles. SOC “mums!-

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I.)1.‘“,:’,~m‘l‘m {33,11gUSJ'IIm'I'hEi‘:“my 2;; r'.’l/7li.'./.'ll’; (.I/(ISQOL'X. Fl'lzfll a Sat 2;) __ ay m _ '| June “- ' ' " " ' ' in 1/? p:

l“”””“‘”‘“‘“””‘"‘*““”‘-""“h'r ”"‘ 0131 248 4848 0141 429 0022

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This grid includes theatre and dance performances at Glasgow and Edinburgh’s main theatres. More information, including events at smaller venues. can be found in the listings above and over the page. Performances shown in brackets are free or reduced price previews.

Thursday 30 Friday 31 Saturday 1 Sunday 2 Monday 3 Tuesday 4 Wednesday 5 Thursday 6

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\ll.mlili \iillliw ' - . A ' ' ' st-ct‘iml ' ' Theatre Royal

\l.-./_\ I \[lk't'l ( )r \l.:/} ' \ut-t-t ()l ltltmtl \llCCI ()t til-ml I . - l M: lit-m lmt- limp - lmt- i'lcakx - i I St'c rum - llama . Hclllwt I Tron vitriol”..- \lplm mm \Ip'lla t).m..- \iwl “Iv l’lv“ Brunton I _ _ _ _ Church Hill \lm..~' xiii...» \rm. trit- lx’.~.xl nun; Htc Real nun;- iti.- t<.-.ti [hilly King’s "I \ minim-i Nit-tin ' \ \1ltixtllllllk‘l Night: . .\ Murmur“ mum - I I I Netherbow 2 \.~.- 1mm I’np ' . . \.-.~t'l.r\ I Playhouse 2 But... ' it...” ' ' ' Royal Lyceum g I ' oii'mm \l-nch will ()h'\\ \lmch \\.-.r ()il'\\ \lmat xvii. ' ' ' haverse 1 Traverse 2

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