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I Here's a sentence Insider never would have thought of writing: according to economic theory. there is a 97% chance that Jesus was, indeed, resurrected from the dead. Richard S‘.‘.’llti)tll‘.’l(}. a professor of l)illl()f3()l)ll\. at Oxford University; has employed the prOithlilI‘, theon economists use to make forecasts z hou’. consuii‘er spending to determine that it's almost certain that Christ came hack tom the cross. Were that determination 9/" against Jesus pushing hack that hic Old stone and exiting the cave ll‘ one piece. no doubt the Church mould he up in arms about Swrnhurne's unorthodox numher crunching. \./".’hat's Of more concern to Insider. hoxxcixer. is doesn't Prof S‘.‘.’llti)tll‘.’t(} have anytlmg better t< do ‘.'.’liil his time for chrissakes'? li‘sider doesn'. ‘.'.’£t.'ll this column to begin to sound like a Sun newspaper editorial rant. hut for the love of God. Starinhurne. stop arserng around. And they say colic-gt;- pic‘s lead a sheltered life.

I Writing of l)r()i)£ti)llli\,. Insider notes that spread hetting coriinang. Canter Index is taking odds on the performance of l'lollgx'ioed blockbusters at the U8 hex otf'ce l-ilni butts can now not merely concern themselves \‘Jliil the (tOfSi'iCilC merits or not Of Summer movies. out focus their triVIa prox'xess ()l‘ the econont cs Of the industn'. Insider ‘.'.’()ll(t<;t'f; whether film critics ln'gt‘t not like to

The Front


‘l’m the only one in

the band without a

pension scheme.’

Jams Cocker reveals

what really sets him apart from his Pulp band mates.

‘In a weird way, Ozzy is a great anti-drug promotion. Look at him and how fried his brains are from taking drugs all those years and everyone will say, “I don’t want to be like that.”’

Ex-US Vice-President Dan Quayle explains why he likes M raunchy hit. The OSDOLir/ies.

‘I saw one of Hugh’s movies on television the other day, and turned it off because it was actually quite awful.’ Nicholas Holt. the twelve-year-o/d star of About A Boy. discusses why working wrth Hugh Grant wasn't so intimidating.

‘You’ve got to prove that you’ve still got the hunger, the energy and the ability to do the job.’

Mick Jagger discloses why at 59. he's going on tour again. And to think we just thought he was full of himself.

‘I don’t want to be in the same picture as that teenybopper trash.’

Requests to be photographed alongside Brit/rev Spears proved too degrading for classy pop dame Christina AgLii/era.

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reminded me of how much . 500"“ ""9 a swarm fun we had and how great it Office returns when assessing the . of sodding bees was ,

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Pauline Kael would make like has. .oa can ~.-.iatcn the Godfather. Atomic Kitten and S Club 7 at the m. fond ,,,O,,,O,-,QS thef €0-8fafS. N03. Jesus. and turn an her grave. tic! .'.“f" hiding a horse's head in gueen's golden iuhilee festival on of COU/‘SQ_ a 320m Signing bonus, the i)(:’.i. Nov (toes Eddie Murphy get Monday 3 June. On that day the I From commerce hack to art. A to s‘.'.'-::a! like a motherfucker in Beverly gueen Will he rocking out to the Black ‘i mean, like, I have one SOuth Korean arthouse tum titled ll. Crir. :>" t lannioal l ecter and Sahhath classic. 'Paranord' as well as dimple on my cheek, and Mago has been ’Léltlf‘flltlf;’)lf1(;1t\f‘t;’)f l-l..t'i'ar'i:. t-L eat and skin therr VlCillllfS in other shite music. Is there no one out they sent me this doll with a stir in its home cotiv‘tr‘.. N, out; t‘as f; iaixxe ()f lire latrins. As you there who will take pity on us and han these tWO craters on either a problem With its theme - the n‘ai, have gathered. l isider isn't a fan this crime against rock? Side- Like huge CirCleS! I’m GOSfrthIlOll of the en'.‘iroi‘ini;i“. hat (I ::r,-"st;i's"‘.i:;. So. t.'.'o questions: likes is that a dimple? the use of 825 nude actors =s =.-.liat fl’, i'itz ti 'Y‘ll‘ilf\(E!'f; think of their I And finally. hack to the bonkers Sif)’(“3"""/7<'”7 331" M1919” 0W5" causing consternatioi; :n a country tit: '22; "iii/«Mt to <:"ai; in the hack application of scientific theory. high/[9’78 m") Sum/O where film nudity is a relatl‘xel. ran.- ot’ f;’,l“:-’: f‘S’)ill."-f;."l States Video store? A team of hoffins at the University difference DON/CO” thing. i"/7ago's script .'.'.'"'.‘.:". flit; ixi-z-t [viii tier": those '.'.’ll() prefer not to College London have (‘lesigned a horse/mud an Gig/,n-mw Jang Kytind-ki. has tft;f(‘:l‘»fl-i;fl °.'i-’;- 3":1. '.'.Jl'.’;." crow: itei'id eaten '~.'.iith fava computer software program that can play/C [Id/onfigurine _‘ ~' 4 ~ created in her likeness. saying it compares modern |li(: '.'.”ll<;il lieai‘s a’ri a excl. riottle ot’ Chianti create and improVIse music around a we all know is riililiislii girth the pure i-':.":t :i l filn: instead? l-inally. tune much in the way ia/x musicians life in the paradise of Korea's creation il‘?1"l-Tt.' f‘:lf; .-;hat the MORE/if; edited do. And the Swarm Music program is myth. And that punt, is "‘:l)"-f:f;t:-"i(:(i l'l xii‘ni'”; '.."‘--f.- :it i\.i£t-'illl Scorsese's modelled on what hees do when they the film hy naked liori (:3. i"f)'fi{:l gangster “’1'r‘.(i ioil‘ fokiiig tel/as are angn,’ and hirds do when they said. it's art. ‘.'.'()Lllfi lit/j 1/31 minutes? enter a feeding fren/y. Insider can see - or rather hear —- how the noise a I Art which is iii iv, tt§:l*§t€:' i,‘ litrll‘tl I l “it! a was» against censorship. to hunch of hees might produce. were Viewed in Chattanooga. l‘:."."(:f1i;t:t;. Ir» a cat»: for s {oilsii‘g the artist. Ozzy they let loose wrth tiny Wlll(i that Bli)|(}~i)(:|'i cit; cw; 2' T"-f: Osbourne. the former hat crunching instruments. could approximate the Video lrancliisi: Cleanflicks 1' 1-.”‘ti :il lf; tr; pertoim for the chaos of. say. a late period Ornette taken to editing sex. 2v. -’;1 ',l:. :iail (ltil;t.~". at linukzngham Palace. No. not Coleman cascading notes sax sole. 7 M if“ language and aliixtliiitg else ileuii oil I'! a sir/(iial rather ()//\,' has Joined However. bees blowing the blues Caefgood ‘unwholesome’ r...'. t'w fares. l l-". Clapton Sir Paul McCaitney. would also sound shite. '

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