Pressure at the Arches, Glasgow, Fri 31 May

Appearing in the late 805 as radio DJ, the Wizard, and as a musician, aka the Mastermind, in the Final Cut, Jeff Mills took up the heritage of the ‘Techno fathers’ Kevin Saunderson, Juan Atkins and Derrick May, inaugurating the next sound generation of Detroit.

Mills characterised the new Detroit sound like no one else. Together with Mike Banks, he founded the uncompromisineg covert Underground Resistance and brought the Detroit Techno sound of the early 905 to clubs and turntables all over the world. Mills shares the techno tradition of being deeply suspicious of celebrity. He is more than happy to leave the cheeky chappie stuff to the Alex P5 of this world, preferring to muse on the spatial, the conceptual and the advancement of futurism.

‘In this day and age, it’s very easy to imagine that there are a lot of people making decisions for a lot of other people that they aren’t even conscious of,’ he has said. ‘There are a few people, very powerful people, making the

computers for us to work off, for us to use; they’re shaping the way we live. And it’s very important not to forget that people have the say in the end.’

The Detroit techno originals’ uncompromising, minimal style has been a major influence on the European scene. It’s a style so commonplace and copied these days that it’s difficult to imagine a time when it wasn’t the loop-based norm. His mesmerising deck skills have brought inspiration to a generation of musicians and performers who are themselves seen today as key figures in the birth of techno music.

Now based in Chicago, one of the world’s most in-



Ultragroove presents, La Belle Angele, Edinburgh, Thu 6 Jun

‘Your c0untry is the motherland of broken beats." says Jt‘irgen von Knoblauch from Germany's Jaz/anova. If anyone should know. it's him. He attributes this little archipelago we call home with having a pivotal reie in shaping the world of the fractured beat and left field remix.

Never ones to bow to market forces or fickle fashion. the band is celebrating the mUSlCal sideways- steps that make modern jazz so essential on their new album In Between. Speaking to Von Knoblauch is like listening to their music: the understated but complete sense of competence: the feeling that there's always more to come. and the humble. almost innocent sound of the horn outsiders paving the way for everybody else.

Von Knoblauch acknowledges Jazzanova's place on the rocky road to

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their first album Hie li’i>/iiw<,x‘; 799/ £’(l()() was l(:|(;'tlf;t:<l to a rapttiiotit; inception. l‘tllll <,o".1.'r‘e:'<";i ". alltl (;iiti<;a||',. Salts; lt?l!(:t;it:’l a". of “it? ,iiitriiite. tot-:1:

Co-founder of Underground Resistance and true techno innovator

demand DJs continues to set out for other cities such as Paris, London, Manchester, Rome, Berlin and Tokyo to fascinate audiences with his breathtakingly quick DJ handicraft. His appearance at Pressure is much anticipated and will no doubt leave the gathered mass speechless, as it is a struggle to articulate not only the sonic qualities but the visual spectacle of this Detroit legend rocking three decks. According to Crae Caldwell, promoter at Pressure: ‘Jeff Mills is the wiz, the master and if you’re going to do it properly there is no one else you’d rather have than Mills.’

(Gillian McCormack)

Six man DJ collective Jazzanova

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The latest club news

SLAM HAVE ANNOUNCED the full running order for their tent at T in the Park proving once again that this is no hasty addition to the festival line-up but one that gives even specialist dance events like Homelands and the Gatecrasher Summer Sound System a run for their money. Saturday 13 July: Harri & Domenic (midday—1.30pm), Dot Allison (live; 1.30—2pm) DJ Q (2-3.15pm), Tom Middleton: Sound Of Cosmos (live; 3.15—4pm), Harry ‘Choo Choo’ Romero (4~5.30pm), Groove Armada (live; 5.30- 6.30pm), Andrew Weatherall (6.30-8pm), the Youngsters (live; 8-9pm) and Slam closing the night with a four deck set (9—1 1 pm).

Sunday 14 July: Cinephile (live; midday-12.30pm), Master H (12.30—1.45pm), FC Kahuna (1.45—3.15pm), Percy X (live; 3.15—3.45pm), Layo & Bushwacka (3.45—5.15pm), Green Velvet (live; 5.15—6.15pm), Marco Carola & Gaetano Parisio (6.15-7.45pm), Orbital (live; 7.45—9.15pm) and Richie Hawtin and his Final Scratch system (9.15—11pm). Add to this acts like the Chemical Brothers, Air, Basement Jaxx and Primal Scream spread across the other stages and you have a pretty tasty weekend of dance action on your hands.

Orbital play T in the Park


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68 THE LIST 23 Ma, b Jun 7%»?