V I saw you Gorgeous George. Songwriter drinking in Finnegans Wake. lidinburgh on Saturday 18 May. Me: Long. blond hair and devastated to have misplaced you! I came to Beluga Bar but it was shut! Box .\'o [7442/21.

V I saw you Morgan. strutting your stuff down Leith Walk. Even halfway across the globe I can watch your greatest asset. Looking forward to seeing it in denim cutoffs here in Philadelphia. Miss you. Box .\'o [7442/22.

V I saw you in Favorite on a Sunday Night. armed as you were. an enclave of Scottishness. Tantalisingly. you turned around several times in our direction. Shoe shops were no compensation. Box .\'o [7442/23.

V I saw you Dario. I called you months ago and can't stop thinking about you! Do you do deliyeries'.’

Box No [7442/24.

V I saw you naked in my bedroom after your trip to Australia. Forget the complications - lets just be rude in every possible shape. X XX. Box No [7442/57.

V I saw you Sexy Lawrence in City Cafe on Saturday night. You can MP3 tne anytime? From your Kelvingrove Baby. Box No L7442/59.

V I saw you Mr (‘outts

chatting up my friend instead of

me. Why didn't you take me home you bad boy?! Box .\'o [7442/80.

V I saw you Corinna. you look marv! llehe I‘m in the List! (iive us a kiss'.".".’ Matt XX. Box No [7442/58.

V I saw you lovely Traverse bar man! .\'ice glass washing. Box No [7442/60.

V I saw you Melaney lirst at Progression then in (‘ity ('afe. Come and see me soon. M. Box No [7442/61.

V I saw you in an induced and sweaty haze. Me sweaty. You wet. You sweet bun. Me donut. I love you. Box No [7442/62.

V I saw you John Lamb. It‘s been a while since you made me smile. I can cook cakes for your church fetes. Missing you cheeky. Box No [7442/63.


V I saw you Matt in the queue at the (ilobe sandwich shop. You bought me lunch. Get in touch and I‘ll return the favour. Your (ilen Street Siren X. Box NU [7442/64.

V I saw you behind the counter in '()l'f the Wall" on St Andrew Sq. Dark brown hair. lovely eyes and a beautiful smile. You brighten up my day whenever 1 ask for my plain croissant each morning. Box .\'o [7442/65.

V I saw you on 28 May on top of .\'o 33 bus. south Edinburgh. ()ur eyes met once. twice as l left bus near Wine Glass pub. You look lovely and I think I‘ve seen you before. Where are you now‘.’ Box .\'o [7442/25.


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