Glasgow life

Tuesday 28

Book events

Graham Fulton Borders Books. 38,3 Buchanan Street. 333 7700. 7pm. rm. The local poet reads e\cerpts from his latest Collection. Rimu/ Soups um/ ()I/It'l' Liquids.


Summer Course: Scottish Contemporary Art (‘(‘.-\. 350 Sattchiehall Street. 353 4900. (3.30—8.30pm. £30 1 £15). l('('.\ 41. .-\n introduction to Scottish contemporary art over the past ten years lead by artists. curators. gallerists. critics and journalists. The course includes lectures. artists presentations and gallery and studio visits.

The Stirling Maxwell Lecture Pollok House. Pollok Country Park. 3060 Pollokshaws Road. (3166410. 7.30pm. £15 (£10 .\"I‘S membersl. .»\ lecture from Christopher Lloyd. the sury'eyor of the Queen's paintings.

Other events

Stella Screen Cinebar Blacklriars. 36 Bell Street. 553 5934. 9pm. 1"ree. Stella bring cinema to the pub. screening classic films in a relaxed and familiar eny'ironment. 'l'onight's tilm is Slum-r.

Wednesday 29

Book events

Mo Mowlam ()ttaikiit"s Bookstore. l'nit (i. Buchanan (ialleries. Buchanan Street. .355 15011. 5 (3pm. l'll'L'L'. .\lo Mowlam signs Copies of her autobiography Momentum. See prey iew.


Mo Mowlam Royal (‘oncert Hall. 3 Sauchiehall Street. 353 S000. 13.30pm. £418.50). liormer cabinet minister Mowlam rounds off the series talking about her time at Westminster. her moye from Northern lreland to the (‘abinet Office and her decision to leaye before the 3001 election. See prey ieyy.

Other events

Choices For Life Sli(‘('. t-‘inniesion Quay. 0870 040 4000. A community awareness eyent hosted by Strathclyde Police promoting an alternatiye lil‘esty 1e to drug abtrse.

Book events

Performance Poetry Workshops (TA. 350 Sauchiehall Street 353 4900. 4—10pm. l‘ree. .-\ges l(i+. .-\ series of three monthly workshops led by Glasgow-based performer Donna


Spons Ayr Races Ayr Racecourse. 3 \Vhitletts Road. Ayr. 01292 264179. 2.25—5pm. £7.

Flat horse racing.

Other events Choices For Life SECC. Finnieston Quay. ()87() 040 4000. See Wed 29.

Motorcycle mayhem Motorbikes? Like a greasy bike TBIIY? \U. 'liltls is the (il'L‘tll Sc‘tillislt Bike Show which is a fun land cleanl eyent for all the family.

What’s happening? It is a weekend celebrating all aspects of motorbikes from riding them through to watching them.

Such as? 'l‘here w ill be plenty of bikes to look at and hay c a seat on as well as clothing. helmets and accessories to buy and demonstrations to watch. Anything for the non bikers? Alongside the bike detttonsll'ations and stunt riding from iiddie Kidd. Jason l-‘inn and Sonnie l'erguson. Rtiss Swift will be doing some precision driying and there will also be a funfair. a Harley l)a\'idson fashion show and lots of fun.

The Great Scott/sh Bike Show SECC, F/‘nnieston Quay. 08 70 040 4000. Sat 25 :9 Sun 26 :"//'ay< lOam—ESODm. £5.50—E7 (Ki—E41


We've got five pairs of tickets to give away for the Great Scottish Bike Show so if you fancy getting kinky with a Kawa or horny with a Harley just send an

email marked ‘GREAT SCOTTISH BIKE SHOW' to Deadline for entries is noon on Friday 24 May 2002. Please include a daytime telephone number. Winners must be able to pick up their tickets from the CCA box office. 350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow.


Ayr Races .\y r Racecourse. 3 \\'liilletts Road. .'\y r. 01393 3(i4l"9. 3.30 4.50pm. L“. See 11m 30.


Queen’s Jubilee Celebration Day Barsliaw l’ark. (ilasgow Road. l’;iis1c‘y.S~1tl.3(il5. 1 5pm. l‘ree. 151m» lilled day celebrating the Queen‘s Jubilee with the Radio (‘lyde Roadshow. paraclmte lumps. dog agility. music. horse itiiiiping and bouncy castles.


A Silver Jubilee @ Her Majesty’s Pleasure Renfrew l‘erry. ('lyde Place. 35" 5511. L'tbc. .v\n alternatiye .lubilce night organised by the .\1iscarriages of Justice ()rganisation Scotland to highlight the plight of Robert Brow n w ho has spent the last 35 years at ller.\1aiesty‘s pleasure. 'l’hcre‘s a packed line-up of comedy. acoustic music. I).ls Kinky .-\lt‘o and drummers .\ya\yara. ('hannel 4‘s .\1ark ’l‘homas is to be confirmed as headliner.

Love the Planet Peace Carnival (icorge Square. 433 1333. l lam. l‘rcc. Join Scottish (’.\'1) for a day of carniyal actiy ities including a procession. liy‘e music and speeches from some well known names.


Vernacular Technologies: Folk Music In The Age or Digital Reproduction Mitchell Library. 20 North Street. 387 3999. 3pm. Free. .-\ talk by Riissell A. Potter. associate professor of linglish at Rhode Island College.

Other events

Newmilns Show 1.0tldtttllt (’astle. (ialston. .'\y rshirc. 01503 S3339o.

9am 5pm. £3150p £1 1. .v\nnual agricultural show featuring horses. cattle. sheep. horse showing and jumping. dog show s. and many other eyents and attractions.

Glasgow Music Fair 511(‘(2 l-‘innieston ()uay. l)S"ll 040 4000.

10am 5pm. L3 .-\ wide \ariety of music and collectablcs to brow se or buy. Branching Out 'l‘ollcross Park. 3541» “t‘llsltttl Rtttttl. 703 1303. 1.30pm. l’rce. Meet at the 12m ironment (‘entre and join in lltt‘ li’t’t’li'yl 3i”): actiy illes :tlttl lilttl out about the trees in the park. their uses. history. myths and folklore.


Mad 2002 - MacMilIan Abseil Day (iartnayel Royal Hospital. 1055 (il'L'al Western Road. 31 l 301)“. 5311 registration and £135 minimum sponsorship. Abseil from (iartnayel Hospital roof in aid of Scottish cancer patients and their families.


Lei Cox ln Conversation With Jasia Reichardt ('(‘.'\. 350 Sauchiehall Street. 353 4900. 5pm. £4 (£3). Dundee-based artist l.ei (‘ox who works with sound and Video. discusses his work with Jasia Reichardt. a writer on art. science and technology.

Other events

Glasgow Music Fair SECC. Finnieston Quay. 0870 0404000. 10am—5pm. £3. See Sat 1.

Cactus Day (ilasgow Botanic Gardens. 730 (ireat Western Road. 334

Museum Of 1‘a'*‘—:">i:"‘. Free. (ariacat'ori " Scotiand Transport Gust/infifs best 5.1:“: ‘28.“? :>"'\.'.'ar<ts. Kelvin Hall, 1. Btir'v‘ouse "fat 1.! C." "as "we-d-“t'. ;)~~’:i;f,?‘..‘;‘.".ri:’.(‘:(l

Road. 287 272i). .."’:»’:";;’ "t: a trap" '; gi:;5;,"<;:ii“s glut:- {i flavour Mon—Thu & Sat ‘1": - ‘f i:, 201011523: 2*: " \./<.'.’,";i". i5f1.'.'£i'11!lii". 10am—Spin: F". X. Sm ',-':"'.r;";:", yeah z: ‘.'.';i' :1 ani tiny/,2; 11am—5pm l-rm. /‘«. Scotland Street ' "I. i;

Pollok House

mUSOUit‘. f;f£il?‘ll“:’1 School Museum

buses. trams. 11H: i/i .‘u- l"‘ f)? i (1.. :r'. 3’, wk (log-'11", 1);i."\. engines, f;ltll)f;£ilt’.11i‘."-’:' LII/i fig/I. Vital ST'w-J. . .' j n. i)’;lfi>i\f3’1£i‘.'.f. 1?. ad. Daraphemalia. tit-soft”: ’flm'i 112i. fiat ' ‘i Mm." 33'1" totholustoiytfitruest/1'1 ‘znz ; 11 fin ' 5,:i'i .; People’s Palace 8. l 'r- .‘."-«»'.-t 3 1 Winter Garden i/‘I‘.i’1"‘:'1i.". “4" 51.. i" "i .‘ri-flH'l' (31889027(il'(:‘:li, '15,},- I ' i' i":.’llili: ' ' ’l {, l'lrll' .1. '1 0223.1v1tii‘. 1111;". Fizi'. i/‘Hr -- ' '. zit" ' i' 7' .. t' " ll 1()£irli~f3t)l";1'ié’. 81.! ""-':',,:":ttl ' . grim mun : i‘

92 THE LIST 2": Mri. I, ..'

3433. 10am 4pm. 1"i'ee..'\ range of prickly cacti on display and for sale. Avon Valley Vintage Power Kittochside Rally .\1tiseum ()1 Scottish (‘ountry'e. \Vester Kittochside. liast ls'ilbride. 01355 334181. 10am 5pm. L5 tL‘3l. The newest of Scotland’s National .‘yluseums plays host to a rally of y intagc tractor and machinery. with working demonstrations on the museum's historic farm.

Walk on the Wild Side \etherton Braes. (i3? 1 147. 1.30pm. l'ree. Meet at I.inu (’emetery gates and join the rangers in this look round Netherton Braes to discoy'er the different animals w ho liye there and its other hidden delights.

Sun and Scenery (ileniffer Braes ('ountry Park. (ilen Lodge. (ilentield Road. 884 3794. 3pm. liree. Meet at Robertson car park for this two hour walk round the western side of (ileniffer Braes.


Citizens Not Subjects Festival (ilttsgoyy (ireen. (ireendy ke Street. 331 7714. 1pm.'1’he Scottish Socialist Party host an alternatiy e .lubilee party celebrating the power of the many. not the chosen few The day will feature a carniyal procession. liye music. comedy and the election of a monarch for the day. lom Leonard and James Kelman w ill giye short readings. and ez'ganisers hope Karen Dunbar. Nigel Buckland and lilaine (' Smith will join in the

lestt\ ities.

Other events

Avon Valley Vintage Power Kittochside Rally .\1useum()f Scottish (‘ountry 1.ife. \Vester Kitlocltside. liast Kilbride. 01355 334181. 10am 5pm. £5 ([51. See Sat 3.

Tuesday 4

Other events

Stella Screen Cinebar Blackfriars. 30 Bell Street. 553 5934. 9pm. free. See Tue 38 only tonight's lilm is 5/yl Shire.


Dame Janet Baker ‘l‘lieaire Royal. 383 Hope Street. 3339000. lpm. £4.50 ([31. Baker joins Hem/(l arts writer. Michael 'liumelty as she discusses her life and work including her time with Scottish ()pera.

Other events

Lanark Lanimer Celebrations low it Centre. Lanark’. 01555 (ib3351. 10am -(i.30pm. I-‘ree. Continuing a tradition beginning oyer 100 years ago. the Lanimer procession makes its way through the yillage before the crowning of the Lanimer queen. and then a musical tattoo at 5.15pm.

Open University Waterstone's. 153- 157 Sauchiehall Street. 0131 336 3851 (Open L'niyersityl. 5»~Spm. liree. See Thu 23.

the “rest Sea" T'th'“. " t'ie word. the 0053 ami '9 son, of )0. '2'. eggs '1 Buta " Scottsii Cup and "no" "(3 .5; (3'1 'i Seat and from f"t:- :::;;-:;-::ti:>-" "‘:"‘t3. ‘5" i' is t' 1: Sr ‘.'."‘ ar‘.‘ 8°.""I : St Mungo Museum of it'::'.;."os.

M;i><.'.'t3|.. Religious Life And The Tall Ship At Scottish Football Art Glasgow Harbour Museum ‘(Iasfle Street. 55:.“ ' Strich‘sf; Rain. llgit": 1'71‘ Ma's, 1. " t. . '_ Mo'i 51170 S Sit“. 891:" 339' f‘a . 1)".-.:,iilt?v_‘:l.‘ ‘.;i"‘ fii\i't;lriS 8.." :'»:"".r‘~'-

Mart Sat ‘-Zl.t.'" 5;:1'1‘; {>1,"‘.,i"3firti. »\l‘ .i.\‘.""l‘.i'l=e?L1 S .i i I .' .i.'..u.i .'."‘11111t1'll:.:lt‘.."‘ "Hm-A" .i "it as? I’: ' ' .1 3.22013. ‘w 1'11" 1 ' 1* :

Smt'v' '«t fin " .:.'-.":,:.:i ioi‘..i~i't‘t*-x:;:; "‘.:"."'-""v-"..i.lcAri ll:'..f§“»1"‘7."liii ,'. itf'.'..”-st;'i()ti:f"t> (‘.\i'.1'.".-.'.‘5 \. (E (t) ii‘. l-gr'l . ' 'it'2risrttiuo' :s-ixz'

St 1' 2 t)' l t" t: ~'::;. Hall's; ::.' ::.i‘-".: H 3." .i.l\‘ at \ tlit- w:- t i I. t" >”‘.'./.)/l.'.‘()' '2 His