Art listings

Glasgow Galleries continued SALANDINI’S BARBER SHOP 342 “'esl Princes Street. 5.52 (i396. Mon Tue ck Thu Sat 10am 5pm. Mary Mortimer Thu 2?» Wed 20 May. Oil paintings by Mary .\lortimeron Afghanistan victims and soundscapes by Nick l-clls. \El‘.’ SHO‘.‘..


6 Burniield Road. (iil'l‘nock. ()3S 1200. Tue—l-‘ri 11am—5pm: Sat 10am 5pm; Sun noon—--5pm.

Mixed Exhibition t'ntil Hi 14 Jun. A permanent display t)lt)\ er 1200 original paintings.

ST MARY’S CATHEDRAL 300 Great Western Road. 500 S217. Tue—Sat 10am 4pm.

Archive 1 l'ntil Hi 31 May. A series of commissioned photographs by John (‘arberry docttrnenting the cathedral before its restoration. focusing on the building and the people who have worked or worshipped there. l’url oil-trust. JS’ (3' 'ANCE'. TO SEE.

Diving Bell Thu 23 S iii 2-1 May. Spm. £81£brA specially commissioned audio visual collaboration between composer

Dav id Paul Jones and artist lan Balch which tells the story of a lost love. featuring the l)l’J linsemble. St Mary ‘s (‘athedral (‘hoir and the ('athedral Bellringcrs. l’ur! of I-k’usr. NE)". SHC‘J

QTemple Of The Senses Thu 30 May —\\'ed 26 Jun. A multi-sensory group show from collaborati\e .ll’lltlc‘Slg'll grottp Lapland. exploring the li\ e senses. Part of l'i’tttl. Set HIT/is]. \E5.'.


26 King Street. 552 2151. Tue Sat 10am 5.30pm.

Ral Veroni - About the bad relationship between Time and Destiny l'ntil Sat 25 May. In his first ntajor one-person e\hibition. (ilasgow- based Argentinean artist Ral Veroni shows a series of small—scale prints which relate throttgh subject matter. the cities of (ilasgow and Buenos Aircs. The images are broken up with photographed l’\'(‘ modelled Ilg‘lll'c‘s which l‘c‘pl'c‘sc‘lll lllllC. destiny and oblivion. CHANCE TO SEE.

Claudine Hartzel: Playing Dice With The Universe Tue 4 .ltm Sat 20 Jul. .A solo e\hibition ol photographic works and a site specific installation which questions the concept of reality in photography. .'

SWITCHSPACE at ()ffshorc. 3/5 (libson Street. 341 0110. Mon liri 9am llpm; Sat ck Sun 10am llpm. Open Order l'ntil Sat l Jun. An exhibition or work by six third year

an ironmcnlal art students lrorn (ilasgow School of Art including llarry Acland. Ste\en ('oultate. Jitn ('olcjtiltoun. \'icki Fleck. Andy Knowles and Shirley Walker. TCHAl-OVNA

~12 ()tago Lane. 35" 152-1. 1);)in 11.30am 10pm.

Counterpoints l'ntil Tue 2 .llil. Paintings and fabrics by Anton Beaver.


25 Albert l)ri\e. 2S2 3900. Tue Sat noon 3pm: Sun nooti ()ptn. OLight Without Shadow t'nnl Sun 26 May A major nevi. e\hibition from international collaborative group. llenry \‘lll's Wives. commissioned by 'l'ratnway for the main gallery. Made up o1 six envi~ romnental art graduates lrom (ilasgow School of Art. llenry \'lll's \Viv es hay e created a reconstruction ol the Neolithic settlement ltl Skara Brae. together with two new video works. The e\hibition is also accompanied by the lust e\ er publication. lli' .lltm'lt I‘m/er r/rr [farmer or 1i'\irrt/.-\r!. See llitlist. 2A8" SWAN}? ' . SE S Graham Fagen tho :3 .\lay. ()pm. The artist talks about his work. focusing on recent and current projects.


Visual Arts Studios Tue 2S-~l5ri 3| May tl'pper l-‘oyer Gallery and Stable 7). A selection of students' work from the Portlolio Preparation (’ourse run by the Visual Art Studio. NET} SHOW.


28 King Street. 552 4813. Tue~ Sat

11am 5pm.

Dragueur t'ntil Sat 35 May. A group show of work by three American artists featuring paintings by l..A. based lidgar Bryan. collages by Richard llaw kins and screenings of The Anita l’allenberg Story. a video by Laura (‘ottingham t\\ ith Leslie Singer). EAST CHANCE TO SEE.

Katy Dove Wed 5 Sat 22 Jun. An animated lilm by Katy l)ove. NE‘I.’ SHOW. T.J. Wilcox Wed 5 Mon 10 Jun. A lomm film work by this New York-based artist. TRONGATE STUDIOS

ltS Albion Street. 552 2822. Mon ~l-‘ri 10am 5pm.

A Touch Of Glass t'ntil Fri 31 May. An exhibition of glass work made by members of 'l‘rongate Studios.

THE VICTORIA BAR 159 Bridgegate. 552 (illslll. Ooh-er Missus! l‘ntil Thu 20 Jun. l‘rom Frankie lloward to liric \lorecambe. paintings of iconic figures by artist Jeremy


Glasgow Museums

This section lists museums currently showing temporary exhibitions. For details of other permanent attractions, see Glasgow Life, page 91.


Al'g’} l'c‘ Slt'c‘c‘l. Kc'l\ ingt'ove. 23-1. 269‘). Mon 'l‘hu ck Sat 10am 5pm: Fri ck Sun llant 5pm. (ale. free.

A Kelvingrove Centenary t'ntil Spring. A commemoratne e\hibition marking the centenary of the Art (iallcry and Museum. ls'eb ingrove. The w cll-lov ed sandstone building houses one of the finest ci\ ic art collections in liurope. featuring works by Botticelli. Rembrandt. Whistler and the (ilasgow Boy s and (lids. and was the venue for some of the linest exhibitions seen in Britain including Picasso-Matisse (194m. \'an (iogh 1 INS) and Dali's Art In Jewels l 197.5 4).

Endangered Wildlife l'ntil Autumn. An e\hibition highlighting the endangered wildlife in Scotland.

Barras People t'ntil Sun .‘~() Jun. A photographic study of (ilasgow 's famous ‘Barras' market by Scottiin photographer Martin (iray. The large-scale images featured in the e\hibition are part of a two- year study of the Barras by (iray and television producer l‘tona White and a book is also planned to follow later in the year. The Holocaust Artworks Of Marianne Grant t'ntil Sun 30 Jun. Enduring occupation. forced labour and concentration camps. Prague-born Marianne (irant continued to paint and sketch what she saw around her. This exhibition ol~ stir\ iv itig sketches and walet‘colottt's show daily life in Tlteresienstadt ghetto. the dead in Bergen- Bclsen attd sketches recording the liberation b_\ l-"ield Marshall Montgomery and [lie lit'lllsll Till-(LN. See ['0 iew.


The ('ross, Kirkintilloch. 578 01-1-1. Tue Sat 10am lpm S2 5pm. Woodhead Art Club l'ntil Sat 25 May. Paintings by members of this local art clttb. East Dunbartonshire Photography Competition Exhibition Sat I -Sat 22 Jun. ()pen amateur photography competition. BURRELL COLLECTION

20011 l’ollokshavvs Road. 287 2550.

Mon Thu ck Sat 10am 5pm; l’ri ck Sun 11am 5pm.

Treasures From The Store: 19th Century European Paintings l‘ntil

further notice. a new selection of oils is on display highlighting the range of Sir William Burrell's taste. Featured works include paintings by Bonvin. Ribot and Millet and a rarely seen oil by Henri Le Sidaner.

Knights & Castles L'ntil Sun 5 Jan. This exhibition explores the fascinating world of knights. castles. and medieval life through a variety of objects including tapestries. arms and armour and dress.

THE HILL HOUSE Upper Colquhoun Street. 01436 673900. Mon—Sun 1.30—5.30pm.

Inspirations L'ntil Sun 27 ()ct. Centenary exhibition showcasing work front some of the great names in British domestic design. all of whom have been inspired by Charles Rennie Mackintosh. The shows features furniture. glass. metalwork. textiles and include works by Sir Terence (‘onran. John Makepeace. Danny Lane. Alison Kinnaird and many others.

HOUSE FOR AN ART LOVER Bellahouston Park. 10 Dumbreck Road. 353 4773. Daily 10am—5pm. John Taylor l'ntil Sat 8 Jun. Paintings. MUSEUM OF TRANSPORT Kelvin Hall. l Burnhouse Road. 287 2720. Mon—Thu ck Sat 10am— 5pm; l-‘ri & Sun 1 lam—5pm. Fire! L'ntil Thu 31 Oct. The history of firefighting in the west of Scotland is documented in this exhibition featuring a Leyland liiremaster engine gifted to the museum by the Strathclyde Fire Brigade. and objects from the past and present. PAISLEY MUSEUM & ART GALLERIES High Street. 889 3151. Tue-Sat 10am—5pm; Sun 2—5pm. Free. Paisley Art Institute 1 14th Annual Exhibition l'ntil Sttn 9 Jun. The 1 14th Annual exhibition from this long- established local art organisation. featuring

ainting and sculpture.

oyalty - An Exhibition For The Jubilee l'ntil Mon 30 Sep. In celebration

L,“ “MW

of the Queen's Golden Jubilee Year. an exhibition documenting Paisley's Royal connections.


Glasgow Green. 554 0223. Mon—Thu & Sat 10am—5pm; Fri & Sun 1 lam—5pm.

Old Ways And New Directions L'ntil Autumn. An exhibition of historic mental health items collected by Glasgow Museums since 1995.

Glasgow Green Renewal Until Sun 2 Jun. An exhibition highlighting the current project to renew and upgrade this popular Glasgow landtnark.


2 Castle Street. 553 2557. Mon—Thu & Sat 10am—5pm; Fri & Sun 1 lam—5pm. Milestones To Amritsar Fri 24 May—Sun 4 Aug. This exhibition charts the journey of Preston-born storyteller Roop Singh as he travels through India to the Golden Temple ofAmritsar in Punjab. NEW SHOW.


100 Stobcross Road. 339 0631. Daily 10am—5pm. £4.50 (£3.25): accompanied children free.

Five Thousand Days At Sea An exhibition on board the only Clyde-built sailing ship still afloat in the L'K. documenting her adventures on the high seas between 1897 and 1919.

The Story Of Glenlee This new permanent exhibition provides an insight into what life was what like for sea travellers in 1896 through a combination of graphic panels. audio trails and reconstructed areas.

Story In The Stones (Pumphouse Main Gallery). An exhibition looking at the impact of the industrial ages on Glasgow harbour.

Morse And More (Pumphouse Lower Gallery). A hands-on exhibition. aimed at children. looking at the world of communication.


New work by Jonathon Brown is on show at the Talbot Rice Gallery