to prove a point to his counsellor but singing on stage with Sting clearly proved he was still in need ot~ help)?

In Britain. we have Barbara Windsor.

So the 90s produced all those great shows. plus (deep. deep breath). .‘Vortliern lirposm'e. FR. ()3. 24. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Dawson '3' Creek.

The X -Files. NYl’l) Blue. Chicago Hope. Party of

Fire and Murder ()ne plus the sitcom legends Friends and Frasier and the cult animations King oft/1e Hill. South Park. Beai'is & Butt/lead and the best days of The .S'inipsons.

In Britain. we hit back with Bugs. Heartbeat. Soldier. Soldier. Pie in the Sky. Mr Bean. Monareh of the (ilen. Chef and The Chief. ()K. (rue/(er. (iBH and The Roy/e Family came along. but oh. how they were rare examples of Britannia ruling the ainvaves.

Could it be that Britain‘s criticism ol‘ the Americans that they have no history has simply meant that we think it's cool to churn out period drama alter costume serial. spending more time and money on the wardrobe than the script'.’

British producers have spent too much time looking down their noses at the Americans believing their art to be either plastic or wooden and not enough focusing on their own problems. L'ntil we change our ways. the likes of Six Feet Under will continue to leave us for dead.

Six Feet Under starts on Channel 4, Mon 10 Jun, 11.10pm.

US screen savers (clockwise from top left): Sex and the City, Frasier, The Sopranos, 24, Friends and ER



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