Dog Soldiers t IS) oooo t.\'eil Marshall. l'K. 2003) Sean l’ertwee. Kevin McKidd. limma (‘leasbyx 104mm. This British werewolf moyic delivers fiesh- ripping gore. edge-of-the-seat suspense and wicked black humour. leaving one drained but thoroughly entertained. Yet it neyer short-changes its deftly drawn characters. a squad of British soldiers on manoeuvres in the Scottish Highlands who fall prey to some lanky lycanthropes. Pitting down-to- earth soldiers against down-and-dirty werewoly'es. director .\'eil Marshall strips away any superfluous supernatural dressing. Ironically. the scarier the film gets. the funnier it becomes you laugh otit loud just to release the tension. (ieneral release. Dolphins tl'l t\'arious. l'S. 2000) tbcmin. The producers of the most successful [MAX moyie eyer. lire/est. take tis undersea into the aquatic home of dolphins. \Vith narration by Pierce Brosnan and music by Sting. IMAX. (ilas'gow'.

Doug’s 1st Movie tl'i .00

(Maurice Joyce. [S 1999). 77min. The animated adyentures of quirky adolescent Doug litiniiie graduates from its popular Saturday morning slot on American television to big screen glory. courtesy of Disney. Movie no. 1 sees the tw‘elye-year- old torn between taking action against environmental pollution and taking his beloved Patti Mayonnaise to the high school dance. (’arlton. Stirling.

Dragonfly t 12) 0 (Tom Sliadyac. ['S. 2001 l Keyin Costner. Kathy Bates. 103mm. Keyin ‘desperate for a hit' (‘ostner gets The Sixth Serise. He plays Joe Darrow. a griey‘ing doctor w ho sees dead people. For some reason he trayels to the jungle and finds redemption. Poor old Kathy Bates play s his lesbian neighbour. Ayoid as if your life depended on it. See rey iew. Selected release. (ieneral release.

ECA Degree Show/Animation (the) tVariotts. l'K. 2002) Various. tbcmin. Highlights from the lidinburgh ('ollege of Art Animation. Film and TV degree shows. l‘ilinhouse. Iidinburgh.

The Eccentric t PU l iw‘alter JCt‘Vili. (iermany. 1923/29) Karl Valentin. 88min. Rare screening of Karl Valentin in his first feature film The Eccentric and short film .lly'slerii’y (ii-u Huii‘dlz'szser'.\ Shop in which he join forces with dramatist Bertolt Brecht. playing a tragi-comic outsider. (ii-"II (ilasgow.

Everest tl'i (Various. [S 2002) tbcmin. [MAX big screen presentation. IMA.\'. (ilasgow.

Fading Away (the) (Helle 'I'oft Jensen. Denmark. 1997) 57min. Documentary about three people with Motor Neurone Disease tMND) by a director w hose own mother died from the disease. l’ilmliouse. Edinburgh.

40 Days and 40 Nights t 1M 00. tMichael Lehmann. l'S. 2002i Josh Hartnett. Paulo ('ostan/o. Shannyn Sossamon. 95min. ()n the rebound from a long-term relationship. a San l‘i'itncisco

w eb-designer giy‘es tip sex for Lent. His newly made yow is challenged when a

ray ishing beauty comes his way. The attraction's mutual. but can he last'.’ l-‘alling into the recent spate of ['S sex comedies. 40 40 manages to stand a ctit above the rest. With a snappy and sharp dialogue. this film is surprisingly likeable. (ieneral release. From Hell t l8) .0. tAllen and Albert Hughes. IS. 2001 l Johnny I)epp. Heather (irahain. Robbie (‘oltrane 121mm. As a (iothic thriller in the Hammer mould. I’m/n Hell works just fine. Blood is splattered about with the enthusiasm of an abattoir attendant. and there's not an opportunity missed to wreath scenes in mist and shroud them in shadow. Howey er. as an inycstigation of the Jack the Ripper murders. l’mnt Hell is a disappointment. It brings nothing new to the plethora of conspiracy theories surrounding the brutal slaying of liyc Whitccliapel prostitutes in ISSS. But then it was always going to be a tall oi'dct‘. adapting Alan Moore and fiddle (‘ampbell's exliaustiyc graphic time] my estigation into the crimes. Adam Smith. Kirkcaldy.

Gas Attack t 15) O... tKenny (ilenaan. l’K. 3001i SlierkoZen-Alonsh.

Benae Hassaii. 70min. Superb docu-drama examining what would happen if a killer fiu Virus (possibly man made) were to break otit in the densely populated Siglithill estate in (ilasgow and what effect it would have on the resettled refugee population. (irim. visceral and braye. Iiilmhouse. lidinburgli. Gosford Park t IS» 0000 tRobet‘t Altman. l'S/l'K. 3001i Michael (iainbon. Kristin Scott Thomas. Kelly Macdonald. 137mm. The Agatha (‘hristic-esque murder mystery at the centre of (imfim/ Park is the least compelling part of Altman's otherwise finely-obseryed period piece. Set in November I933 oycr a few day s during a shooting pai1y at the eponymous country estate of Sir William Mc(‘ordle ((iambon) and Lady Syly ia Mc(‘ordlc (Scott Thomas). (insiim/ Park details the relationship between the filthy rich upper class and their put upon servants. And what detail the film ficshes out all 25 members of the excellent ensemble east. along with their indiyidual stories. .\'o easy trick in two hours. (irosyenor. (ilasgow; Adam Smith. Kirkcaldy.

Group t l5) tMarilyn l‘reenian. (S. 3001) 10(imin. Documentary film following six women through twenty one weeks of therapy. Among them a sex rocker. an eyangelical christian. a queer punk amputee and a bigot come cleaii about their own real life traumas. (il‘ml‘. (ilasgow.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone tl’(il 000.0 «('hris Columbus. l'S/I‘K. 2001) Daniel Radcliffe. Robbie ('oltranc. Maggie Smith. John (‘Ieesc. Richard Harris. Julie Walters. 153mm. (‘olumbus has remained true not

just to the spirit but. in many cases. the letter

of JR. Row ling's timel. With only the occasional nip and tuck. the film follows closely the tale of orphan boy Harry. who grows tip in suburbia little realising that he's of wi/ard stock. Like the noyel. the film is unscntinicntal. with no hint of icky w hiiiisy. Rather. it is sustained by a set of superny dry performances by the all-British cast and rewarded by the true. w ell-earned emotion of an honourable quest successfully fotight. Selected release.

Hart’s Wart 15) 000 t(it'egot‘_\ Hoblit. ['S. 2002i Bruce Willis. (’olin liarrell. Marcel lures. 125mm. (‘onfincd within a (ierman l’()\\' camp towards the end of WWII. a [S colonel mersees the court martial of a fellow American soldier accused of murder. The looming presence of Nazi occupation furthercomplicates an already precarious situation. (‘onfiicting character motiyation adds an extra dimension and icy eals fine acting. particularly from lures. By blurring the stereotypical war film lines of(ierman

sw inc/American Hero. Iluri'x lliu' Proses a satisfying drama. Selected release.

High Societytt‘ioo «(‘hai-les Walters. l'S. I956: Bing (’rosby. (irace Kell}. Frank Sinatra. (‘eleste Holm. 107mm. ('lassic musical entertainment from the M(iM studios. in which a rich bitch plays hard to get with a string of suitors. The plot of Philadelphia Story goes otit the window. but with stars like these. style is eserything. See reyiew. l‘(i(' Renfrew Street. (iiasgow: liilmhotise. lidinburgh.

Housewife’s Flower (Die Blume der Hausfrau) 8. Divina Obsession t 15) (Dominik Wessely/Volko Kamensky. (iermany.

I99S/l999l 92/27min. Much in the sly lc of

a TV docti-soap. this satirical liliii chronicles the iiioyenients of a team of Vacuum cleaner salesmen around Stuttgart as they employ their charm and clcy er selling techniques to liotiscw iycs. and

ncy er stomps to the le\ cl of ridicule. Award-w inning short Dirt/iii ()lmessi'on parodies and undermines the didactic nature of journalistic dticunicntaries. and takes l‘rancc's numerous roundabouts as its subject. liiliiihousc. lidinbtirgh.

Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam ll’(i) f. liidia. 2002) Various. tbcmin. Asian cinema presentation. l'(‘l. lzdinburgli.

Human Bodyil'i t. IS. 2001 l tbcmin. Simulation ride bringing you the full blow it wonder of all those really. really small places inside its. IMAX. (ilasgow.

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