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Glasgow Saturdays: Pre Club

I Miso at the (’aptaiti'x Rext.

opm tiiidiiight. liree. 25 May. l-‘ortnightly. A new night brought to you by the people behind (ilaxgow ‘x Burnt ()ut fextiyal. lixpect to hear all kiiidx of mttxic from folk to electt‘onica. l-‘eatut‘ing liye acouxtic. toned—dow ti electronic pet‘ftirmancex. 1)] sets atid \'.1 sets.

I Paddy Power at the Variety Bar. 0pm itiidtiiglit. lit'ee. Weekly. It‘s a case of the music reflecting the venue. The admirably eclectic 1)J Paddy tirex on everything from Brian lino to l'nderground Rexixtance. More power to liix xty his.

I Paul Rea at .\'ico‘x. ()pm midnight. 1’ree. Weekly. ('ltib hits aitd chart favouritex for the loved tip .\'ico'x c‘tlxlttlttct‘s.

I Slick at Moda. 9pm 5am. l't'ee. Weekly. Barry (iemmel tk (iot'don Miller eaxe their way through the night with the very best iti hottxe. garage atid Rth ‘ti1 5am. Bit of claxx.

I Nico’s at \ico'x. 0pm midnight. l‘t‘ee. Weekly. l).1 Mark l)ttff playing a

\\ itlc selection ()1. houxe. garage. Rik“ atid hip hop.

I October at the October (lite.

llpm midnight. l‘ree. Weekly. llet' star is iii the axcendancy l.ixa l.ittlcwood xpiiix vocal houxe and 1S garage to a w ell- lieeled crowd of young entrepreneurs atid their hangers on. Which are you'.’ And which ix pretet'ablc'.’

I Sensu at l’iyo l’iyo. Spin late. 1"ree. Weekly. All ltH'lllS of funk. spanning 1l\ e decadex w ith t'exident (iary l.awxon plus regular gttextx Michael and ('ookie.

I Spy at Spy liar. ()pm midnight. 15ree. Weekly. l.attrence llttghex atid ('olin 1)a\ ie alternate each Sat playing the bcxt in quality house music atid providing a party atmoxphet'e.


I Bailamos at llayana. 0pm 2am. 1'ii‘ee.\\'eekly. l)J Keith I) Bringx you a world selection: xalxa. Rtkli. l.atin chart action and w hatey er else that w ill tno\c you.

I Bennet’s at Beiiiiet‘x.

llfillpm 3am. £5. Weekly. l‘eel the goddamn ftitik ax Sliattti and Annie give the l’ietinet‘x party poxxe exactly what they want: cotiiitiet'cial dance mixed with a selection of 711x. Sllx and ()le hits.

I Caledoniasoul at the Woodxide Social. ()pltt 3am. £5. 35 May. Monthly. The .Man with the (iolden Record: Kenny litti'rell (ladinhut'ghi. ow tier of the world‘s moxt e\penxi\e record. plays ('ilasgow. l’lux. Mark Wilson. l.enny. Scotch Martin atid Ali w ill be in ftill effect. making people deal with their brand of line lunk. \otc: lt'ee northern Soul tape for fier 411 iii the door on thix night only. See l'otn‘ Play.

I The Cathouse at the (‘athotixe 111,3llpiii 3am. £ 350 (£2.5tli before llfillpm: £1 alter. Weekly. Indie. rock. grunge and beats across two floorx.

I Club Cuba! at (‘uba .\'orte.

9pm 2am. 1‘ree. Weekly. (iet iii touch with your l.atin spirit at this claxxy night of dance. The linext l.atitio beats are supplied by Duncan. liat'ah atid Shannon atid make sure you arrive early to guarantee entry.

0 Club 69 at Rockxy 'x Basement. llpm 2am. £5. 35 May. Monthly. lilectronic hamhtiii/lenient it'x the new rock'n‘roll. 'l‘hix is its Altatiiont with the darkest. ct‘a/icxt tech house on the platiet being played ottt by the inimitable Martin and lawan. ()n 1 Jun the mighty Sixty \inc poxxe are entertained by .ltttie 1)e\tct'. who will be playing a liyc set. llix t‘cleaxex xo lar have beeti snapped tip and released by the coolcxl ol l).lx and anthologixcrx. liix t'emi\ex hayc cattxed quite a slit. and the whole tliingx t'cckx ol quality. Sinaxliing.

I Colours V Kremlin at the Arches.

72 THE LIST. : -'.’ :.

1 HP l (OP

DMC MIXING CHAMPIONSHIPS Freak Moves at Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow, Thu 30 May.

DJ Plus One Scotland’s very own World DMC Champ

\"‘.’ell. It's that time of year again. when from bedrooms across the land young

'iiales iaiid they t}€)ll(}l£tlly are

'i‘alesi venture out into the daylight to show off

aha? It‘cy ‘xe been 'i><:~a\.'ering away at all this time. Months of practice have gone into constructing perfect three and six minute sets for the UK DMC MiXing (Iliatiipieiishii>s. l‘riis gears Scottish heat takes place at the School of Art. with Il‘é: eiiii‘inatiiig wands taking place behind closed doors during the day. The real baftie and {‘l'(?‘.'.’.".lll§l ceieit‘oriy is saved tor the evening.'. year Plus One rsltim’iil ass ‘.'.riiiniiig the World DMC Championship. which E;.'t()'.'.’f$ that Scotland nas :zoti‘e ttii'iitablist talent to be reckoned ‘.'-.’llll. And last

year's Scottisl‘ heat '.‘.'as".".

x.'.'a;ked a‘.'.'a':. vain last. second and third places respective

'.-.i:thcut its s.ars: Ritchie Ruiftone. Bunty and Nice

y. Ritchie has since

.]()ll(‘:(1"iii;‘.'.'il1£l§llt.i st fzties itlioitgh the one accolade that he is especially lh")'.l’.1 of ‘s the JOE-393 (Lib Sccii‘. of Scotland . . . l)(}li(}\(} datl'i.

Scottish contenders I." search (it glory this year Wlll probably include the zilrir‘tzti‘<>tit oncii' v. it‘- a gallery, ot others tallio have yet to let thew interest be

icuoz'nt. v. .t; at lot:- I 's.’ are not going to second guess the ‘.‘/lltlt(}f82 Suffice to say

that (Z()ll‘zl)(}l|il()l".'.’lll12(Efsti. but. iilse the Special Olynipics. they are all Winners for taking part. But I‘ people are looking for advice on llO‘.‘.’ to succeed legendary 11.1 ()aSh Money has i;()."i‘ > time ‘3£1\’lll§l tips: "Stay original. Use some different records. i ll‘tZ'étl‘i. lion-s Zl‘étlt‘y‘ times can you hear “ah fresh" sampled?’ Finite tor ri‘aiiy tht: cori‘pe‘t'tioti is the highlight of the night. the DJ sets

l>"()l )abl‘,

.cn’t eiir: xaage a heck of a lot of dancing. But fear not. The

lxtixclcgsts. .mho took seccnzl place at last y-‘eat”sl)1\/1C Team Championships. . bi.- f)’l riatid to get things ll‘()\.lltt; alongside the exguisite Freak Moves residents l).ls Denta and Nice. l xpect tears. Sll‘llOS and displays of emotion bttt

W 2st o" at! expect 1’; see

tliet' '.t;r‘g. best. iSte.'.‘att [Janey

lllfill 3am. £21). S .litti only. lt’x the beast with two backx. trance and funky house get married again in the Arches. Sander Kleinenberg rcprexentx the spaced out end. and Anthony l’appa kccpx the beatx pounding through. (‘oolio

I Cube Class at (‘tihe llpm Rain. £7

(£5). Weekly. Proving that thix \enue didn't die with the Stih('1uh. (‘ube ix now hugely xuccexxlttl in itx own right. Old school house claxxicx and up lo-tlatc anthcmx are the order of the day at this packed Sat nigliter. thanks to main rootii man Matt l.e littnk. lit the back 1)M(i xet'y ex up Rtkll

I Debunk at the Vault (25 Queen St 1. .\'ext date 1 Jun. Monthly. The Scanner crew Mallot‘ca Ice and Day id liorhex take care of buxinexs once again in tliix cavernoux.g1it/y venue on Queen street. Quality tribal house is the order of the day.

I 'Disco Inferno at the Reiit'i'ew t-‘ei'i‘y.

Next date S .litii.

I Disco X at the Sotindhaiix. Next date S .lttii.

I Divine at (ilaxgow School of Art ltltt\\ll\l;tll\l. lltpm 3am. £(i (£5 £~li1 £3.51) ( iS.\ xtudentx. Weekly. Andrew l)i\ inc and lltixli Puppy continue the longest running t‘cxidcncy in (ilaxgow. 'l'hc xcci'ct ot their lotigey ity 'l)amn good northern xtoiiipet‘x. iiioog licayy xlca/c— lttiik and the bcxt iii bubblegum pop.

seine ot the country's finest turntable technicians at

Long may it continue.

I Fluid at Alaxka. .\'ext date 15 Jtiti. Monthly.

I Fools Only at Big Joint (‘ltih .\'exi date the.

I Freefall and Inside Out special at the Arches. 1 1pm 3am. £17. I .lun only. 'l‘i‘ance god Mauro l‘icotto. l)J lilite and Ricky liffe (playing live. mind)

join the usual lireelall and Inside Out

wrecking crew. Simon l‘oy. Alan Belxhaw and liraxer l.atta for a night of unbridled hedonisni. l‘iir Illlx iluli' only ‘.r\-[.ls!'t‘unl llnlrlt’l‘y gel £3 (Illit'lilrt'kr'ls (“1’ still t1l'(ll/(l/)/('.

I Freeform at Bat-fly (both floors). 9pm 3am. l-‘ree before 10.30pm; £5 (£41 after. Weekly. The .\'ote‘s longest running cltib and it's all thanks to the Wall brothers and their selection of ()ll\ soul. 70s ftiiik and the odd curvehall to keep tliiiigx interesting.

I Freelance Science at Alaska.

1 1pm 3am. £l()(£b’l. 1 Jun. Monthly. Real class \ ixils l'it'eelance Science [his itiotitli Pattl Daley from the now defunct‘tticld is coming tip to rock the crowd as only he can. l'iir Illl\ (/(lll’ only '.-l-l.i'.\I' t'iml llt'lt/(’I'\ eel £3 o/liltrll dour prlt‘t' [N'IUH' nut/melt].

I Fusion at the Riyerxide Social. .\'ext date S .ltiti. Monthly.

I Havana Esperito at (‘aiiyax (Artal. £7. Weekly. A night of xophixticated

l.atino class. DJ Jan. brings his l.atitio box of tricks to the Merchant ('ity's newest venue. (‘ativas. where there's no dedicated dancelloor. but there is classy service atid an elegant. laid-back vibe for those who’ve had enough of sweat with their salsa.

I Iii-Karate at Riverside (‘lub .\'ext date 15 Jun. Monthly.

I Homebass at Alaska. 1 lptn-5atn. £10 (£8). 25 May. Motithly. A great line- up for llotnebasset's this month: the mighty Milton Jackson ((ilasgoyv l'tiderground. 'l‘ronic Sole. Bear Traxt will be putting iii a rare live appearance. and spinning duties will be taken tip by Ian ()‘Brien of Peacefrog fame and the one and only Nick Peacock (liniverxal Principles and Sonia). This is one of the best line-ups for Homebass yet. so you might want to check it out. For this date only ‘A-Ijs'l't‘urrl holders get [2 offrlnnr price ul/ nigh! long.

I Homecookin at Babala. l’ree before 1 1pm; £5 after. Weekly. l)Js Stewart Mc('allum and Joe lliggins keep the music janimin' and the datice lloor jumpin‘ all night long. R&B tracks mixed with the odd classic and old-skool favottrites. Just watch otit for football players.

I Inspire at the Velvet Rooms.

l()pm 3am. £(i (£4); £3 before midnight. Weekly. Keith Pyper breaks ottt the futiky home and garage in the main room while Raymond Woods cools things down with hip hop and Refill in room two.

I Jamboree at Reds. t lptn 5am. £7 (£5 ). \Veckly. John Lyons and Martin llesketh of Velvet Rootiis fame tnix tip a blend of commercial R&B and soul.

I Kube at Blackfriars. 8pm lam. l'lc‘c‘. 1 Jun. Monthly. Big one this month for the Ktibe riot-starters. (‘hris Liberator brings twisted electro punk to the daticelloor iii the way that only he knows how. [iv e sonicx come from Sak. atid the whole thing is a trip through the mutually appreciative worlds of acid techno and electro techno. Phew.

I Kushi and Overtone at Soba.

1 1pm 3am. £5. 1 Juti. Monthly. (‘lass house and techno frotn the dudes that rule the Soba roost. An intimate venue makes this a special night.

I Let’s Go Back at the Arches.

llptn 4am. £12. 25 May. Monthly. It's a cottp for those of you who lost their brains sottiewhere. somewhere. iii a field. in Hampshire. at the start of the Oils. 808 State are returning to sake their claim as kings of the retro-rave. flanked by the wonderful J Saul Kane. 'l'witch and Bosco. Also piittitig in an appearance are Fancy and Spook. liace it. you can't wait. I Let’s Go Back - Way Back! at the Riverside Social. Midnight—-3.3llam. £10. I Jtiti. Monthly. Take a trip to hip hop‘s classy past with guest Krash Slaughta and resident Bosco. This is going to funky -rock your world.

I Life at Life ((‘orinthianl. 10pm 3am. £5. Weekly. A fortnidable night of futik for those w ho like their entertainment mature. but still jammin'. I)J Skud. Paul Rea and Ian Thomson present a selection of soul. funk and disco augmented with original samples and loops to guarantee a new take on familiar sounds.

I Lush at the Polo Lounge. 1().3()pm~-3am. £5. Weekly. Featuring Atidy iii the Trophy Room with hits from the (305 to the 80s. while 'I‘om provides an tip-front dance selection iii the main room at the citv's prettiest gay club.

I Melting Pot at the Riverside Social. Midnight 3am. £10. 25 May. Monthly. Another class night out from the Trans stable. Simon (‘ot'diner atid Billy Woods hail a cab and head for ftttiky street with a few hundred of their closest matex. ()cli aye.

I Mish Mash at the Arches. .\'ext date l5 Jttii. Monthly.

I Missing Link at Ad Next date 8 Jtiti. Motithly.