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Never look na'i‘ve in the produce department again with our guide to the summer’s tropical treats.

., .9 What is it? Papaya Lychee l Apple Banana Mini mango Sharon fruit Persimmon Passion fruit i (film‘gfi Karela (aka ragon eyes) i (8k! "3' W") gooubon'y) Where is The tropical Thailand and Ecuador. 3 South America. Java and V Japan and South Africa SOUth America in . N93’ "‘9‘ ’fmazof‘r it from? Americas. China. southeast Asia. . China. and Brazil. i the Andes" and EaSLA'Fva am New Zealand the Caribbean. What Like a more An aromatic Like a wee Like a normal Has sweet, , The cute . More Seeds than Bitter Orange The Spanish does it sour and heftier and faintly , banana, less mango but perfume taste a country cousm Wimbledon. Has ; With subtle. Inquisition, A taste like? mango in boozy, melon- ; sweet but more smaller and and apple-like of the apHCOt ' a_CltrUSY tang. g sweet twang. It's bitter and flaVOUri like flavour, ' creamy, stronger: sweet texture. A blt With a Sple/ 3 "RS drinking V the BOUTHGVINB twisted me|on‘ . and tangy. watery though. sweet twist. ; white wine. i of the fruit world. About 60p About £1.50 for About £1 for a About a pound About 90p. About 70p About 40p 90p for 1009. About 50p each. a box of fifteen. ; half a dozen, each But worth it. each. each. each, Halve and Peel off the , Like normal v wusses can cut Slice it up like a l Halve. Remove l HalVG 87191981 Like a lady. Through gritted I remQVche leathery GXTGFIOT f banana. Stupid. slivers off and cucumber and E stone. Devour. the seeds In the 2 Remove the teeth. Eaten as caV'a""ke tO find a White detach from the eat the lot, skin, 5 middle With a outer leaves a vegetable in ms- sqqeeze b3” WM 3 dark : skin; rockers seeds and all Spoon. Oddly. l and pop it in Asia. 652:1: '8":th brown Seed 1 should split It In . whole. seeds yer mothers Wlthln- twohanézl grnaw g and all. live-in lover. t e as ' I 2 What can Make reel Go the Chinese i They make To be eaten on Add some funky Eat a couple Give some E Dying to be Frighten people YQU d9) juicy, pulpy way and poach ; great banana I its own: messlly shapes to a fruit 2 on a muggy § texture and zing i dipped in with it. Cook in mm 't- ice-lomee, ’em in syrup or ; fritters. with juice salad. ' day to cure a ' to your melted stews or wave wok them up ' dripping from hangover. smoothies. chocolate. about for with chicken. yer fingers. Bliss. comic effect. FESTIVAL HIDDEN GEM

CALEDONIAN BEER FESTIVAL Caledonian brewery, Slateford Road, Edinburgh, Thu 6 June—Sat 8 June

Bitter and Twisted. Pale Rider. Radgie Gadgie. Old Hookey. Kamakaze. The names of these ales alone merit a visit to the annual Caledonian Beer Festival. where beers from more than 30 breweries will be poured. As ever. the range of suds is exceptional from historic breweries such as Theakstons (founded 1827) and Harvey & Son (established 1790) as well as relative industry youngsters such as Rooster's Brewery (opened in 1993) and Kelham Island Brewery (formed in 1990). Festival food includes Crombies sausages for the first time. For 933. the choice of Caledonian 80 - Sausage. Auld Reekie and Mediterranean Pork is available. Bean burgers. monk fish skewers. roast beef sandwiches and more will also be sold. Nightly entertainment features the Kings of Swing dance band. as well as

Blind Lemon R8.B group.

Beers to look out for include Belhaven 60/-, Caledonian Golden Promise. Harviestcun Bitter 8. Twisted. Isle of Skye Reo Cuillin and Orkney Raven Ale.

Entry is 27 (which includes a complementary pintl but aficianados might as well plump for the weekend pass (SOId only Thursday and

Friday) which costs £20 and offers three free

pints. (Barry Shelbyl

LANSDOWNE CAFE BAR 7a Lansdowne Crescent, Glasgow, 0141 334 4653

‘This city is too full of snobby chefs cooking what they want to eat.‘ says veteran Glasgow chef Scott Marshall. With a CV that includes the Puppet Theatre. Mitchell's and the Buttery. he's presumably met a few in his time. But Marshall‘s chef's hat is now firmly hung in the kitchen of the Lansdowne Cafe Bar in the city's West End. The descent to the Lansdowne's leafy. bijou courtyard belies a sprawling interior. A cosy. candlelit bar opens up into a split-level basement restaurant that houses a second bar and continues through to an airy conservatory. Meals - whether bar snacks. Sunday lunch or a la carte - can be eaten anywhere. Brian McDade. a former marketing director at Stakis hotels. bought the Lansdowne three years ago. transforming what was then Ragamuffin with a cool £2.5m refurbishment. Architect Bob Holmes converted the tenement cellar into a contemporary space with stone and wooden floors and deep pink and blue walls. Local artwork helps to create the Lansdowne's home away from home atmosphere. Paintings of West End scenes by artist (and former Hera/d

cartoonist) Alex Ewing are juxtaposed with the glazed clay. bottle-top collages of the late Colin Wilson.

‘The West End is saturated with corporate chains. so we had to create something significantly different here with the decor and the food.‘ McDade says. ‘Scott is a creative chef. He takes local produce like salmon. steak or chicken and adds a continental twist with his sauces.‘

‘lt's good. rustic fare.‘ Marshall says more modestly. “Something you can get your teeth into. Comfort food. right across the board.‘

No arguments there. The roast duck is sweet and tender. in a burgundy pool of pink and green peppercorn sauce. And Marshall's special of pan-fried sea bass is distinct indeed: firm white fillets on a mound of lemon risotto. encircled by

Iii Mubarak: I "OWN" Strut, 553-7”; 30 Tim hallmark”, urn-6+

i. Brokgktoii rim, m-uu

1 14 THE LIST (St—2C Jun 2002

vegetable ragout. (Louise Prendergast)

I The Lansdowne is open Mon—Thu 5pm— 72am, Fri 5pm— 7am. Sat noon— lam and Sun noon—midnight.