Art listings

Edinburgh museums continued

DUNDEE CONTEMPORARY ARTS I53 Nethergate. 01383 909900. Tue—Wed. Sat & Sun 10.30am—530pm; Thu cit Fri l().30am- 8an

53 Fiona Banner: Your Plinth Is My Lap ('ntil Sttn 9 Jttn. Best known for her text works deriy'ed frotn classic films. Fiona Banner. bortt in Merseyside itt 1966. pre- sents a selection of new and recent prints. drawings and sculptures which contintte her fascination with lattguage. The exhibition at the D(‘A is her tnost substantial solo show to date in the ('K. See Hitlist.

Ann Lislegaard t'ntil Sun 9 Jun. An installation combining sound. light and photographs by Danish artist Ann l.islegaard that places the yiewer at the centre of the work.

Michael Rothenstein t'tttil Sun 3 Jun (Print Studio). A selection of prints.

Tania Ufer and Laura Murray t'ntit Sun 3o May (One the Two). Jewellery in organic forms made front sily'er. gold. precious stones. pearls attd enamel by Tanja l'ler and eyening purses in sily'er. line silks and precious stones by Laura Murray. Love & Hate: Poetry Prints L'ntil Sat 8 Jtttt. (‘ttrated by poet Don Paterson. and iii response to l-‘iona Banner‘s current exhibition. a selection of poetry prints will be posted tip around the building.


Albert Square. 01383 433084. Mon—Sat 10.30am ~5pm; Sttn 13.30—4pm: Thu l0.30ant ~'pm.

Life At Lift: The Mental Health Of Dundee l'ntil Sun to Jun. An exhibition marking the beginning of the closure of the Dundee Royal I.iff llospital. exploring the changes in mental health provision over the last 300 years.


West Henderson Wy (id. 01383 335383. Mon Sat 10am 4pm; Sun Haiti-4pm. Unknown Treasures: An Introduction To The University Of Dundee Museum Collections t'ntil l4 Jtil. An exhibition of stunning artworks shown alongside examples frotn the uniyersity 's collections of science. natural history. medicine and ethnograplty.

VISUAL RESEARCH CENTRE Dundee (’ontemporary Arts. 153 Nethergate. ()l383 348060. Wed l‘ri l0.30am—5.30pnt; Sat ck Sun l3.30» 5.30pm.

Bank ('ntil Sat 8 Jun ((‘entre for Artist Books). Printed works including back issues of The Bunk. press releases. priy'ate

y iew cards and lliers by artist's group BANK.

Outside the Cities



(‘allendar Park. 01334 503770. Mon Sat 10am 5pm; Sun 3 5pm.

Toasting The End Of Europe t'ntil Sun l4 Jtll. large—scale liguratiye paintings and an installation piece by Dundee-based artist Benni lisposito,



The Scott (iallery. Wilton Lodge Park. 0l450 373457. Mon» l‘ri 10am vtioon cit

l 5pm; Sat ck Sun 3 5pm.

That Gemmill Goal t'ntil Wed 39 .May. (iet ittto the spirit of the World (up. in this exhibition that celebrates Archie (iemmill's famous goal tor Scotland against Holland in the I978 World ('up.



139 Muir Street. 01698 338333. Mon- Sat l()am 5pm; Sun noon 5pm.

Cams In Camera t'nttl l'l'l 3! Jan. .»\ selection of ('atneronians photographs. Fitba’, Fitba’, Fitba’ Sat 35 May Mon 38 ()ct. An exhibition focusing on the ‘footballing heroes' from l.anarkshire including Matt Busby. lan St .lohn. Ally Mc('oist attd ('raig Brown. Nii‘v'. Sl—lO‘fiJ.

88 THE LIST 1/9: Ma. (3 Jae. 70"?

BANANAS IN PYJAMAS Sun 26 May. 1pm 8. ri.3()ptt‘. 5.70 (523.50). Pavilion Theatre. 121 Renttelcl Street. Glasgow. 014‘. 313?. (846. Ages 2—7. Expect a fruit cocktail of fun when the characters from Cticitiies Avenue take to the stage. See

the Teddies. the mischievous Rat-in-a—Hat and the szitiipery' pair themselves.


Bananas in Pyjamas. perform their toil-stage musical extravaganza.

We welcome submissions for this section, but cannot guarantee inclusion. Please send details to our offices at least ten days before publication. Kids listings compiled by Maureen Ellis.

Activities Arid Fun

The Art Corner Sat 35 May. Sat 1 Jun. l0attt~noon c9 1 3pm. £48 for ten weeks. litinterian Art (iallery. l'niy'ersity of Glasgow. 83 Hillhead Street. 330

543 l. Ady'ance bookittg required. Ages 8 l4. Budding artists catt hone their skills in a mammoth ten-week course offering a wide variety of arts attd crafts. Art Workshop Sat 35 May. 10am--noon. Free. St Mary’s Cathedral. 300 (treat Western Road. 337 3803. Ages 7-10. Ady‘ance bookittg necessary. A series of workshops based on the cathedral's restoration. Part of I't‘dsl. CCA: Family Day Sun 36 .May.

1 lam-4pm. £5. (‘('A. 350 Sattcltieliall Street. 353 4900. l’un for all the fantin featuring workshops in drama. dance. music attd art led by experienced (ilasgow -based artists and teachers.

Art Workshop Mon 37 May. noon-1.30pm ck 3.30 4pm. l~’ree. Burrell ('ollection. 3060 Pollok’shaw‘s Road. 387 3550. Ady‘anee booking required. Ages 5-- 8 & 9 l3. ltnpact Arts hosts a fun- paeked workshop w here you can design a coat of arms. make a stained glass panel or create a mythical monster. Multi-arts Workshops At Landemer Festival Sat 1 Jun.

1 lam 3pm. £l per workshop session. Mitchell Arcade. Rutherglen. 01355 361000. Joiti the professionals and try your hands and feet at street dance. costume—making aitd photography.


Halo (1') Sat 1 Jun. 10.30am. £3.35 (family ticket £9). (ilasgow l-‘ilm ’l‘heatre. l3 Rust: S11‘L‘L‘l.333 SI3S. See I'llm lndex.

Human Body ( l’( i ); Everest ( t i: Dolphins (1'); Into The Deep ( t )1 Blue Planet ( l ' ). times yary. check

l-"ilm listings for showing times. £5 (£3.50). lMAX ’l’heatt'e. (ilasflow Science ('cntre. 50 Pacific Quay. 430 5000.


Salty Sam Sat 35 May. 3pm. £4 (£3). Scottish Mask ck Puppet 'l‘heatre (’entre. 8 l0 Balcarres Ayenue. Kely indale. 339 (i185. Meet old sea dog Sam and help him catch his breakfast itt this production frotn lan 'l‘urbitt's Puppet 'l'heatre. Bananas In Pyjamas Sun 30 May. lpm c‘s' 4.30pm. £(t (£5.50). Pay ilion IIIL'QIIIL‘. l3l Renlield Street. .333 lcS-lh. Ages 3 7. See photo caption.

The Song From The Sea the 38 May. b.30pm. £4 (£3). St Mary 's ('athedral. 300 (treat Western Road. 337 3863. Ages 4 8. A young boy sets out to find the source of a beautiful sound he hears aboye the din itt his house. itt this charming tale from Visible l’ictions. Summer Magic! Sat l .lun. 3pm. £4 (£3). Scottish Mask ck Puppet 'l‘heatre (‘entre. 8 l0 Balcarres Ayenue.

Kely indale. 339 (1185. Magic Bob has more than a few tricks tip his sleeyc: join in with his summer fun. games attd C\L‘llc‘lttelll.

The Lifeboat Tue 4 Jun. 7pm. £5 (£3.50). 'l‘ron 'l'heatre. (i3 'l'rongate. 553 4307. Ages oy er 10. ('atherine Wheels 'l'heatre ('ompany presents Nicola .\lc('artney ’s adaptation of the remarkable true story of a ship fleeing wartorn Britain.

Edinburgh Activities And Fun Quickies For Kids Royal Museum Of Scotland. 3 (‘hantbers Street. 347 43 I9. l-‘ree. 'l‘en-tninttte talks for children held eyery Sat and Sun at 3.30pm. Wild Water Exhibition t'ntil Mon 34 Jun. 10am (tpm. 1-‘ree. Dynamic liarth. Holy rootl Road. 550 7800. l‘itttl out eycrything there is to know about water and why we need it. Decorate Your Own Ceramics liri 34 May. 1 3.30pm. £4. Museum ()1 litlinburgli. (formerly lluntly House). 143 (anongate. 5394143. Ages 8 l4. Decorate crockery ttsing ceramic paint

and jewels.

Saturday Art At The Dean Sat 35 May. l0am- noon ck l.30—-3.3()pm. £30 (£l0). Dean (iallery'. Belford Road. 634 (i438. Ages 5- 7 cc 8 ~ I 1. Artist Jenny Smith leads a fun four-week course focttsing on drawing and painting still life.

Family Workshop Sat 35 May. l0am~noon (k 1.45» 3.45pm. Free with exhibition ticket. ('ity Art ('entre. 3 Market Street. 539 3993. Ady'ance bookittg required. Make modroc space mirrors inspired by The Art ()fSrctr ll'ctrs exhibition.

Biscuit Tin Cameras Sat 35 May. l0.l5am -l3.45pm ck 34.30pm. £1. Royal Mtiseuni. 3 (‘hantbers Street. 347 4319. Ages 8 14. A photographic workshop using biscuit tins. a little imagination and the help of Kenny Bean. Victorian Ghosts Sun 36 May.

1.30 4.30pm. £1. Royal Mttseum. 3 ('hambers Street. 347 4319. Ages .’ l4. A photographic workshop capturing mysterious itnages.

Saturday Art At The Dean Sat 1 Jun. 10am noon c% 1.30 3.30pm. £30 (£10). Dean (iallery'. Belford Road. (i34 (i438. Ages 5 7 ck 8 11. Learn to make handmade paper and Use it to create 31) attd 3D artworks in a four-week course led by artist ('hristine lleughatt.

Hatz, Hatz, Hatz! Mon 3 Jun.

10am 4pm. £4. Mtiseum ()f l‘clittburgh. (formerly lluntly House). 143 (‘anongate. 5394143. l)esign and make your own wild and wacky hats at this fatnin workshop.


Greyfriars Bobby Hi 34 May.

3.30 3.30pm. l.eith Library. 38 301‘erry Road. 539 55 l 7. Sy |\ ia 'l‘roon ttses original sottgs. colourful scenery and charming puppets to recreate lidinburgh of old and tell the story of the famous loyal pooch.

Little Red Riding Hood Tue 2s May. 7.30pm. £3. Netherbow Arts ('entre. 43 45 High Street. 556 9579. Theatre Alba Youth (iroth bresents a one-act play inspired by the popular fairy tale. A warning to ey'ery'one not to stray from the path.


Children's International Theatre Festival Mon 37 May- -Wed 5 .lun. times yary. \‘ariotts Venues. 338 1404. Britain‘s biggest performing arts festiyal for young people. featuring theatre companies from around the world. See separate ('hildren's l’estiy'al listings.


Aileen Paterson Hi 31 May.

3.30 3.30pm. Blackhall Library. 50 liillhouse Road. 539 5595. Adyance booking required. Ages oy er 4. A chance to meet the ttttlhot‘ ()f the popular ’Mttiste. stories.


Storytelling With Slides And Music lit 34 May. 8pm. £7 (£4). ('oluntcille ('entre. 3 New battle ’l‘errace. 453 8841. Ages oyer 7. Angela Patten leads a fun illustrated storytelling session based on (he (irimnts' fairy tales "The White Snake' and "The 'l‘welye Dancing I’t'lttc‘esses‘.

Sunday Stories Sun 30 May. 3 3pm. £3. National Portrait (iallery. l Queen Sll’L‘L‘l. 034 ()4 l (S. RL'IIUW ltL‘tl \lttl‘y lL‘llL‘l‘ Michael Kerins tells a selection of tales for children attd families.

Outside The Cities

Activities Arid Fun

Urban Trash Thu 33. Thu 30 May. ’l‘htt (t Jun. 7 9pm. £34. 'l'olbooth 'l’heatre. .lail Wy nd. Stirling. ()l78o 374000. Ages ll 14. Make musical instruments attd sculptures from found ttlttl recycled L‘yc‘l'y titty ()Itlc‘c‘ls.

Friday Hip Hop Hi 34 ck l‘ri 3t May.

3 3.30pm. £l.5(l. llow den l’ark ('entrc.