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Words: Artbug B

When you see a show. it is hard not to imagine that someday your work could be occupying that space. The question now is how to take this a stage further

and make it happen.

It is possible: if you treat the problem a bit like forming a romantic liaison. As with any relationship. you have to do the groundwork. Find out as much as possible about the object of your desire (ie the gallery). Find out their personal details (ie who is the director/exhibition Organiser?) Who do they hang Out with (ie which artists they represent)? And who can give you insider information? Remember. if there is no common ground between you and the gallery. then there is a good chance that the relationship will fail. Remember too. that if this gallery is attracted to you. then it will also be attractive to others.

You like them. but have they seen you? Have you been at their parties (private views) and met them at other social gatherings (major exhibitions and art fairs)? Show them you are keen and be familiar with them outside of the free drink. This means visiting their exhibitions and getting to know the staff. This way. you'll find out more about the gallery. their taste and style.

Once yOu have done the groundwork, it is time to arrange the date. This. as we all know. can be the most nerve-racking part. It is imponant to be prepared: no excuses. after all you are making the first move. I would recommend home ground (studio visit) as it enables you to set the scene the way you want. When arranging the date. don't phone. Ask them in person: it is

harder for them to refuse this way.

Now yOu have everything you need for a great date (slides. reviews and

catalogues). Good luck!

It you have any comments, email react@list. co. uk

HUNTERIAN ART GALLERY l'niversit} offilasgow. S2 Hillhead Street. 3305-13]. Mon Sat 9.30am 5pm. Free. Prints By The Carracci t'ntil Sui I Jun. An exhibition focusing on the work of the celebrated ('arracci t'amil} who worked in Bologna at the end of the lbth centur}. Ludovico l l555— lbl‘);. Agostino

(l557- l(i()2i and Annibale t 1560 (1600) collaborated as painters. but printmaking was an also essential part of their output. LAST CHANCE TO SEE.

Mackintosh Flowers t'ntil Sat 27 Jul. A selection of Mackintosh's botanical studies. a subject that inspired his design work and painting throughout his life. The Alchemy Of Light - D.O. Hill In Glasgow ['ntil Sat 7 Sep. An exhibition of historic photographs celebrating the biccnlcnar} of the birth of pioneer photographer Dav id ()ctavius flill. The works. drawn from the (ilasgow ['nivcrsit} Librar} 's Hill and Adamson's holdings. feature original paper calotvpe negatives. and vintage and modern prints.


23 (ireenhead Street. 554 (“65.

The Inn On The Green Fine Art Competition And Prize l‘ntil war I: Jun. An exhibition of work b} fine art students from (ilasgow School of Art.


18 King Street. 552 2540. Tue Sun I 5pm. Empty Space Tue 4 Sun 9 Jun. l)utch artists Huig Bartels and Bart Lodewijks present large photographic works and line drawings made in the Highlands. NEW



5t) l’rospccthill Road. 64‘) 4‘)‘)l. Mon Fri filam- 4pm.

NC Art & Design Annual Exhibition l‘ri 3l Ma} l’ri 7 Jun. A w idc range of exhibits b} eight students on the national certificate course. featuring painting. ceramics and batik. NEH"! SHOW.


ll Mitchell Lane. 22l (i362. .\lon. Wed. in {t Sat Ill.3f)am 5pm; Tue 1 lam 5pm: Thu llf.3()am 5pm: Sun noon 5pm. [I (includes entr} to all exhibitions). creativescotland t'ntil Mon 2 Dec. Throughout the scar. the Lighthouse w ill be showcasing a changing displa} of the

work of Scotland's creative entrepreneurs in advertising. architecture. fashion. design. film. video. music and digital media.

Redkite Production l‘niil l~'ri 3| Ma).

As part of the ('reativcscotland exhibition at the l.ighthouse. the work of aw ard- winning animation studio Redkite Productions is showcased. Based in Edinburgh. the company. established b} Ken Anderson and Rachel Bevan Baker in

NW. has produced animated commercials.

short films and series ttsing 2l). (GI and Hash Animation. This exhibition features new computer-based animations and includes .lluiitl (llltl I/lt’ (iriimplv P/(lllt’l. For more information ww w.redkite- animationcom

Anatomy Of The House l'niil Wed 2‘) .\la_\. The first of three annual touring exhibitions created h} The Lighthouse as part of the National Architecture Programme. Anatomi- ()l'l'lit' Home is an accessible and interactive show which has been designed to develop an understanding ofour built environment. ('reated b_v (iraven images. the exhibition includes historical examinations of five major tvpes of Scottish domestic architecture together with a number of contempot‘at') case studies. LAST CHANCE TO SEE.

India Of lnchinnan l'ntil Sun 9 Jun (Review (iallcrv). An exhibition that chronicles the social and architectural history of the lndia of lnchinnan art deco building.

The Great Eastern Hotel t'ntil Tue 30 Jul (Long (ialler) ). ('ommissioncd b_v the Loretto Housing Assoc‘iuliun. an exhibition of photographs b_v Kirsten Scheuerl documenting the lives of the last residents of the (ireat liastern Hotel. a privatel) owned hostel for homeless men. Design The Right Thing - PLAY l'nlil Sun In Jun (Young l)esigners (itillCl') ). An exhibition charting the designs b} (ilasgow School of Art product design students to produce an object to enhance the experience of pla).


Station Road. Milngav ie. 578 3347. Tuc»Sat lflam Ipm. 2-5pm. Glasgow Society Of Women Artists lfntil Thu 23 Ma). New work featuring painting. sculpture. textiles. ceramics and jeweller} b} this long established group of female artists.

Milngavie Art Club Sat l~l5ri 28 Jun. Annual exhibition of new work b_v local artists exploring the subjects of landscape. portraiture and still life.

LLOYD JEROME GALLERY 2()() Bath Street. 33! ()722. Tue—Sat 9am—6pm.

Willie Owens t'ntil Thu 4 Jul. Figurative paintings.


I508 .\Iar_vhill Road. 9-16 23-18. .\lon & Tue loam—8pm: Wed Illam ~5pm: Thu noon~8pmz l-‘ri & Sat 9am 5pm. Maryhill Harriers l'ntil Thu 2() Jun. A small exhibition celebrating the history of the running club .\Iar_\ hill Harriers featuring photographs and memorabilia.


270 Sauchiehall Street. 287 2()()(). Mon» Sat Illam -5pm: Sun noon 5pm.

RSA 176th Annual Exhibition t'ntil Sun 2 Jun. £2 (U l. The Royal Scottish Academ} 's annual exhibition featuring painting. sculpture. printmaking and architecture. See review.


73 Robertson Street. Suite (i. liloor l. 248 371 l.Tue l-‘ri noon 5pm or b)' gpoimment.

Hayley Tompkins l-‘ri 3f .\la_\ «Hi 21 Jun. New w atercolours on paper b} lla_\lc} Tompkins. Sec Hitlist. NEX'.’ SHOW.


22f West (ieorge Street. 248 9755.

Mon Fri Illami5.3()pm: Sat ltiam 2pm. Scottish Paintings t'ntil Sat 8 Jun. A selection of paintings b_\ Scottish artists.


36 Washington Street. 22l 2f23. .\lon l‘ri 9am 5pm.

Work In Progress t‘niil Fri 28 Jun. Work in progress b} 3rd and 4th _\car students from the department of visual communication. including graphics. illtistration and photograph}.


() Wilson Street. Merchant ('it). 552 0702. Tue. Wed ck Hi I lam opm: Thu

llam 7pm; Sat lliam 6pm: Sun I 5pm. Champion: The Beautiful Game l'ntil Still 3() Jun. In association with the Hui/v Rt’t'tll'tl. o\ er Sf) archi\al football photographs featuring images of icons of football including Bill} .\lc.\'cil and Dennis Law.


48 Buchanan Street. 58! 2|S’3. .\lon~-Sat

l lam 4pm: Sun noon 4pm.

Reid Kerr College Sat 35 Ma} Sun 9 Jun. A collection of work b} art and design students from Reid Kerr ('ollege. l’aisle).


('entre For Developmental Arts. IS Albion Street. 552 2822. Mon l’ri ltlam 5pm. GV‘I4 l'ntil I‘ri 3| Ma}. l-"ourtecn artists from the (iarvald ('entrc in lidinburgh show new work including ceramics. stoneware pots, sculpture. glass. painting. textiles and a multimedia installation.


S70 (iarscube Road. (No (moo. Mon l'i'i lllam 5pm: Sun 2 5pm.

The Hill House - Ten Years Of Change Thu 23 Ma}. (i..‘~()pm. £5. l’i'opert} manager at the flill House. Anne lillis. marks her retirement in Ma} with a talk on the changes that have taken place at flill House over the last ten wars.


I IS Douglas Street. 248 (i386. .\lon l’ri lll.3()am 5pm; Sat l().3()ani Ipm. Mixed Exhibition l’ntil Sat 1 Jun. Paintings b} Sand} Murphy Jack .-\ndcrson. lltigh McKay (‘rawford ('ampbell. Jim Belki\ it/ and Kevin ()rr.

listings Art

I Fiona Banner: Your Plinth Is My Lap A room full of concrete insults. blow-by-blow written accounts of porn films and giant full stops in various fonts. Fiona Banner continues her i fascination with language and its imperfections in this substantial solo show. Dundee Contemporary Arts. Dundee, until Sun 9 Jun.

I Lei Cox A first solo show for Dundee-based artist Lei Cox who creates super-real video and sound installations. See preview. CCA, Glasgow. Sat 7 Jun—Sat 73 Jul.

3 Facing The Light: David Octavius Hill And Robert Adamson Facing The Light forms the centrepiece in a festival of exhibitions celebrating the work of pioneering photographers DC. Hill and Robert Adamson. The show features 200 images including the first ever documentary photographic essay. National Poitrait Gallery Edinburgh, until Sun 75 Sep.

I Light Without Shadow Last chance to see Henry Vlll's Wives' reconstruction of Orkney's Neolithic settlement. Skara Brae. with two new video w0rks hidden within the construction. Tramway Glasgow, until Sun 26 May.

I Felim Egan Irish abstract painter Felim Egan returns to the lngleby Gallery with an exhibition of landscape-inspired paintings and prints. lngleby Gallery Edinburgh. until Sat 8 Jun.

I Hayley Tompkins Known for her works on paper which she sees as being half-way between painting and drawing. new watercolours by Glasgow-based Hayley Tompkins. Modern institute. Glasgow, Fri 37 May—Fri 27 Jun.

I Scots In Film: Portraits By Donald MacLellan Snapping the Scottish stars of the silver screen. an exhibition of around 30 portraits by leading portrait photographer David MacLellan. National Portrait Gallery Edinburgh. Thu 30 May—Sun 73 Oct.

I Temple Of The Senses Collaborative art/design group Lapland celebrate St Mary‘s restoration with a group show exploring the five senses. St Mary's Cathedral. Glasgow, Thu 30 May— Wed 26 Jun.

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