a l. LYNN MCCORMACK Silversmithing and jewellery Degree Show Showing a series of nine rings. four brooches. nine pendants. a bag and a bursary piece. McCormack uses magnets throughout her work. Influences Based on the theme of tension. most of her works are kinetic. “My work is inspired by architectural forms and interiors as well as things around me.‘ Prospects McCormack recently won a Precious Metal bursary from the Goldsmith's Company for a salt and pepper shaker which will be featured in her degree show. She plans to set up her own business and w0uld like to move to London.

G/asgow Schoo/ of Art: foyer. Newbery Tower.


Graphic design

Degree Show Renton is interested in the idea rather than printed things and her final piece responds to a brief set by the RSA about disabilities. ‘I chose to concentrate on autism and I looked at the way autistic children can do a task. it just takes them a while to get there.‘ Looking at tying shoe laces or making a cup of tea. she took the image of a trainer and punched more holes in it and laced it up randomly. To the viewer. it looks like a very confused trainer. which is probably similar to the way an autistic child would look at it. Prospects As an RSA winner. Renton has been offered a 14- week work placement at design agency. Elmwood. which is based in Leeds and is setting up offices in Edinburgh. After her placement. she iS of course. looking for work.

Edinburgh College of Art: graphic design department, main bur/ding.



Degree Show Malaysian-born Yong Hei Fong's collection was one of the highlights of the ECA‘s Fashion show. His flowing. draping garments. reminiscent of the 20s. won the McArthur Glen Fashion Award for best graduate collection and the Betty Davies Style Award. But if you missed the show. you can still see and buy his work during the degree shows.

Influences Fashion designer Madeleine Vionnet.

Prospects He plans to set up a business with fellow student Shonagh Kay and will be based in Edinburgh.

Edinburgh Col/ege of Art: fashion department. Hunter bui/ding.

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Design futures

Degree Show Getting the fun and plea3ure into design runs throughout her products. Come Fly With Me is a collection of products designed to improve the in-flight experience for economy passengers ranging from 'cultural meals' which teach you basic language skills and a comforter for nervous flyers.

Influences ‘I thought about things I like doing and I like travelling so that was the main reason. but I am also interested in “experienced design". in looking at the way people feel and how design can change the way people feel.‘

Prospects Last year she won the D&AD Product Design categOry and this year she has been nominated for the environmental design category. She has plans to study further. either abroad or in London.

Napier University: Merchi'ston campus.


MFA c0urse at Glasgow School of Art

Degree Show Aya has created sculptural and interactive installations which relate to the architecture in Tramway.

Influences 'Everyday objects influence my work. the things we use. and all the materials I use are everyday stuff.‘

Prospects Having studied SCulpture at Edinburgh College of Art. Aya won a scholarship for the MFA c0urse. This year. she has been selected to spend fOur months in north Italy. at Unidee (University of Ideas). set up by Michaelangelo Pistoletto and sponsored by the Scottish Arts COuncil. Only 20 students have been selected from all over the world. Tramway: MFA 2002.

6—20 June 2CC2 THE LIST 15