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Design futures

Degree Show For her final project. Munro has designed Urban Confessions which allows people to get things off their chest. ‘The way that our society is going. it seems that everyone is turning into a voyeur. but not in a subversive way. It's this whole people— watching thing and reality TV.’ Presenting three scenarios from a paranoid lady to a peeping Tom. Munro enables the ‘voyeurs' to confess. Influences Films. reality TV.

Prospects Last year Munro won the D&AD in Book Award for the product design category. did a student design exchange in Michigan and together with classmate Alexis Nicholson received a Royal Society of Arts Award for interaccess media. She also received a D&AD In Book Award this year as well. She plans to work in industry for a couple of years. before doing a masters.

Napier University: Merchiston campus.



Degree Show Looking at spatial perception and how people react with it. ‘I make a lot of architectural structures and try and assimilate various urban spaces to create an installational experience.‘ Influences Architectural structures. A big influence was a study trip to Berlin in the third year. Prospects Featured in this year's BSA Students' Exhibition. Brown is using the next two years to get exhibitions and establish contacts both here and abroad. 'l would like to stay in Scotland as I think it is really important that we have Scottish artists staying here. If we could get a core of us together it w0uld be great.‘

Edinburgh College of Art: sculpture department, main building.


Fine art speCialiSing in sculpture

Degree Show Happy Birthday Love Bunny. a stuffed t0y rabbit head stabbed With kitchen knives. forms the centrepiece of Jamieson's show. She explores Freud's idea that artists make things to fulfil their deepest deSires. working intuitively to create spontaneous works of art.

Influences Cartoon violence. Freud. ‘I quite like the idea of the ready-made and how that can be changed because people have such a preconceived idea about what something is.'

Prospects Jamieson received a grant last year to go to LA. and would like to study for an MA at the California Institute of Fine Arts.

Duncan of Joro'aiistone.‘ third year SCulpture studios. Matthew building.

I 12 ELLEN MUNRO Fine art specialising in printmaking. Degree Show Munro creates SCUIptural three-

16 THE LIST 6—23 Jun 2002

dimensional works. Winning a travel scholarship to Iceland from the Carnegie Trust last summer. she drew on the thermal areas and turquoise pools as inspiration for Bless. Taking everyday objects. Munro has arranged a tableau of glass ornaments. vases and glass. lit and arranged on a piece of fabric. Influences ‘I'm trying to create an intense an experience as I can of what I saw and I'm interested in everything from landscapes to fashion.‘ Prospects Munro won the Carnegie Bursary Award at the RSA Students' Exhibition. She plans to continue what she is doing, to show her work and travel.

Duncan of Jordanstone: room 509. Crawford building.


Fine art specialising in drawing and painting Degree Show Dundee-born Rorie explores identity in a series of stylised large and small-scale paintings taken from photographs of herself and others dressing up in wigs and different outfits. ‘In this day and age with things like Pop /do/. peOple can go from being normal to superstars in a few months just because of they way they look. In my work I am turning the everyday into something extraordinary' Influences Cindy Sherman.

Prospects Taking a year out. with plans to go to New York before applying to do an MFA.

Duncan of Jordanstone: genera/ course studio, Crawford building.