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offices at least ten days before publication. Gay listings compiled by Jane Hamilton and Elaine Graham.

Glasgow Thursdays


The Closet GFT. Rose Street. 332 8128. £3.75—£4.75 (£2—£3.50). Thu 6—13 Jun. Delightful French farce about Daniel Auteuil discovering the joys of coming out.


Steve Retson LGBT Centre. 11 Dixon Street. 221 7203. 5.30—8.30pm. Free. Weekly. Gay men's sexual health advisory service. Contact 21 I 8601 for appointments.

Lesbian Health Clinic Sandyford Initiative. Sauchiehall Street. 21 1 6700. 530—8 m. Free. Weekly. Health advice. TFI B -G-Les Youth Group LGBT Centre. 11 Dixon Street. 221 7203. 4—8pm. Free. Weekly. An open meeting for young LGBT up to the age of 25. Gay and Lesbian Badminton Club Knightswood Secondary School. 60 Knightswood Road. 7pm. Weekly. All welcome at this friendly club. contact Donn on 07985 621 057 for more details. Glasgow GOC Swimmers Contact 649 5896. 7.30—9pm. Weekly. Informal session.

LIPS Glasgow Women's Library. 109 Trongate. 552 8345/7539. 2—4pm. Free. Thu 13 Jun. Fortnightly. Support for lesbians and bisexual women under 25.


A Chorus Line Gilmorehill 012.9 University Avenue. 330 5522. 7.30pm. £8 (£6). Thu 12 & Fri 14 Jun. Student production of Michael Bennet‘s showstopping exploration of what it takes to be a Broadway dancer.

Glasgow Fridays

Cinema The Closet L'ntil Thu 13 Jun. See Thu.


Girls on Top Bennet‘s. Glassford Street. 552 5761. 11pm—3.30am.£3—£6 (£2—£5). Fri 7 Jun. Monthly. Bennets‘ second floor becomes a female only zone with DJ Sara providing the soundtrack.


DucItIe Presents the Cholmondeleys and the Featherstonehaughs CCA. 350 Sauchiehall Street. 352 4900. 8pm—lam. £8 (£6). Fri 7 Jun. Duckie. London‘s alternative gay club hosts an extravagant evening of specially commissioned dancing and music compered by Amy Lame. See preview.


TFI Bl-G-Les Youth Group Drop In LGBT Centre. 11 Dixon Street. 221 7203. 4—8pm. Free. Weekly. Support for LGBT up to the age of 25.

Theatre A Chorus Line Fri 14lun. See Thu.


Raising the Pride Flag/Lighting the Pride Torch Winter Gardens. Glasgow Green. 554 0223. tbc. Free. Fri 14 Jun. Launch of the Pride and LGBT exhibition marking the raising of the Pride flag throughout Scotland.

Glasgow Saturdays

Cinema The Closet L'ntil Thu 13 Jun. See Thu.

68 THE LIST 6—20 Jun 2002


LONDON LESBIAN AND GAY FILM FESTIVAL ON TOUR GFT, Glasgow and Filmhouse, Edinburgh, Jun-Aug

It’s here at last: London ’5 Lesbian and Gay Film Festival on tour. Reaching out to take in the CPI; the Filmhouse, and also Dundee and Kirkaldy, it runs through June to August. Offering an eclectic range of movies, from mainstream features to the highly popular programme of lesbian and gay shorts to documentaries and international fare, the festival gives you an oppportunity to see films you may well never see again.

These are the trends in this year’s selection:


It always features in these sort of movies. Certainly there's more male flesh visible than female. What does that tell you about gay men? Boy flesh is on display in four Belgian shorts. Dreaming of Boys, with scenarios ranging from summer camp to communal showers to gay martyrdom to sailor love. Viewers will leave the cinema determined to purchase swimming trunks as sexy as the ones worn in the films.

L./.E. has teenage male flesh on display. It is the obsession of Brian Cox. giving a career-best performance as an ex-military paedophile. Controversially the object of Cox's affection is a wise, 15-year-old gay boy.

And naked Billy Doll flesh features in the schlock 1 1 - minute animated delight Jeffrey’s Hollywood Screen Trick when a male Barbie doll's date goes horribly wrong on the discovery that he doesn't have a hole to accommodate his one night stand's penis.

Breasts are bound not only in Venus Boyz. a documentary about the New York drag king phenomenon. but also in the Korean Uncle 'Bar' at Barbershop where a woman passes herself off as a man.

In the short Sister Lulu nudity is all the rage between the nuns. Hen: Girls Shorts is a more self reflective and sombre collection than the cheeky Chicken: Boys Shorts .


This is a theme that comes up over and over again. In L.I. E. Brian Cox has an interfering one. while the teenage protagonist's mother has been killed in a crash on the Long Island Expressway. In a fascinating male short. Mothercraft, Roy Mitchell simultaneously plays himself and his mother in Bette Davis scene-chewing mode. In the delightful American indie Gypsy 83. the misfit goth Gypsy goes on a road trip to the Big Apple in order to perform in 3 Stevie Nicks lookalike concert. as well as to search for her long- Iost mother.


Emmanuelle 8 art and Pascale Bussieres in Replay


Great acting lies at the heart of a lot of these movies. Lili Taylor. playing the title role of Julie Johnson. has been incredibly irritating in the past if anyone recalls / Shot Andy Warhol. But she is glorious here as a working class housewife discovering lesbianism with her oldest school friend Courtney Love. Both women are fabulous in a movie that is rather stage-bound. but which never patronises its blue-collar New Jersey world.

Emmanuelle Beart. complete with nose job. and Pascale Bussieres also play childhood friends who as adults have a sexual relationship in the French Replay. However it's set in the much more over the top world of classical French theatre. and therefore has less of the immediacy of Julie Johnson. Margherita Buy in the Italian offering Ignorant Fairies is in Almodovar territory as a widow who discovers her dead husband has been having an affair with a gay man.


The subject matter of many of these movies takes you into worlds rarely recorded on soreen. Two major documentaries are women centred. Group with the screen split in six parts. follows eight New York women through a course of group therapy. Gruelling and emotional, Group is also COmDUISIve.

The aforementioned Venus Boyz documents the lives of women who decide to explore what it‘s like to be men. Fleetwood Mac frontwoman SfeVie Nicks is the role model to two lonely Midwestern outsiders in the Quirky. slightly corny Gypsy 83. It is like an anarchic goth verSion of an old Judy Garland/ Mickey Rooney movie.

Other original subjects explored include sex between a groom and his best man in the British short Stag. and the geriatric Sapphic love in the American shon Stuck.

(John Binnie)


LGBT Centre Summer Fete l 1 Dixon Street. 221 7203. Noon—6pm. Free. Sat 15 Jun. Further fundraising for Pride 2002 with stalls galore.


LIPS Giasgow Women‘s Library. 109 Trongate. 552 8345/7539. 2—4pm. Free. Sat 15 Jun. Fortnightly. Support for lesbians and bisexual women under 25. MAST LGBT. l 1 Dixon Street. 221 7203. 2—5pm. Free. Sat 8 Jun. Monthly. By a ointment only.

OLE LGBT. l 1 Dixon Street. 221 7203. 2.30—4.30pm. Free. Sat 8 Jun. Monthly. Regular meeting of the Older Lesbians Get Around group.

Gay Rambling Group Contact 950 1081. Sat 8 Jun. Fortnightly (alternating between Sat and Sun). Call for more details on meeting places and times.





Glasgow Sundays

The Closet L'ntil Thu 13 Jun. See Thu.

GOC Cycling Group Contact 649 58%. Sun 9 Jun. Monthly. Call for more details.

GLC/Pride Car Rally/Treasure Hunt LGBT Centre 11 Dixon Street. 221 7203. tbc. Sun I6 Jun. Contact the centre for details on the day‘s festivities.

Glasgow Mondays

The Closet L'ntil Thu 13 Jun. See Thu. Group GFT, Rose Street. 332 8128. 6.30pm (Mon). 2pm & 8.45pm (Tue). £3.75—£4.75 (£2.00—£3.50). Mon 17 &

Tue 18 Jun. Fascinating fly-on-the-wall documentary where the screen is split into six parts. following eight American women through a course of group therapy. Slimrlng us part rift/iv Lam/rm Lesbian and Gay film festival ()lI 'Iimr.


Performance Group LGBT Centre. 11 Dixon Street. 221 7203. 7.30pm. Free. Weekly. Meeting for anyone interested in theatre and music skills.

Holistic Healing Group LGBT Centre. I I Dixon Street. 221 7303. 7.30—10pm. Free. Weekly. Contact-123 5952 for more information.

Glasgow Tuesdays

Cinema The Closet L'ntil Thu 13 Jun. Scc Thu. Group Tue 18 Jun. See .‘vlon.