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Wed 12, Glasgow

I Opaque 13th .\'ote Cafe. 50 -60 Kittg Street. 553 1638. 9pm. £3. Two others acts also to be conlirmed.

I Acoustic Open Stage The Halt Bar. 160 Woodlands Road. 564 1527. 9pm. Free.


0 Brian Wilson Play'hottse. 18 22 (ireenside Place. 0870 6063424. 8pm. £25—‘£40. The former Beach Boy is back again on ltis much raved abottt Pet Sounds 2002 tour.

I The Ruffness The Beat Jan Basement. 1 Chambers Street. ()781 1 375374. 8pm. £2~~£3 (free before £10pm). Blttes. reggae. drtnn & bass collide as new night Food for Thought pushes at the boundaries of ja//.

I Enforce da Ruffness Bongo Clttb. 14 .\'ew Street. 558 7604. 10pm. £4 (£3). Live tnix of funk. hip hop and R&B.


I Legends of Swing How den Park Centre. How den. 01506 433634. 7.30pm. £9 (£6). Musicians and singers front the BBC Big Band and Syd Lawrence ()rchestra recreate the sounds of .\'at King Cole. lilla Fitzgerald attd Bing Crosby.


I Looper Cottier Theatre. llyttdlattd Street. 357 3868. 7.30pm. £7. P()S’I‘P().\£1il).

I Ikara Colt, Terra Diablo and Kain King Tqu Walt Walt Hut. 272a St Vincent Street. 221 527‘). 8.30pm. £6 pltts booking fee. Frenetic. breakneck l.ondon quartet who are ttot unlike the Fall but with better clothes attd w itltottt

the irascibility.

I Wade, Barfly, the Others,

Little Amber and Freeview The

Catltottse. l5 l'nion Street. 2486606.

7.15pm. £4.50. ()ver- 14s show.

I Barefoot West 13th. 13 Kelvinhattgh

Street. 576 5018. 8pm. Free. Skate punk.

I The Strand The 13111 .\'ote Cafe.

50» 6() King Street. 553 1638. 9pm. £3.

Twisted Ape presents w lticlt most likely

means a reliable bill of the rocking most bttt in a cool way y'ttnderstand.

I Damien McCarthy Band (it‘imtl

()le ()pry. Paisley Road Toll. 42‘) 5396.

7pm. £3 (£2 members).

I Roost Studio ()ne. (irosvenor Hotel.

(irosvenor 'l'errace. 341 6516. 9pm. Free.

Raw blttes.

I Southside Guitar Duo

'l‘inderbox. 189 Byres Road. 33‘) 3108.

9pm. Free.

I How to Swim Tchai ()vna. 42

()tago Lane. 357 4524. 8pm. Free.

I The Vagabonds The Scotia.

112 114 Stockwell Street. 552 8681.

9pm. Free. Popular covers.

I Jam Session Samuel Dow ‘s.

67 91 Nilltsdale Road. 4230107.

8.30pm. Free.

I Live Music .‘vlaeSoi-ley’s. 42

Jamaica Street. 248 8581. 9pm. Free.

Three local bands.


I The Legend of Sinatra Carnegie Hall. liast Port. 01383 314000. 7.30pm. £12.50 (£10 £11).(iary Williams sings the tttnes and BM id Jacobs is your host in this tribute to ()1‘ Blue liyes. l.ook out for a guest appearance by swing dance troupe the Sugarfoot Stontpers.

Glasgow I Fugazi Barrow land. 244 (iallowgate. 552 4601. 7.30pm. £7.50 pltts booking

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50 THE LIST (L 2’; 28’}

fee. (IANCFLLFD. This show has been pulled due to a fatnin berevement. The hope is that it will be rescheduled for later in the year. See point of pttrchse for tnore ticket refund details.

I Big Vern 8: The Shootahs Cottier Theatre. llyndland Street. 357 3868. 9pm. £10 (£5). This Blues Brothers pastiche collective launch the West 13nd Festival with the traditional Liveliest .\'ight of the Year.

I Rothko, Pariah and Animation Barfly (formerly the 13th .\'ote Club). 260 Clyde Street. 243 2177. 8.30pm. £4. Atttbiettt post-rock soundscapes frotn Rothko and two of the more compelling local guitar acts in support.

I Skindred, Vacant Stare and the Stunts King Tut's Wah Wah Hut. 272a St Vincent Street. 221 527‘). 8pm. £6 plus bookittg fee. Skindred feature ex- members of punk/ragga/metal band Dub War.

I Psycho A-Go-Go The 13th Note Cafe. 50- 60 King Street. 553 1638. 9pm. £3. More rock'n'roll madness frotn Twisted Ape Prodttdtions.

I Manganese, Bubblecraft and the Score Nice‘tt'Slea/y. 421 Sauchieltall Street. 333 9637. 9pm. Mint Blue Records showcases some of its quality indie guitar wares.

I Paper Street, Goma and Aleck Sarap Fury Murry's. 96 Maxwell Street. 221 6511.9pm.£4. including entry to post-gig club.

I Panhandlers (irand ()le ()pry. Paisley Road Toll. 429 5396. 7pm. £3 (£2 members). Cotttttry.

I Wig Wam Bamz Bourbon Street. 108(ieorge Street. 552 0141. 7pm. £5 (£14.50 with dinner). Tribute to the glam

I Roost MacSorley's. 42 Jamaica Street. 248 8581. 9pm. Free. Raw blues. I The Accused Samuel Dow's,

67 ‘)l Nithsdale Road. 423 0107. 8.30pm. Free.

I Live Music The Cathouse. l5 L'ttion Street. 2486606. 7.15pm. £3.50 (advance) £4 (door).


I Willie Nelson t'sher Hall. l.othian Road. 228 1155. 7.30pm. £24—£27.50. The legendary country music performer who has enjoyed 50 years in the business pays a rare visit to Scotland.

I USB v Dema & Nice The Beat Jazz Basement. 1 Chambers Street. 0781 1 375374. 8pm. £2-~£4 (free before £l0pm). A ftutk v hip ltop showdown as international three piece L'SB go head to head with Freak Movers 1)Js Dema & .\'ice.


I Gold Blade, the Wow Kate and the Stacey Effect King Tut‘s Wait Wait llttt. 272 St Vincent Street. 221 527‘). 8.30pm. £6 plus booking fee. Suited and booted maximum R&B stylings from the rockin' (iold Blade.

I Lapsus Linguae and Texlahoma Nice'n‘Sleazy. 421 Sauchiehall Street. 333 9637. 9pm. Lapstts Linguae. l'nhinged punk insanity. With pianos. As you do. Sticky up hair. Very good songs. Album out on Fierce Panda. .\'ice. (1o

I Loose Live: Paul O’Brien, Corby Lund attd Vera Cruise West 13th. 11~13 Kelvinhaugh Street. 576 5018. 8pm. Free. London-based country label Loose Records presents some of its wares. including rodeo rider Land and (ilasgow-based country-inflected group Vera Cruise. Recommended.

I Mugshot, Red Path and People’s Alibi The 13th Note (are. 50 6() King Street. 553 1638. 8pm.

I Texas Express (il'uml ()le ()pry. Paisley Road Toll. 42‘) 5396. 7pm. £3 (£2 members). Cottntry.

I Abba Explosion Bourbon Street. 1(18 (ieorge Street. 5520141. 7pm. £5 (£16.50 with dinner).

I The Gift McChuills. 40 High Street. 552 2135. 9.30pm. Free.

I Open Stage The Halt Bar. 160 Woodlands Road. 564 1527. 4—8pm. Free. Weekly session for local musicians. I Hips attd Mary Jane The Halt Bar. 160 Woodlands Road. 564 1527. 9pm. Free.

I Pretzel Logic Samuel Dow's. 67—91 Nithsdale Road. 423 0107. 8.30pm. Free.

I Jamie Barnes & Cochise MacSorley‘s. 42 Jamaica Street. 248 8581. 6pm. Free. Residency for the R&B veteran.


I Willie Nelson L'sher Hall. l.othian Road. 228 1155. 7.30an £24--£27.50. See Fri 14.

I Uncle Fester, Psycho A-Go-Go and Turtlehead The Tron. 9 Hunter Square. High Street. 226 0931. 8.30pm. £4. Fix-Alien Sex Fiends L'ncle Fester headline. with Aberdeen rawkers Psycho A-(io-(io and skate punk from Tttrtlehead.

Penicuik I Peatloaf Petticuik Town Hall. 07779 (159221. 7pm. £8. A tribute to Meatloaf.

Glasgow 0 Irn Bru Live + Loud Bellahouston Park. 09066 800 888. 12pm. £18 plus booking fee. The teeny- bopper‘s day festival returns for its sec- ottd year. boasting the nation's three biggest boy bands Westlife. Blue and al -— in the line-up. Also included in the bill are recent chart-toppers Liberty X. Samantha Mumba. 1-1 8; Claire and young contender Lulu. See preview for tnore on the interesting female contin- gent Sugababes attd Sophie lillis-Bextor. The Coral and the Music Queen Margaret L'niott. L'niversity Gardens. 33‘) 9784. 7.30pm. £8 plus booking fee. Double bill of yottttg indie hopefuls. The Music are a cottld-get-really-great-if- they-get-their-shit-together Verve-a-like combo but the Coral have a promising number of ideas ricochetittg around their sound. I Kevin Rowland and Glen Matlock g2. 490 Sauchiehall Street. 353 31 1 1. £12.50 plus booking fee. lix- Dexy’s Midnight Runners man Kevin Rowland and original Sex Pistol Crlen Matlock provide the musical element of this tour. organised by style mag The Look. The evening will also include readings from attthor Paul (iorman and DJing frotn Bruce Marcus. I Acolyte Zippy, Overhaul, Modo and After Christmas The Cathouse. 15 L'nion Street. 248 6606. 7.45pm. £3.50 (advance). £4 (door). ()ver- 14s show. I Lady Jude The 13th .\'ote Cafe. 50—60 King Street. 553 1638. 8pm. Laidback. trippy sounds. I Dogs Die in Hot Cars, Nuclear Family and New Rosy Jewels Nice‘tt'Sleazy. 421 Sauchiehall Street. 333 9637. 9pm. I Trampas (irand ()le ()pry. Paisley Road Toll. 429 5396. 7pm. £3 (£2 members). Country. I The Cobramatics The Scotia. 112-124 Stockwell Street. 552 8681. 4pm. Free. R&B residency. I Big Blues Jam Studio ()ne. (irosvenor Hotel. (irosvenor Terrace. 341 6516. 6pm. Free. I Steff’s Sunday Session l'isge Beatha. 232 Woodlands Road. 564 1596. 5pm. Free. Bring your own instrument.


I Loose Live: Vera Cruise, Paul O’Reilly, the Corb Lund Band and Severin La Belle Angele. Hastie's Close. 225 7536. 7pm. £6. Sec Sat 15.

I Miss Black America, Antihero, the Needles attd Silvermunch La Belle Angele. Hastie's Close. 225 7536.