I Saw You


V I saw you Blonde Swede in ()ptimo‘s girls toilets. Sorry

for my behaviour and thanks for

your patience and kindness. Take care. R. Box No [.7442/1. V I saw you James (dark- haired sales manager originally frotn Maryhill) at Corinthian one Friday night in April. We chatted I didn't give yott tny number. just some garbled message about tny listing in the phone book. My mistake I'd really like to hear from yott! Eileen. Box No [.7442/2.

V I saw you Billy in Tinderbox. slumped on a stool like Rab Ha. picking your beak. Wave when ye get tae the bridge! Box No [7442/3.

V I saw you Jen. several times now @‘ ()ptimo. I've had the biggest crush on you since you worked at Logic. two years ago. I‘ve just been too shy to say so. Tx. Box No [7442/4.

V I saw you sexy French girl in my dreams. You're going back to France soon but I'll be waiting for you to return. Box No [.7442/5.

V I saw you hi-saw you on the Piccadilly line train today. 23may. past Finsbttry Park at 8.25. last carriage. ur shortish black man. mid length braids. I atn dark. petite. purple top on... Box No [7442/7.

V I saw you with ur new blonde hair in the Polo. u denise. right? tne shy. can‘t bring myself to chat. I'll just watch. (irrr voyeruism! Box No [7442/8.

V I saw you this tnorn in my arms! (‘heck me smiling! You is L[.'SH and tne is grateful to Madame Fate. I don’t like sleeping alone. fix it. Lush Boy xxx. Box No [.7442/9.

V I saw you dark. beautiful maiden in (‘ottiers bar and 5 minutes later outside Little Italy l9 May ()2. I was in charge at the bottom end. Your service was tnost appealing. So's mine. Box .No [7442/10.

V I saw you in Waterstones basement gallery 22 May ()l. you sold tne tilmmaking book. I was with a friend. vvottld love to meet you for a coffee or drink. Box No [.7442/l I.

_ mermaids-available . I easfottowing Venues; Slug-city. cafe;.EH1_,‘ :1 .. Venue. Stitls, . (Efiifi'bur'gh);~“qr’Btackffiars. Bret. Cul de . Borderspafé. Tinderbox. The Tron

List" 3;] l‘ HighfStreet; Edinburgh EH1 1TB

' orfigmejfustit "sainou. CCA 350 Sauchlehatl 1

124 THE LIST 6-20 Jun 2002

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V I saw you both being drunken muppets getting kicked off the underground. I ain't carrying you home again. it was only 7 o'clock on a Wednesday night you freaks. Box No [.7442/l 2.

V I saw you in Polo Lounge 17 May. You RIiALLY fit. tall. dark haired guy with denim

jacket (which you tied round

waist) & navy blue shirt. Recognised you from Strath ['ni - Andrew maybe?? I was steaming blonde boy. (iutted when [7 pulled guy in red t-shirt. But I suppose the best

things come to those who wait....Box .No [7442/l4.

V I saw you (‘harles on 2l May 8am outside RSAMI). It‘s been a while. but you're looking as gorgeous as ever! Remember the King's panto? You always were the jester! Box No [7422/15.

V I saw you Helensburgh Tuesday 21st May 4.()()pm. ('alm man. smooth grey hair. arresting presence. Window/bookshelf gazing. later zebra paths crossing we each glanced back. I'm left wondering. . .but I'd rather find out. Box .No 442/26.

V I saw you sexy Iriin blonde behind the bar at Blackfriars. Show us yer Ieprechauns. ..Box No 442/27. V I saw you flame haired hunky chicken. I want to peck you all night (behind the bar (f? Blackfriars) Euro cup final night. Box No [.7442/28.

V I saw you .\'ick looking lost at ()ptitno. Stood tip again? Ha Ha Ha Ha. Xx. Box No [7442/29.

V I saw you Mo Jo many drunken fruit surprises. Summer fruit squash. Sun. Beer. Scottish accent. Blantyre. . .Tatnara. Box .No [.7442/30.

V I saw you wee hirsute man beast with bullet nipples offending all who saw them thru yer Love Freaks t-shirt. Put em away and get a shave! Box No [7442/3 !.

V I saw you Fiona leaving the Tron. you will be mucth missed. love frotn everyone xxx. Box No [7442/32.

V I saw you reading in your Iilvis ('ostello gregories and tnint shirt. Let the beat you with my marigolds. Box No [7442/33.

V I saw you Homer Simpson look-a-lil‘e in a pink shirt. (‘at boots + one off Levis from New York. (‘ool (ltltle - (l'oh. Box No {7442/34.

V I saw you across from me with ur 12" moves. me behind with the dark 'out of control' curls! Watched your every behind tnove! Box No [742/35. V I saw you Birthday girl Liz. looking sophisticated in your stripey shirt! Twenty ain't that old you know! See you in the magic garden. Love Buxton the blue cat! Box No [7442/36. V I saw you at the Pacifica album launch @‘ the Arches - nobody spanks a plank like you. Nicky boy! When are you going to strtun for me?? Box No [7442/37.

V I saw you in the Arches - but I think I had double vision!! Box No [7442/38.

V I saw you so small & sexy. Tinderbox never looked finer since you left the diner. C [' soon (the Kiwi). Box No [7442/39.

V I saw you Lorna. no that's right I didn't. at Optimo. Thanks. Hope we can do it again sometime. love Nicholas. Box No [7442/40.

V I saw you hitching your skirt up. pushing your lips out 8; your breasts out whilst sucking your stomach + cheeks tip. [' R a ‘godess'. I want to lick nutclla off your stomach. Love Munro (Sweet tiger). Box No [7442/4 l.

V I saw you Gavin in DLC. Your nose was peeling from your holiday in sunny Oslo but I still want you! XXX. Box No [7442/42.

V I saw you Kaz & Eileen. any chance of a double header??? Box No [7442/43.

V I saw you drunken monkey having fttn at Alton Towers. The sooner you leave the country the better!! Box No [7442/44.

V I saw you boys frotn ()xford. You have offended mine ears. Go home - we don"t want your type here. (but we love you really) MWAHII Box No [7442/45.

V I saw you as the candle light gleams off your skinny head. you start to glow. I go bright red. you twiddle your bottle 8; give it full throttle - get out of the Sac & into my bed!! Box No [7442/46.

V I saw you tall. so suave. at the bar. Go on baby 'just say yes' you know you want to. Box No [.7442/47.

V I saw you DJ 12"er - oh er! You know all the right vinyl. got me eye on u all nite! Regular Wed nite punter - watch out 4 me! Box No [.7442/48.

V I saw you Tammy baby. Sunburn on cheeks. No more uni baws. Love you xx. Box No [7442/49.

V I saw you Alison studying hard for your exams. Good luck and lots of love. Joanna xx. Box No [7442/50.

V I saw you for the last time a year ago. working at Tribe Tattoo. Now you are somewhere in lidinburgh...Leo. I still dream of seeing you one day. my angel. Box No [.7442/51.

V I saw you eating cakes in Tinderbox on Sunday - you sexy girls with blockbuster shirt and grey jumper. Phone me for a threesome. Box No [7442/52. V I saw you hey. hey. hey. looking gallous in Alldays. Great Western Road. You won't get a bus to East Kilbride from here! Box No [7442/53.

V I saw you Catie Morag. displayed against the pool table in Nice 'n' Sleazy‘s. Thanks for the beer - it set me up for a night dreaming of you. Box :No U/442/54.

V I saw you in the Arches cafe bar - sexy chef looking lovely in your whites. (You know who you are). Love 4 L' to cook me a private meal sometime - soon. Box No [3/442/55.

V I saw you in Tinderbox. those puppy dog eyes. black as the night. I melted at your chest hair poking up from your T- shirt. Box No [7442/56.

V I saw you at Borders. 30 May at the book signing. You're a nurse. in purple and blue t- shirt. brown hair and big smiley eyes with your two friends. Me in jeans and blue shirt: we chatted in the cafe and I forgot to ask your name. Box No [7422/66.


V I saw you foxy lady through the hard times and the good. always. my tigress. Box No [7442/

V I saw you at the Waters of Leith. wearing a yellow flower in the button-hole of your sexy grey rain-coat. So. who cares if the Dean Gallery's closed? Let‘s put on a show for the boy in brown trousers. Box No [7442/17.

V I saw you Walking in the rain Wed 22 at 7pm. You Tall. sexy man using your inhaler outside GPO building. Me Tall brunette walking behind you. I had to catch my breath. Go on and give me another backward glance? Box No [7442/18.

V I saw you American Ginger Ale. hanging around the Gateway theatre. I've caught you looking at me. I'll be your toyboy. I'll be the dog on your lead for another year. Confidentiality assured. If interested. call tne Tim by mistake. Box No [7442/19.

V I saw you in Cruise. Edinburgh. Saturday 25 May. 1.30pm. You: Denimjacket. jeans. FCUK t-shirt. silver rings. Me: Gucci glasses and red Duffer top. Be my designer dream. Box No [7442/20.