Art listings

Edinburgh, Galleries continued HANOVER FINE ARTS

22a Dundas Street. 556 2 | 8|. 'l‘ue-l’ri l().3()am—6pm: Sat l()am-w4pm. Richard Alred - Recent Scottish Landscapes L'ntil Sat 25 May. Pastel and watercolour sttidies of Scottisli landscapes and coastal scenes by regular gallery exhibitor Richard Alred.

Spring Mixed Exhibition Part II L'ntil Sat 25 May. Paintings. prints. ceramics. sculpture. jewellery and Russian craftwork by (wet twenty gallery artists froin Scotland and abroad.

Lynn Hanley Sat l-Sat 22 Jun. Architectural and city'scapes of Edinburgh in gouache by Lynn l-lanley'. NEW SHOW.


(‘astlehilL Royal Mile. 47.3 2()()(). Mon—Sun 9.3()am— |()pm.

Cultural l'ntil Sun 26 May. A second showing of Keyin Low’s photographs commissioned by the Iidinburgh International Festival in |999.

Elin Huws: Textiles and Frances Priest: Ceramics l‘ri 31 May Sun 21 Jul. An exhibition of woxen textiles by Edinburgh-based artist lilin Huw s and bone china ceramics by l‘t‘ilttCCs Priest. NEW SHOW.


66 Cumberland Street. 558 9872. Mon—Pri 10am—6pm: Sat |()am 4pm. Patrick Caulfield t'niil Mon 27 May. Screen prints by pop artist Patrick Caullield.

Post-War British Printmaking Sat l Jun—Wed It) Jtil. An exhibition of British post-war printmaking featuring work by Robert (‘olquhoiiir Ben Nicolson. Bridget Riley. Victor Pasmorc and Patrick (‘aultield NEW SHOW.


6 (‘arlton Terrace. 556 444 l. Wed Sat |()am—5pm.

QFelim Egan t'ntit Sat 8 Jun. Irish artist Feliin ligan returns to the lngleby Gallery with an exhibition of abstract paintings and prints. inspired by the landscape of his home in Sandy iiiottiit Strand on the edge of Dublin Bay. See Hillist.

INSTITUT FRANCAIS D’ECOSSE 13 Randolph ('rescent. 225 5366. .‘ylonsl’ri 9.30am ~5.3()pm: Sat

l()am— | pm.

Constellations t'niit l'i'i 3| .May. Black and white photographs of flowers by Paris-based artist lilliott Brook. Signs l-‘ri 3| .\|ay Wed 3| Jul. A selection of works by young lirench graphic designers.

K JACKSON’S PUBLIC HOUSE 40—44 Lady Lawson Street. 228 4284. Hampstead Achieved t-‘ri 24 May-sliri 2| Jtiii. Pool table w atei'coloui's by Los Angeles artist lidgar Bryan and a collection of men‘s 'art/ines‘ from Scotland and London. NEV‘.l SHOW.


65 The Shore. Leith. 553 5255. Tue Hi I lain-—5pm; Sat l lain 4pm.

George Birrell and Peter Goodfellow l'ntil Sat 25 May. New paintings by Birrell inspired by the fishing Villages of life and landscapes of the north west of Scotland by (ioodfellow. Accompanying these paintings are rakti tired ceramics by Andrew Hill. silyei'wai'e by Irish sily'ersmith Seamus (iill and a solo exhibition of paintings by young artist Stephen Shankland.

Lisa Smith and Georgie Young Sat |»Sat l5 Jtiii. Still life paintings by Lisa Smith and landscapes ranging from Wester Ross to Andalucia by (icoi'gic Young. NEW SHOW.

Mixed Exhibition Sat l Sat l5 Jun. Sculpture by Angela Hunter. jewellery by Holly Belsbet' and a solo exhibition of

86 THE LIST 27% Ma, t’; .J..": 771/

paintings by Daisy Richardson.


l'niy‘ersity' of lidinbiirgh. 2t) (‘hambers Street. 650 2342. Daily ltlain 5pm. The Grid Thu 2.3 Thu 6 Jun. An interactiy‘e digital installation created by artist collectiy‘e Show room 4. which offers an audio and \ isual experience which aims to alter the View er's perceptions of mapping. NEW SHOW


S7 Bi'oughton Street. 552 S778. Wed Sat noon- 6pm.

Surfaces l'ntil Sat 25 May. The .\lci’/ gallery 's first solo show features new work by abstract painter Stey en Hood.



Belfoi'd Road. 624 62()() (recorded information 332 2266i. .\|on Sat

Illam 5pm. ('afe.

John Bellany At Sixty t'ntil Sun 23 Jun. Port Seaton-born artist .loliii Bellany celebrates his 60th birthday later this year. and to mark that occasion. the gallery presents an exhibition of his paintings. spanning his w hole career. Highlights include A/leemjt'. a three- paiiel painting made in I964: .lly' l'ill/tt'r and The li’ei‘erii'i'i/ One and line/"nut. Introduction To Post-War Scottish Art .\lon 3 Jtiii. 12.45pm. Writer and lecturer Bill Hare giyes a talk. Scottish Art And British Identity: Celticism In Scottish Painting Mon 27 May. l2.45pin. John Morrison from the l‘niyersity of Aberdeen giyes a talk.


The Hound. 624 62()() (recorded inloi‘ination 332 2266i. .\lon Sat

Illam 5pm. (‘afe (until | Sept. Rosslyn: Country Of Painter And Poet l'ntil Sun 7 .liil. £3 (£2). The first ey er exhibition deyoted to the Midlothian country side location of Rosst n. famous for its remarkable I446 chapel. castle and glen which has been the inspiration for many artists and literary figures. The show features paintings. prints. drawings and images of the exquisitely cary ed ‘.'\pprcnticc"s I’illitl‘i. the l‘oelts of one ()l the most enduring .\|asonic legends of Rosst n.

A Personal Choice iii 24 May. l2.45pm. laii Howard. principal at Edinburgh ('ollege of -\rt selects his fayourites.

Buildings In The Background: The Classical Column t-‘ri 3t May. l2.45pm. Robin Baillie from the National (ialleries of Scotland giyes a talk.


(ieoi'gc l\' Bridge. 226 453 l. .\lon Sat lllaiii 5pm: Sun 2 5pm.

Mr D.O. Hill Presents His Compliments . . . t‘iitit Hi 24 May. A small display of Hill‘s ctit‘t‘espondenee including line examples of his illustrated letters.

This Book Belongs To Me Sat l Jun Thu 31 ()ct. lixplore the exciting and colourful world of children's books from the original l7th century Tom Thumb to the latest Harry Potter blockbuster. NEW Sl-lO‘."‘.’.

From Accession To Coronation Tue 4 .liiii Sat 3 Aug. A small display documenting the eyents from the Queen‘s accession on 6 l‘eh l952. to the coronation on 2 .liiii l953. through

new spapcrs. books and other materials.

NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY Queen Street. 624 6200 (recorded information 332 2266i. .\lon Sat

|()am 5pm. ('afc.

Portrait Miniatures From The Dumas Egerton Collection t'tiiit Stiii l6 .liiii. The second in a series of

annual exhibitions exploring the world of the portrait miniature drawn from one of the most comprehensiy-e priy‘ate collections in the world. Over 7() works haye been selected froin the 5()() strong collection reyealing the skill of this delicate artform. Divided into two parts. the first section looks at the different working methods of the artists while part two examines the differing traditions of Scottish. Irish and linglish miniaturists as well as the contributions frotn France. Switzerland and the Low (‘ountries

'0 Facing The Light: David Octavius Hill And Robert Adamson l'ntil Stiii l5 Sep. The focal point of a series of exhibitions celebrat- ing the bicentenary of D.(). Hill. For the l-‘estiyal. organised by Scottish Society for the History of Photography. l’uci‘ne 'I'lie lie/ii features 200 of Hills and Adamson‘s iitost famous images drawn from the Scottisli National Photography (’ollection. held at the Portrait (iallery. The Perth-born artist and illustrator

Day id ()ctay ius Hill ( 1802 lb’7()) and Robert Adamson ( lts'2l IS4Si were the first to realise the artistic possibilities ol~ photography and the exhibition features a number of original negatiy'es that hay-e been printed for the first time. See llitlist.

GScots In Film: Portraits By Donald MacLellan 't‘hti .‘~() May Sun l3 ()ct. Around 3() works by leading por- trait photographer. Donald MacLellan whose lit‘SI exhibition Black I’rni't'l' Wits shown at the National Portrait (iallery in London in 1998.

l-‘or this exhibition. MacLellan has turned his lens on Scottish film stars. snapping Robbie (‘oltrane. Alan ('umining. Billy Connolly. Robert ('arlyle. Dougray Scott and many

others. See llitlist.

Scots In Film - The New Royalty? Wed 2‘) May. l2.45pin. (ily n Day is froin lidinburgh (‘ollege of Art gives a talk.

Twentieth-Century Hungarian Photography Wed 5 Jun. l2.45pni. Ray .‘ychen/ie from (ilasgow School of Art giyes a talk.


43 45 High Street. 556 9579. .\Ion Sat |()ani 4.30pm.

Sharing Will Save The World l'ntil Sat 25 May. A series of photographic panels representing themes of poy'erty. sharing. greed. sery'ice and human rights presented by Share lltlt’l'll(lI|UII(I/ maga/inc. See also Theatre \Voi'ksltop.


l4 New Street. 553 7604. Mon Sat llam 6.30pm. l‘ntil late on Bongo ('lub nights.

Simunye l’ri 24 May Tue 4 .lun. The lixhibition Space is transformed into a studio for the participants of the Sotith African ('oninionwealth Youth exchange project who w ill be creating a mural. as well as writing sketches and prose and showing photography and \‘ideo work.

NlfiV‘.’ Sl-l()\.".’.


17 2| |-'ountainhal| Road. 529 5536. Mackintosh’s Watercolours Thu 23 May. 7 Spin. Adyanced booking required. Sally Kerr giyes an illtistrated talk on the w atercolours of(‘liarles Rennie Mackintosh.


Bread Street. 477 4522. Mon Stiii

noon 6pm.

Creative Spirit: Artesian Open Exhibition l'iitil Sun 9 Jim. Artesian presents an exhibition of works by \ai'ious artists. I’url u/ Arie (imy 2002. Wet-On-Wet Visionary Painting Workshop Stiii 2 .ltiii. llam 4pm. [20. To book call (ll3l 447 [67 l. Visionary painting workshop led by Ritchie (’ollins. I’ur! of {II‘H' (iriiy 2002.

Living Installation In Exploration Of The Collective Unconscious Wed 5 Jun. 5 9pm. Kate Deeming and friends explore the collectiye unconscious. l’ur/ n/fl-lrn' (ims 2002.


75 ‘7‘) ('umberland Street. 557 l()2(). .\Ion l-‘ri lttam 6pm: Sat ltlam 4pm. John Brown RSW - Catalan Connections t'ntil Wed 29 May. Paintings.

Colin Black - New Eartht‘ntil Wed 29 May. Paintings.

Liam Flynn t'niil Wed 29 May. Wood turned \essels.

Catherine Hills l'iiiil Wed 29 May. Jewellery.

Glen Scouller RSW, RGI Sat

| Wed l9 Jun. New paintings. NEL'.’ SHOW.

Lesley Strickland Sat t Wed 19 Jun. Jewellery.

Jacqueline Watt Sat I Wed t9 Jun. New paintings.


l7 l9 Barclay Place. 477 2933. Tue Sat llani 6pm.

Mixed Exhibition A changing selection of paintings including reproduction art Vittt (ioglt. Dali. .\lonct. Kandinsky. .\|iro originals and work by tip—and-coming ll)“le artists.

PATRIOTHALL GALLERY (WASPSi Patriothall Studios. off 4S Hamilton Place. 225 l2S9. Tue Sun noon 4pm.

Out Of The Ashes t‘ntil Wed 29 May. Artesian presents a poignant exhibition of work by oy er 40 artists in response to e\eltls of l | September. With contributions from artists frotn the l'K. [SA and litirope. the show includes paintings. sculpture. photographs and collages. I’tirl o/‘Arle (in/x 2002 Where Are We Now Sat 25 May. 8pm. to (£3). Directed by Lee (iershtiny. the lilements presents a performance/mediation in poetry. music. dance and dialogue. A workshop follows the performance. l’ur/ (ifslrn' (in/s 2002.


25 .‘ylai'chmont ('i'escent. 2292063.

.\|on l‘ri 9am 5.30pm; Sat ltlam 2pm. Mixed Exhibition .\ photographic gallery and framing workshop featuring a range of framed mounted images with space for local photographers to show their work.


(‘lc‘l'k Street. (to-,7 7770. Mon .Stil

|()am 5.30pm.

Gloria Wallington t‘niil Mon 3 .lun. Landscape of()rkiiey by (iloria Wallington.

ROYAL BOTANIC GARDEN lnyei‘leith House. lnyerleith Row. 552 7l7l. \Ved .\loit ll).3(latti 5.30pm. Cathy Wilkes l'ntil Siiii 9 .ltiii.

l-‘ollow ing on from the inclusion of the inaugural Beck's Futures award and solo show s at (‘ubitt in London and 'l‘i'ansniissioii in (ilasgow. ('athy Wilkes' largest show to date features new site— specilic sculptures. The sy miiietrical liguratiye '.'Ul||po\lll(tlls are made up of drawings. paintings and sculpture.

The Dapuri Botanical Drawings l'ntil Tue 23 .liil. An exhibition drawn from the collection of RB(ili to accompany a new book lliint/ers (‘nIn/il.‘ Alumni/er (ii/min :lm/ Hie Hit/turf li’umnii‘ii/ [Nani/icy by Dr Henry Nollie which describe a i'eiiiai‘kablc collection of I9th century liidian botanical drawings.

Science Seekers Solutions For ScotLAND l'ntil Sun 9 .liiii (lixhibition Hall l. A hands-on interactiye exhibition llttil looks til ltoyy Scottish science can iiiipi'oye our health and that of animals. plants and the cm ironiiieiit.