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Mackintosh’s Watercolours .\'e\vington library. 17 21 l-‘ountainhall Road. 529 5536. 7 Spm. Advanced booking required. Sall) Kerr gives an illustrated talk on the vvatereolours of Charles Rennie Mackintosh.


The BAA Edinburgh Airport Youth Games Meadovvbank Sports Centre. I39 London Road. ()5: 3|7S. 10.30am 5.30pm. Free. .-\ partieipalive sporting event leaturing athletiex. badtninton. l‘ootball. hoeke}. g_vmna\tie\. \vv imming. tennix and \olle_\ ball.


A Personal Choice National (iallet‘) ol Seotland. The Mound. (124 (illltl. l3.~l5ptn. l‘ree. lan llouat'd. prineipal at lidinbtirgh (‘ollege ol .'\rt. \eleetx hix l'a\ourite\.

The Making Of Men And Beasts (‘it_\ .v\rt ('entre. 2 Market Street. 539 5993. 1 2.30pm. l‘t‘ee. l’oet Valerie (iilliex and photographer Rebeeea .\lart' LilSL‘llxx the eurrent exhibition and take _\ott on a jotn'ne} around Seotland to tneet ottr independent \pit'itx.

Other events

Heriot-Watt Graduate Fashion Collections l)_\namie liarth. llol}i'ood Road. 550 7800. 4pm. 7pm «k 9pm. £10. (it';tdtt;tle\ ol' the School oli'l‘e\tile\ and l)e\ign dixplav their itile\l \vork in a stunning setting. TV presenter .lohn Amabile aetx ax eompet'e. 'l'ielvetx tt\ailable on (MSW) S92 l 35.


Scottish Beer Festival 'l‘ratluair Houxe. lnnerleithen. ()lS‘Ni 830333. Noon (rpm. ’l'raquair'x o\\ n ales \\ ill be axailable along \\ ith the bext lrom Seotland’x independent breueriex. il\ \\ ell as food and entertaintnent.


St Andrews Links Trophy St Andrevvx l.illl\\. Ro)al & Aneient (loll ('ltib, St Andrevvx, ()l354 472l12. Leading atnateur international \trokepla} goll~ tournament.


Introduction To The Alexander Technique Ro};il Botanic (iarden. lnverleith Rovv. 552 7l7 l. 10am—4pm. £30. A one-day vvot'kxhop introdueing

dinburg Ie

lhix method ol ttxxexsitig pit-Hieal and mental tetixion patternx.

Body & Soul Psychic 8- Healing Fair Awembl} Roomx. 5-1 (ieorge Street. 320 4349. ltlam 5pm. £3 (£2). :\ range ol~ produetx. \erv ieex and adv iee on tarot. elairvo}anee. er) \talx. aura photo. reiki. rellexolog} and more.

Other events

Side By Side: A Celebration of World Faiths in Scotland Royal Museum. 2 (‘hambers Street. 2-17 4219. l()am- 5pm. Free. l’aiths and eultures from all over Scotland are eelebrated in this one-day event. Handle a ‘laitli box’. hear musie ll'tllll the Sikh Dlioll players. listen to talks and respond b_v helping to deeorate an inter-l'aith praver llag.


St Andrews Links Trophy St Andre“ \ links. Ro)a| & Aneient (loll ('lub. St Andrew \, (H.134 ~173l l3. See Sat 35.

UK Rally Challenge 3 Klltlt‘ixlllii Raeing (‘ireuiL Knoekhill. Dunlermline. (H.183 72333.". 9am 5pm. till. (‘ompetitiv e motor t‘aeing aetion. Race For Life llol_\rood Park. 550 l7(il. llam. l'ree tbttt \ptillxttl'etil. .\ unique \et‘iex ol' liltl events aeroxx

the LR. Raee l‘ot‘ l.il'e ix a ehanee l'or e\er_\ \voman to vvalk. run or jog 5km to raixe mone) lor (‘aneer Rexeareh I'K. For more information eall

(ll’ \L‘L‘

\\ \\ \\.t'aeelot'lile.eo.ttl\.

Other events

Toy Train Sci-fi Collector’s Fair Ro)al Highland ('entre. Inglixton. 35.5 (Chi). llatn 4pm. [2 it] l. .\ ehanee lo bu}. \ell and map to} \. train\ and other items lt'ottt the l95()\ to Mill).


The Rush \at'iottx venues. 555 3797. Times \ar}. .\ nevv l'extival l'or lidinbut'gh leatttring a nti\ ol live muxie. poetr}. eabat'el and elubx.


Scottish Art And British Identity: Celticism In Scottish Painting National (iallet'_\ ol.\1odern .-\rt. Bellord Road. (£4 (iltltl. l2.—l5pm. l-‘ree. .lohn .\lorri\on hour the l'niverxil} ol'.-\lk'rdeen gi\e\ a talk.

Tuesday 28

Festivals The Rush Various Venuex. 555 2797. See Mon :7.


Homecoming l"ountainbridge library. Dundee Street. 5295616. li)..‘~(lam noon. Individuals l'rom plaeex \ueh ax Ireland.


BOOK l. Vl N l'

Edinburgh life


Borders Books, Thu 30 May

in" S" i I ‘5“ A“; .

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. .1'. 2,1,2”;

Did she fall or was she pushed?

If conspiracy were like fashion, aliens would be so last season. These days nothing works its magic like a famous person meeting a strange and untimely end. Pop conspiracy theory would have us believe that Elvis is stuffing himself with Big Macs in foreign climes, and JFK’s brain was removed before he was buried. Famous folk are that strange commodity that always seems to bring out the wackos. Or to be more PC, the

conspiracy theorist.

The death of Princess Diana is no exception. The public mourning may have abated, but the conspiracy theories are still raging. ‘l was told a week before the crash that the media were being primed,’ alleges Jon King, co- author of Princess Diana: The Hidden Evidence. ‘There was a target, unnamed. It was compared to Martin Luther King and JFK in terms of unprecedented popularity and their ability to sway public opinion against

the status quo.’

Compiled in the weeks following the crash, the book is a chilling exposé suggesting that Diana’s death was a joint operation between the CIA and Ml6. ‘It was a bit like a Watergate, going to higher and higher levels,’ claims King, who now hopes his book will encourage a public inquiry in Britain. ‘We’re not saying we have a smoking gun but there is still a mountain of evidence that hasn’t been investigated.’ And the ‘evidence’ is pretty


Aside from the well-publicised ambiguity surrounding the crash itself, there‘s research to suggest that Diana’s public intervention in Angola was putting pressure on Clinton to put a world-wide ban on landmines. Her relationship with Dodi Al Fayed is also highlighted as a contributory factor in her death. ‘We have papers going back to 1993 showing America’s intent to create a war against the Muslim world,’ says King. ‘Can you imagine the repercussions if Diana had married Dodi?’

But isn’t he concerned that the book will be written off as the ranting of yet another over-zealous armageddon fanatic, especially with his background in extra-terrestrial research? ‘I’ve never been a UFO buff,’ he says hastily. ‘The whole phenomenon is a front to cover the government’s highly secret military experiments.’ Like I say, aliens: so last season. (Anna Millar)

I J‘/.' I<i.'7(}' .'. ‘i/ .(i ’."t,'.

Axia and the middle liaxt \\ ho have made lidinbttrgh their home \hare their e\perienee\.

David Bintley l'e\li\til 'l‘healre. l5 :9 .\'ieo|\on Street. 529 (illllll. lpm. U. The direetor ol' Birmingham l<o_\al Ballet givex an insight into lll\ \\t\l'i\.

Owen Dudley Edwards Scottish l’oetr) I.ibrai'_\. 5 (‘t'iehton'x ('loxe. ('anongate. 557 3870. 7.30pm. L5. lidvvards Lil\L‘Ll\\e\ .lohn Buehan \\ ith hix leeture Selm/ur um/ S/iru'At'r. Part of the Bron nsbank I .eeturex.

I: .'t.,.-‘ho/‘ Jorv.‘ [Jo/oriti't/t}.

Other events

Stella Screen Cinebar ()xvgcn Bar & (irill. 3 5 lnlirmar} Street. 557 9997. Spin. l'it'ee. Stella bring einema to the pttb. \ereening elaxxie tilms in a relaxed and lamiliar environment. Tonight's

\hovv ing ix S/iiitt'r.

Wednesday 29

Festivals The Rush \tll'iotls venues. 555 2797. Tillle mi}. See Mon 27.



Camera Obscura Castieni‘.. Royal Mutt. 22‘: fi7()€).‘.’\./1:>ti-—Fr (i.fif)zitr‘~(i;>i't. Sat {-3 Szi". "lat" (iti'i‘. $32.95;

iii/ff} iii/if), f'zi't‘il,‘ ’..t;kr;t Pick tit, z: tit:<it:f;tt‘.;it‘ zit .mtit' iizititl ;i'. ttiitsattt‘a'flxiiz, sat/Hi (ll/(:3 ."82ltil‘, a that law; W)"; t'? Ji’y: n" T'tt: ’. l...

ii‘, ",‘i. .":.‘:".t«t"".’,.".

to the venue IS Magic Gallery. giving hands-ob expereehces of tne ar: e" vis-aa» trickery. Cralgmillar Castle Craigmillar Castle Road, (361 444:3. Daily €l.3()2im—-(Sptri. $1.80 (Nit) $1.30). For :i rml taste of history. take a (ith/(3 ()lll to this; l;llllf;ll£t(ll<l(} ()l(l t:;i%;l|t:-. v./iii<;li although ll()l (lllli(} (if; itit;i(:t étfl

l (illll)lll(]ll Castle. 1:; it'll lll()l(;' {lllll()fsl)ll(3ll(; gitirl lll‘: “mun,- ()i tittit1li l)l()lilll(l tltii‘ttit; lll(: ltrltlll

of Mary. Queen of Scots.

Dynamic Earth Hoiyrood Roan. 5:30 78(,C‘i. Dal-y ‘Cle.i"‘—(iprt‘. 577/3534744311.\.t‘."t"~ ‘.’() canoes er'apt‘t‘g l‘)(}.".(3-£t'.". you" ‘00:. a

.'()l)lf,(l 'tll"f>.() 1". {7()...'!.".(ll

(“i-h, €;(ii.i\.fllltii\ifii

trial .'.’t’t‘.(:‘; at -;‘.-::.". Yuri. ll‘t: ‘i't‘dtir‘ :;‘ TN: rz-ri't't

'Tiér'e’::':'.'. 1_

Edinburgh Castle “Until/1w. 1‘1’6 i'-4,..'..;_ '1' ‘tii'i {ll/Hi“

[lit V‘" fi'ii_/.\’."(/.


silvemare and. of coorse. The Stone Of Destiny. aseo to crown Scottish kings Since time began. Edinburgh Zoo Corstorphine Road. 334 9171. Daily 9am—6pm. £7 83—2751: familv ticket 92(7—5‘2-160. Widely {1(T(T<}l)l(}(l as one of the flies? Koot; Ill Britain.

Dynamic E

(hot-9's; pleittv here to '.'.l‘llt“7 azuai. an afternoon,

(Illilliitii‘?' '.'.;t:: lt‘fi'. '. .l'.'.'.it"._ it::lt..it> .' tit (?‘.ti'.". ti ‘.'.§'l()i(? day If you

\.'.‘:t:. <‘<:r‘\.t‘:if<:tl i"f_i :‘\."n '.‘.l'\‘..f$ (itll‘llt"‘ {any i,.>t.r farm. llit)

liztt'Jt-ivxt; it I’m "(tilt -'.‘. "‘:; Mutt. lllt‘ t l"-.‘- lft“.'.‘\. inn? Att‘tttzui plains (‘t3'tttir‘.. :ii‘t‘ta'mrtrt 1"; L}.iii ‘.'.'i'." is; .i"ot.i ti fantastic view of (:tht‘.;t'.’>ttt;.ti't‘T‘ th'ti' "_|t>tt;;""‘if,i". T't-u. l‘.